You Can Never Reach Infinity — Part 04

Maxwell Akin
5 min readDec 18, 2023

You can find our three final visions right below.

If you want to read the first three parts, then you can find them right here, here and, then, right here.

With that out of the way, let’s dive right into it!

Vision 07: On The Nature Of Ergodicity

The title is wrong.

Our seventh vision is not concerned with ergodicity.

Rather, our seventh vision is concerned with ergodic paracosms.

And, with that in mind, an ergodic paracosm is a concept that is connected to and linked with — among an infinite number of other components and elements; ad infinitum — an infinite wealth of other concepts, ideas, elements, bits, themes, topics, subjects, paths, notions; ad infinitum.

Just as an example, “play,” as an idea, is connected to some of the following notions: experimentation, novelty, adventure, creativity; and so on and so forth, endlessly and infinitely; ad infinitum.

Every single one of the above serves as a node, of sorts, that is connected and linked to — ad infinitum — an infinite number of other notions, concepts, ideas; ad infinitum.

You can go through an infinite number of super quantities — yep, we’re expanding upon that — each of which contains unique connections, every single second, for 158 trillion years.

And, you will never reach an ending to the connections that a single concept allows for.

All of this makes “play” an ergodic paracosm.

On its own, this is quite nice. But, the best part about ergodic paracosms is that this is just one concept.

Or, more specifically, one conception or vision — ad infinitum — out of an infinite number of others.

Yet another vision — one that my ergodic paracosms embrace — is that there are an infinite number of ways and explanations and clarifications — ad infinitum — regarding why and how — ad infinitum — the paracosm is infinite.

You can apply the same “infinite super quantity” notion to the above.

And, you can apply it to an infinite number of things, types of things, elements; ad infinitum.

Sometime next year, we will go over seven ways you can create, and enjoy, ergodic paracosms with joyous ease.

Vision 08: A Neverending Universe

Our eighth vision exists as a return, of sorts, to the first vision we outlined within this essay series.

You can imagine our universe.

And, you can imagine that our universe is infinite.

Just imagine that and, if you can, pretend that it is true.

If you went through a super quantity of space, every single second, for 158 septillion years, then you would never reach the end of the space within the universe.

And, of course, this is true, even though you are going through infinite infinities of space.

Our universe is, within this context, infinite.

And, it is infinite in infinite ways.

Just as an example, there is, within this context, an infinite number of unique types of particles and atoms — ad infinitum — that comprise our universe.

And, if you went into a super quantity of those elements/components, every second, you would never reach the end.

The same applies to the act of going through a super quantity of galaxies every second.

Outside of those two examples, it applies to an infinite number of other, unique and novel, elements and ideas and components — ad infinitum — that serve as the composition of our universe.

Vision 09: A Unique Data Structure

Our ninth, and final, vision is rooted in an idea that came to me on a cold night in February of 2023.

I was with some friends in Northeast Portland, eating chicken fried rice and drinking bubble tea, when this rather odd thought came to me: what if there was a storage system that could contain an infinite amount of information?

On the walk home, yet another thought came to me: what if this storage system was used to store books and, in turn, served as one such system within a vast, infinite library.

You can find the story these ideas led to right here.

Our ninth vision serves as an expansion of this basic vision.

Rather than a single infinite storage medium, which contains an infinite number of books, there are, in fact, an infinite number of unique, transcendent storage mediums.

Each one is, paradoxically, more vast and infinite — ad infinitum — than the one right before it.

Our first storage medium might be an infinite hard drive with infinite books.

And, then, our second might be a silver sphere with infinite structures, networks, spaces — ad infinitum — each of which contains infinite books.

Our third storage medium might be a data structure that contains infinite silver spheres, coupled with an infinite wealth of sets, series, lists, and arrays — ad infinitum — that contain infinite books.

And, well, it just keeps going and growing, endlessly and infinitely; ad infinitum.

Even if you went through, say, a single super quantity belonging to an infinite hard drive, with an infinite number of unique books, every second for 158 trillion millenia, you would never run out of new books.

And, of course, the reason for this is because there is no end to infinity and, within this context, there is no ending to the number of unique books one can find within a single hard drive.

The same basic concept applies to the infinite wealth of transcendent storage mediums — and, in turn, the infinite infinities of books each one contains — that one can find within this conception.

You can go through a super quantity of transcendent storage mediums, every second, and never find an end-point within the infinite hierarchy of new, novel, and infinitely vast mediums that are present.


Our time with these concepts has come to an end.

Or, at least, it has, for now.

Soon enough, though, you will be able to find more of these visions on this Medium blog.

And, if you’re so inclined, you will be able to find a free book — a compilation, and expansion of, these visions, along with many others — available in the PDF format, posted on this blog.

You should be able to find that in March or April of next year.

The act of writing this essay clarified two important ideas to implement, while writing this book: include some of my stories and, whenever possible, mention elements of my real life.

Regardless of that, though, thank you so much for reading!

If you want to reach me, you can do so by sending an email to “”

Best wishes and, of course, please have a fantastic day!



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