You Are In Barbados

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The value and importance of persistence is known to everyone.

Even so, though, that doesn’t mean the nature of persistence is not worth exploring

To further explore persistence, as a powerful action, there’s a story about Neville Goddard and his mentor, Abdullah, that it would be lovely to share with you.

My skills, as a storyteller, are questionable.

Despite this, I hope you enjoy this story, and my telling of it.

Beyond that, I hope you find this essay’s titular statement — “You Are In Barbados” — useful.

Neville & Abdullah

For almost twelve-years, beginning in 1922, Neville lived in New York City.

During the latter half of October, in 1933, Neville found himself hungry with desire.

A desire for one thing, in particular: to go back to Barbados, where he was born.

To make this trip, Neville needed a ticket. To acquire this ticket, Neville needed money.

Alas, this was the Great Depression, and Neville didn’t possess the necessary funds.

Even so, though, Neville chose to share this desire with Abdullah.

Abdullah was Neville’s mentor. The man who taught Neville how to conduct his imagination in such a way so that everything he ever desired would come forth into his life.

As soon as Neville shared his desire with Abdullah, Neville was told “You are in Barbados”.

“I am in Barbados?” Neville replied.

“Yes.” Abdullah replied, while telling Neville to “Sleep the night in Barbados”.

So, that is what Neville did, imagining that he was in Barbados, while drifting off to sleep.

For a time, nothing seemed to happen.

Every now and then, Neville would bring this up.

Abdullah would have none of it, telling Neville “You are in Barbados”.

Eventually, on the fourth-day of December, Neville received a letter from his brother, Victor.

Victor asked Neville to return to Barbados, so that their family could be together.

To ensure this would happen, Victor sent Neville $50, while also telling him to pick up his ticket at the Furness Withy Line.

Right after reaching the Furness Withy Line, Neville learned that the only tickets available were third-class tickets.

Even so, though, Neville did not care and was, instead, grateful to be returning to Barbados.

After grabbing his ticket, Neville went up to Abdullah’s place, on 72nd Street.

With excitement in his voice, Neville shared the series of events with Abdullah.

Rather than being excited, Abdullah was insistent that not only was Neville in Barbados, but that he went first-class.

Two days later, on the sixth-day of December, Neville went to the Furness Withy Line. There, he learned that a first-class passenger cancelled their trip and, as a result, Neville would be in first-class.

For three “heavenly months”, Neville enjoyed the sights, sounds, and treasures of Barbados.

You Are In Barbabos

To me, “You Are In Barbados” is a mantra.

A mantra that contains a number of concepts that we can, and should, remind ourselves of.

The two most significant concepts are somewhat self-explanatory; you are already where you wish to be, and you must persist in your assumption.

Even if, by all appearances, your desire is not a fact of your life, it is.

You may not be experiencing it within this sensory realm of ours.

But, within the neverending creative power that we all possess — “imagination” is, perhaps, the appropriate term — all that you desire is a fact.

You must persist in your assumption.

For if you persist in your assumption, your assumption will come to pass.

Persist In Your Assumption

The act of persisting in your assumption is easier said than done.

For me, the easiest way to persist is to have a daily practice.

Some sort of daily practice, which serves as a daily investment.

You can call it what you like, though, since the end result is the same: living the life you wish to live.

A daily practice can be anything.

Just so long as it enables you to conduct your imagination in a way that allows for your wishes to be felt as a present fact of your life.

Even just five-minutes, per-day, is more than sufficient.

You can, during this time, engage with the force of gratitude; your inner conversations; the act of Writing It Real; or enter an imaginal scene.

Those are, of course, just a few methods, out of the neverending assortment that exist.

Engaging with the methods outlined above — or any others that work for you — will allow you to bring your vision into reality.

My advice, though, is to focus on a larger vision, if you have one, as well as “smaller desires”.

Smaller desires, such as being with good people; eating good food; feeling healthy; experiencing a sense of awe, passion, and inspiration throughout the day; along with anything else that comes to mind.

If you can set aside a little bit of time for this, every single day, and persist in the assumption that your desires are the facts of your life, then anything and everything is possible.


I try my best to remember the ideas explored above, and “You Are In Barbados” is a strong source of remembrance.

But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t moments of difficulty.

I like to think that I am good at “keeping the faith”, so to speak, and creating the life that I wish to live.

In many ways, I am.

But, that doesn’t mean there haven’t been difficulties.

Money, for example, is a part of my life that, in the past, was a source of stress and conflict.

For quite some time, I used my bank account as a measurement for numerous facets of my life.

Some of these facets included my self-worth, the possibilities available to me, my sense of freedom and security, as well as my own sense of success.

Even today, some of these patterns remain.

I am learning to go beyond those patterns.

I am learning to remember who I am — who we all are — and the value of persisting in my assumptions.

I am also learning to relinquish that habitual sense of insecurity — on a financial level, as well as a personal level.

For the most part, I’m doing well.

Every now and then, when I’m not, I remember my mantra — “You Are In Barbados” — and remember who I am, what is important, and what is possible.

My hope is that you recognize who you truly are — a creative being of extraordinary beauty and power — and give yourself the freedom to live and dream that which you truly long for.

As always, if you wish to reach me, feel free to write me a comment, find me on Facebook — “Maxwell Akin” — or click on my Medium profile, find my email address, and send an email.

Best wishes, and have a lovely day!



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