The Magic Of Going To The End

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In 2017, I read Neville Goddard’s “Your Faith Is Your Fortune”.

Even though the name “Neville Goddard” was somewhat familiar to me, nearly every idea in “Your Faith Is Your Fortune” was completely new.

New, and exciting.

My favorite idea, in the book, was that of “Going To The End”.

The idea was, to some extent, familiar. But, the way Neville articulated this idea, condensing it to a single phrase, and tying it in with the concept of “Feeling It Real” — it was absolutely transformative.

Since that one weekend in November, my worldview and methodology have been, for the most part, rooted in “Going To The End” and “Feeling It Real”.

Through the use of these ideas, a number of wonderful manifestations have occured.

A romantic relationship. Moving to Cambodia. A successful freelance writing career. A large Savings Account. Some amazing friends. A series of wonderful adventures in Cambodia. Some very nice adventures in the United States. Moving to Malaysia. Greater physical and emotional health. A limitless barrage of creative inspiration. A passionate mindset that induces awe, inspiration, and bliss almost every single day.

…Along with so much more!

Of course, this isn’t to say that there haven’t been inconsistencies or difficulties.

Every now and then, I’ll lose sight of who I truly am — a creative being, which is who we all truly are — and forget to apply these ideas.

But, in the end, I return to what has worked, while also being open to the innumerable perspectives, philosophies, and possibilities that exist for each and everyone of us.

So, in that respect, please remember one thing: the essay you are about to read is just one perspective.

Just one perspective, within a neverending sea of perspectives.

If what you are about to read works for you, then that is absolutely wonderful.

If what you are about to read does not work for you, then that is totally fine.

Remember to play and experiment.

For, in playing and experimenting, you can find what works for you.

Going To The End & Feeling It Real

Take a moment to think of something you desire.

Any desire will work.

Let’s say that, as an example, you would like some more money.

Take that desire, and ask a question.

“Why do you want this money?”

Since money is not, in and of itself, inherently valuable, it’s likely that you want this money so that you can acquire something.

Take a moment to think of what it is that you wish to acquire.

You just completed the first half of “Going To The End”.

Rather than engaging with the surface-level desire, which may obfuscate what it is that you truly long for, you go to the end result of your desire.

A desire for money is often — but not always — a desire for a tangible item/asset, or a sense of freedom, peace, and security.

Just as another example, let’s say you want a date.

You’ve been lonely for a while, and you’d like to meet someone special, and go on a date.

Don’t get me wrong, dating is great.

But, perhaps, you don’t want just a date.

Perhaps, you would like to be in a loving relationship with a lovely person.

So, if that’s the case, then your focal point isn’t the money or the date but what the money is bringing you and the lovely romantic relationship.

To bring those desires into your life, you can play with the concept of “Feeling It Real”.

“Feeling It Real” is the act of using your imagination to evoke the feelings that imply the fulfillment of your desire.

A sense of love, contentment, and appreciation would, perhaps, imply that you are in a lovely romantic relationship.

A sense of freedom, security, and peace would, perhaps, imply that you are financially free and financially secure.

To evoke these feelings, there are a number of methods you can perform.

You will learn about one of these methods a little later in the essay.

Before you use any methods, though, take some time to think about the “end result” of your current desires.

Just see where that line of thought takes you.

What Do You Desire?

Take a few moments to think about what you desire.

Take a moment to think about your “long-term” desires.

Desires that, by all appearances, will take some time to actualize.

Take a moment to think about your short-term desires.

Desires that pertain to your day, right here and right now.

Let yourself come up with a couple of desires that are important to you.

Even a desire such as “having a nice dinner” is worth noting.

A seemingly vast desire, such as becoming a very successful actor, is also, of course, worth noting.

Your desires, no matter what you have been told, are valid and valuable.

Right after your desires come to you, think about what “Going To The End” means, for each one of those desires.

If you “Go To The End” of “having a nice dinner”, you can imagine feeling a sense of appreciation and satisfaction for the lovely meal you just ate.

If you “Go To The End” of “being a very successful actor”, you can imagine feeling extraordinary confidence and appreciation for the wonderfully successful life you’ve created.

Both of those descriptions are quite vague. That’s because your “end result”, as it were, is your end result.

You may desire something for a different reason than was suggested.

Let the act of “Going To The End” be personal.

Your desires, and your reasons for those desires, are valid and valuable.

Even so, though, please take the time to think about what a desire means to you, and what “Going To The End” means, in relation to that desire.

You can understand the nature of your wish, by doing so.

You can more easily experience the feelings of that wish as if it were fulfilled.

You can more easily bring that wish to fruition, through the act of harnessing those feelings.

Experiencing The Fulfillment Of Your Wish

The work of Neville Goddard is vast.

You can find a rich assortment of methodologies and practices in his writings and lectures.

I’ve written about some of these, as well as some others that Neville Goddard never spoke on.

My favorite method is that of “inner conversations”. You will, in the essay, find a link to the Neville Goddard lecture this method came from.

In some instances, “Writing It Real” has been enormously useful.

No matter the situation or desire, gratitude is a valuable creative force.

Each one of those methods is, in my experience, very effective.

But, the method you are about to learn is a little different.

It is also the method that Neville taught more than any other.

To perform this method, think of your desire.

Take a moment to imagine what would follow the fulfillment of this wish.

Let that imagining turn into a simple scene.

A scene of you sitting on your porch, watching the sunset, feeling blessed and at peace.

That’s a simple scene that can imply happiness, contentment, financial freedom, feeling loved; and so much more.

But, that’s just one example.

In my experience, just about any scene works, as long as it feels real to you, and can imply the fulfillment of your wish.

You may come up with another scene that feels more natural to you.

Right after that scene comes to you, take a moment to close your eyes.

Let the scene return and, upon returning, immerse yourself in the sensations of the scene.

If I’m sitting on my porch, watching the sunset, I can feel the Portland breeze moving across my body, hear the ambience of cars nearby, and smell the trees.

Let yourself enjoy those sensations.

Soon enough, though, let the feelings of the wish come to you.

Let yourself feel appreciative. Let yourself feel blessed. Let yourself feel free. Let yourself feel successful. Let yourself feel loved.

Let yourself feel the feelings of your wish fulfilled.

If you can feel those feelings, to the point where you know that your wish has been fulfilled, despite what your senses may suggest, then your wish is a reality.

Sure, some time may need to pass, but know that, when your wish feels natural, it’s a reality.

I’ve played with these concepts a lot, and that feeling of “just knowing” is the single most important indicator that my world — for lack of a better term — has shifted in the direction of my desire.

Of course, as mentioned during the introduction, this is just my experience and my perspective.

You may disagree with me, and that is absolutely valid.

Remember to play and experiment.

Remember to use what works for you.


My exploration of “Going To The End”, and all that such a concept entails, may not be as eloquent or accessible as it should be.

For that, I’m sorry.

My hope, though, is that this essay serves as a useful explanation of some very powerful ideas.

If you would like me to elaborate on anything — including my success stories, as well as my failures— then please let me know.

You can do so in a couple of ways.

If you click on my profile — “Maxwell Akin” — you will find a description that contains my email address.

For some reason, Medium no longer lets me share my email address in the body of an essay.

Feel free to write to me, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also find me on Facebook — “Maxwell Akin”, with the same profile picture — or, of course, write a comment.

Best wishes, and have a wonderful day!



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