Gratitude Is A Creative Force

Maxwell Akin
5 min readMay 28, 2020

As a force, Gratitude is truly boundless. By tapping into the state of Gratitude, we are able to create and become anything that we desire. But, more importantly, we are able to do so in a nearly effortless manner.

Through the application of Gratitude, the process of fulfilling our goals and desires becomes effortless, and our experience of life transforms greatly. There is extraordinary value in seeing life through the lens of being grateful and recognizing the endless blessings that are all around us.

When we nurture the state of Gratitude, and allow the force within that state to further direct and guide us, we open doors towards greater love, greater prosperity, greater joy, and greater living.

Perhaps, the most lovely thing about Gratitude, seen in this context, is the fact that, if we allow it to be, feeling grateful and being grateful is exceptionally easy!

The Power Of Gratitude

The essence of Gratitude is recognition. Recognizing the myriad of wonderful things that are present in our lives, within this very moment. It is through this recognition that we are then able to express our thanks for the wonderful things that we can see and feel.

Many of us — and, by “many of us”, I am really speaking of myself — go through life in a kind of haze. There is the past, there is the future, but the present remains both infinitely immediate and far-off. Because of that, the endless blessings found within the only moment — this moment — are lost in a sea of wants, desires, and regrets.

Through Gratitude — recognition — we pass through that haze. No longer are we living outside of the moment but, rather, we are living in the moment and recognizing its infinite gifts.

In a sense, through Gratitude, we recognize that this moment is the best moment. That, no matter where we are or what we feel, this moment is the best moment and it is also the right moment.

Of course, there is a deeper power to Gratitude. Gratitude is rooted in the practice of recognition, but recognition is not, in any way, confined to the world of limitations that we would appear to exist within. Recognition is, in fact, a necessary component of the unlimited world that we truly belong to.

When we recognize and appreciate the things that we desire, yet are not — seemingly — present in our lives, we engage in an act of extraordinary creativity. This act of creativity involves the creation and experience of that which we desire.

By expressing our Gratitude, in this moment, for that which has not come to pass, we experience the fulfillment of that which we desire and, in turn, create that which we desire. Because of that, Gratitude is an inherently creative force, and one that we can direct and apply towards anything.

You Can Be Grateful For Anything

No matter what it is that you desire, you can be grateful for its fulfillment. It does not matter if you desire a creative breakthrough, a new job, greater relationships, a greater self-image — ad infinitum — Gratitude is a force that, when applied, allows those desires to fulfill themselves in a manner that is nearly effortless.

Since Gratitude is a boundless force, one that can be applied towards nearly anything, it is invaluable in creative work of all sorts. But, to truly apply Gratitude towards the fulfillment of your desires in a manner that works, I have found that there’s one method, in particular, that always works.

A Practice For Gratitude

To move into the fulfillment of your desire, through the use of Gratitude, you must first know what it is that you desire.

Your desire can, of course, be anything. It does not need to be a strictly material desire; it could be for a creative breakthrough, a better self-image, a feeling of greater confidence — there are endless possibilities.

When you know what you desire, there is something that you must do. You must think of yourself as already having fulfilled your desire, and, in this moment, experiencing it.

Move into that moment in time — simply imagine it — and then, allow yourself to be grateful for the fact that your desire has fulfilled itself. No matter what it is that you were seeking or choosing to create, it’s done.

Doesn’t it feel good, knowing that your wish came true? Doesn’t it feel nice, knowing that you are living the life that you have chosen to live? Doesn’t it feel nice, knowing that your work is complete and that you created exactly what you desired?

Step into that state of feeling good and feeling satisfied. Feel grateful for the fact that you are now experiencing the fulfillment of your wish, and that your desire is no longer a desire but, in fact, a present truth.

When you first do this, it can be a little difficult. But, the best way to push through this difficulty is to simply have fun. Laugh and smile and feel and express this gratitude in the manner that is most fun and joyous to you. There is no pressure to feel this gratitude “perfectly”; all you need to do is simply feel it, if only for a brief moment.

Right after you have felt this gratitude, you can then move on with your day. It is through the feeling of Gratitude, the feeling of being grateful that your desire is a present fact, that allows that which you desire to come to pass.

To make things even easier for yourself, though, I recommend feeling grateful as often as you can. Taking one-minute or so, as often as you can, to just feel grateful for the fulfillment of your desire. That way, not only does the feeling of your wish fulfilled become more natural, but you also take the time to feel good throughout the day, leading to greater feelings and sustained happiness.


In the end, Gratitude is an extraordinarily powerful force. It is, above all else, a creative force. By harnessing the creative nature of Gratitude, you are able to fulfill the desires that you hold in your heart.

More importantly, though, choosing to live from a state of Gratitude allows you to recognize the endless gifts that are present within every moment of this life. It is through this recognition, this act of choosing to see that which has always been apparent, that allows us to live life from states of joy, love, abundance; while also allowing us to live a life that is in alignment with our highest ideals and visions.

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