The Act Of Writing It Real

Maxwell Akin
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Throughout the past two-years, there is a practice that I often come back to. It is a practice that involves writing from the state of a particular wish fulfilled, and using that process to feel the feelings that come from knowing, and experiencing, that the wish has been fulfilled.

In essence, it’s the act of feeling it real, but through writing rather than performing an Imaginal Act or directing Inner Conversations.

While I don’t use this practice as often as I use Inner Conversations and Imaginal Acts, I use it every now and then, and it has always delivered exceptional results.

No matter what it is that I desire, I find that the act of writing from the state of it having been fulfilled serves as a wonderful way of immersing myself into the feelings that come from that state.

When I do that, then, I soon find that my desire has fulfilled itself in the easiest and most effortless manner possible.

The name of this practice is “Writing It Real”, which is the name I gave it. But, in many respects, it’s just a mixture of Scripting and Neville Goddard’s work on “Feeling it real”.

The Essence Of Writing It Real

The essence of Writing It Real is, quite simply, writing from the state of your wish fulfilled.

By writing from the state of your wish fulfilled, you are then able to immerse yourself in the feelings that come from the wish being fulfilled, which then leads to those feelings become an objective reality.

Many people can enter the state of the wish fulfilled through practices such as immersing oneself in an Imaginal Scene or engaging in Inner Conversations. Those practices are exceptionally valuable, but I have found that Writing It Real can be very helpful if you would like to sustain the feeling of the wish fulfilled for a longer period of time.

When you Write It Real, you set aside a certain amount of time, and you completely immerse yourself in the act of writing from the state of the wish fulfilled. As with any other form of Imaginal Work, you step into the feelings of the wish fulfilled. But, when writing with great intent and focus, these feelings continue to persist and only rise in their intensity and objectivity, as you continue to write.

How Can You Write It Real?

To Write It Real, you must, above all else, know what it is that you desire. But, your understanding of this desire must go beyond the surface-level, and towards the essence of the desire and what it means to you.

If you are choosing to create a romantic relationship, for example, then you must be aware of the feelings that come from the fulfillment of this desire. Your understanding doesn’t have to be particularly elaborate or in-depth, but you need to have a general idea of how you would feel — secure, loved, supported, grateful; among other examples.

When you know those feelings, you must then determine the form of the Writing It Real document that you are creating.

Most of the time, I write as if I’m writing in my journal, because I tend not to self-censor while writing in my journal. But, you can write in any form that you desire — perhaps, a letter or an email; to name two examples.

When you know the form that the Writing It Real will take, you must then set aside a certain block of time for the practice.

For me, five-minutes is perfect. More than enough time to become immersed in the writing, yet not long enough for the practice to become tedious.

When you write, write from the state of your wish, whatever it may be, having been fulfilled. Express the feelings — the joy, the love, the gratitude — that comes from this wish. Allow yourself to become immersed in those feelings, and then allow those feelings to become a part of your world.

To start off a Writing It Real document, I have found that statements such as “I Am So Grateful…” and “I Am So Blessed…” and even “It Is So Wonderful…” are extremely powerful.

Focus On Gratitude

If you are having trouble Writing It Real, then focus purely on the feeling of gratitude. Immerse yourself in the gratitude that comes from knowing, and experiencing, the fulfillment of your wish.

If, going back to an earlier example, you desire a new romantic relationship, concentrate on the gratitude that comes from being with an amazing man — or woman — that makes you feel loved, cared for, supported, secure, and truly happy.

Immerse yourself in that gratitude. Allow the words coming onto the page to reflect, and affirm, that gratitude.

In doing so, you will be fully immersed in that state of gratitude, and this will, quite naturally, lead to the fulfillment of your desire.


Thank you so much for reading this quick — and, admittedly, somewhat rough — essay! I hope that you enjoyed reading it, and I hope that, if you so desire, you experiment with the practice that’s been outlined!

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