Sculpting Your Life With Your Inner Conversations

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A little over two-years ago, I wrote an essay titled “Inner Conversations”.

The essay is, in my humble opinion, mostly decent. Sure, it has its problems, but the information and ideas contained within the essay are quite valuable.

I still stand by that sentiment.

But, when I reread that essay, I see a major flaw: most of the steps and tips within the method are completely extraneous.

You can forfeit most of what was outlined in the essay, and still bring forth amazing results.

The essay you are about to read is, essentially, an updated version of my original “Inner Conversations” essay.

Really, though, it’s an entirely new essay and, as such, the method is very different, and so are some of the key ideas.

If you found the original “Inner Conversations” essay valuable, then this essay may not be very useful for you.

If you are looking for a powerful method of harnessing your inner conversations that is simple and effective, then this essay, and its contents, will — hopefully — serve you very well.

The Value Of Inner Conversations

Right before we dive in, it’s important to mention that the phrase “inner conversations”, and most of the ideas that align with the concept, are found in the “Control Your Inner Conversations” lecture, which is from Neville Goddard.

The essence of Neville Goddard’s work is as follows; your imagination — and, by extension, you — is God. You can, by harnessing the ability of your imagination to assume the feelings of a particular wish fulfilled, bring forth all that you desire.

Even though I am, personally,somewhat uncertain regarding certain aspects of that worldview, the concepts Neville Goddard shared have been exceptionally useful to me.

According to Neville Goddard, your inner conversations are the conversations you have in your mind — or imagination, depending on the terminology that you prefer.

More often than not, these are conversations we have with ourselves.

Conversations about who we are, what we desire, what we’re working on, what we’re happy about, what we’re unhappy about; and so on and so forth.

But, inner conversations can be more than that. Your inner conversations can also be the conversations you imagine having with other people.

Your inner conversations are what make your world. Your inner conversations are what defines who you are and what you do. Your inner conversations are what defines the circumstances of your life.

Even though this is not something that I agree with entirely, it is one of the key ideas that Neville Goddard puts forth in his lecture.

As a result, it is the foundation of this essay, and the method you will soon learn.

You can, by engaging with your inner conversations in a manner that is both creative and deliberate, sculpt your world, and all that exists within it, so that it reflects that which you truly desire.

Accomplishing this, and bringing forth all that you desire through the intentional use of your inner conversations, can be accomplished in a number of ways.

The method you are about to learn is just one way you can engage with your inner conversations in a deliberate and creative manner that creates significant results.

Know What You Desire

To engage with this method, in a way that creates results, you must know what you desire.

But, when I say “know what you desire”, I mean more than being familiar with just one desire — a new job, for example.

Rather, to know what you desire, in this context, means knowing what your want life to look like and, more importantly, what you want your life to feel like.

The vision that you create will contain a number of smaller desires. Each one of these smaller desires will serve as a facet that coalesces with the other facets, comprising the life you hunger to live.

For you to know what you desire, it helps to consider the desires you already possess.

Do you want more money?

If so, think about why you want more money, what you intend to do with that money, the kind of lifestyle you want to live; and so on and so forth.

Take the time to think about your current desires. Let your understanding of those desires grow and grow, until a rich picture of the life that you hunger for comes to the forefront.

As soon as you have that picture, you can move to the next step of this process.

Assume Your Desires Are The Facts Of Your Life

To turn your vision into a reality, you must assume that your vision, and all that it contains, is the life you are living right now.

You can do this for just a few-minutes. There’s no need for you to do so any longer than that.

For you to assume that your vision is a reality, you can converse from that premise.

Just take a moment, right now, to assume that your life is as you wish it to be.

Take a moment to say, to yourself, something along the lines of “I am so appreciative of the…” — you can finish the sentence.

Move from that sentence to another. Let the conversation unfold, allowing the various facets to come together, within your conversation, as if they are the present facts of your life.

Letting the conversation go, while allowing it to persist, may be a challenge. But, if you do this for two-minutes, give or take, it will become much easier and far more natural.

More often than not, I begin my inner conversations with a statement of appreciation — just like the sentence mentioned earlier.

The reason for this is as follows: appreciation is a feeling, a strong feeling, and when you engage with your inner conversations, you want to feel as if what you are conversing on is a reality that evokes strong, and valuable, feelings.

You see, it isn’t just the inner conversation that brings forth what you desire, it’s also the feelings of your fulfilled wishes.

The feeling of your wish fulfilled, for whatever reason, possesses a powerful causative property that allows your wishes to come forth in a way that is beautiful, joyous, and valuable.

You can engage with your inner conversation at any time, and for any time. You can do so while walking, lying in bed, standing in the shower, washing the dishes; and so on and so forth.

Really, there aren’t many rules, except for conversing from the assumption of your fulfilled wish, and feeling as if those wishes are a present fact of your life.

Even though there aren’t many rules, there’s still one piece of useful guidance it’s worth following; only use this method when you’re in a decent mood and feeling relaxed.

If you’re tense, stressed out, or on edge, it’s unlikely this method will do much of anything for you, and it may even heighten those unfortunate feelings.


Surrendering, as a concept, is complex and multi-faceted.

Truth be told, I don’t understand that much about it.

But, what I do know — or, at least, know within my own realm of personal experience — is that surrendering your wishes is very useful in letting them come forth into your world.

For you to surrender your wishes, there are a number of methods and practices you can adopt.

You may already know of a few that are quite useful for you. If so, then it’s best to continue with those.

But, if you don’t, or want something new that might work for you, there’s a method of surrendering that’s been very useful for me.

The method consists of engaging with your inner conversation, and then focusing on something else entirely immediately after.

Just getting busy, essentially.

For me — and, presumably, for most of us — this isn’t too challenging. Most of us have plenty of obligations, or things that we should be doing, to attend to, that finding something to do isn’t very hard.

You can, of course, think about your inner conversation, as well as your desires, later on. There’s no harm in doing so. But, don’t let those thoughts consume you, and it isn’t wise to focus on “looking for signs”, since that can easily lead to anxiety and stress.

Later on — the next day, perhaps, or later in the day — it may be wise to engage in another inner conversation. But, only if you feel like doing so. And, ideally, only if you are in a good mood.

For myself, engaging with my inner conversations on a consistent basis is quite useful. But, there have been plenty of times where I engaged with certain desires only once, and they came forth without any effort.

Regardless, though, the act of surrendering is always useful, and letting yourself focus on what’s in front of you will always make things a little easier and a little more relaxed.


In the end, your inner conversations are powerful.

If you take some time to engage with your inner conversations, in a way that reflects the fulfillment of your deepest wishes, then those wishes will come into your life.

I am still not entirely sure why this is, or why it works so well.

But, it does.

Just make sure you know what your desire, engage with your inner conversations from the premise of those wishes having been fulfilled, and feel those wishes as a reality.

If you do this, and remember to surrender — at least a little bit — then great things will come forth in ways that you could never expect.

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Best Wishes & Have A Great Day!



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