You Can Never Reach Infinity — Part 01

Maxwell Akin
6 min readDec 18, 2023

Our goal, with this essay series, is to clarify twelve unique visions.

Every single one of our visions is rooted within infinity.

But, that is not all.

Rather, each vision is meant to explore the fact that infinity is, fundamentally, an absence.

Or, more specifically, infinity is, fundamentally, the absence of an ending and the transcendence of limits.

You can find this concept explored, in a variety of unique ways, within every vision in this series.

Vision 01: The Absence Of Ending

Our first vision of infinity is rooted within one very simple fact: infinity has no ending.

And, in fact, infinity is, fundamentally, the absence of an ending.

The absence of an ending, coupled with, in certain contexts, the absence of boundaries, limits, restrictions; and so on and so forth, endlessly and infinitely; ad infinitum.

On its own, this is quite inspiring. But, there’s another aspect of infinity — and, more specifically, its absence of any sort of ending — that is worth exploring.

Just imagine that the universe is infinite.

A neverending gift of space, experience, planets, life; and so on and so forth, endlessly and infinitely; ad infinitum.

Just imagine that.

And, then, imagine that you were able to create an act of pure, infinite movement, energy, and motion.

The act that we are referring to exists as a direct traversal of the infinite vistas, vastness, and visions — ad infinitum, of course — that comprise the infinite abundance of outer space that is our universe.

Or, at least, part of our universe.

You step into this act and you move across the universe.

But, that’s not all you do.

Rather, you move across the universe at a rate/speed that exists as one “super quantity” every second.

And, you do this for 158 billion years.

To clarify what this means, a “super quantity” is a singular entity that contains, generates, grows — ad infinitum — an infinite number of structures, networks, bodies — ad infinitum — each of which contains infinite quantities.

Every single one of the infinite quantities that exists within those infinite structures, networks, and bodies — ad infinitum — is an infinite quantity of space.

You are going through infinite infinities, as it were, of space, every single second.

And, you are doing this for a period of 158 billion years.

Given the fact that you are traversing infinite infinities, it stands to reason that, within this context, you would reach an end to the infinity that is the universe.

Or, at least, it would make sense, if infinity allows for an ending or, even, suggests such a thing.

You see, even if, within this context, you went through infinite quantities of infinite space, within our infinite universe, you would still never reach an ending.

And, the reason for this is as follows: there is no ending within infinity, for infinity transcends endings.

The same line of thought that gives rise to this fact can be applied to a wide variety of other concepts.

Just as an example — and, trust me, we’ll explore this idea, and the infinite variety/flexibility of our “super quantity” notion, later on — imagine that you have an infinite library with infinite books.

And, now, imagine going through infinite books every second for infinite eternity after eternity; ad infinitum.

Even if you did the above, you would never run out of new books to go through, because there is no ending or limit — ad infinitum — to the quantity/number/abundance of books within that infinite library.

The above is true, even if, paradoxically, you condense infinities into acts and movements; for even these acts cannot transcend the inherent absence of endings and boundaries — ad infinitum — that infinity is and always will be.

Vision 02: A Neverending Evolution

Our second vision is rooted in the idea that there is more than one infinity.

You see, rather than there being a single infinity that serves as the sum of what infinity is, and can be, there exists an infinite wealth of unique infinities.

Every single one of these infinities exists within a vast, infinite hierarchy.

Right outside of this hierarchy, there is an infinite scale of infinitely greater, and smaller, infinities.

You can find an infinite wealth of other conceptions, visions, mediums, and forms; ad infinitum.

And so on and so forth, endlessly and infinitely; ad infinitum.

Our concern is, primarily, with the hierarchy of infinity and the scale of infinity.

You move through the hierarchy of infinity by going up and up, higher and higher, never reaching the end.

No matter the infinity you reach, there will always be an infinite number of other infinities just beyond it.

And, paradoxically, every single infinity within this hierarchy is infinitely greater than the one before it.

Or, for that matter, infinitely smaller — yet still infinite, in every sense — than the infinity ahead of it.

Even though the above is true, if you went through an infinite universe, for example, in the manner described in the previous section, while conducting an act that allows one of these great infinities to be navigated, you would still never reach the end because, of course, there is no end to that which is infinite.

A similar set of notions applies to the scales of infinity mentioned earlier.

You can imagine one infinity that is, of course, infinite.

Something vast and infinite, greater than that which we can imagine.

Right beyond that, there is another infinity.

A new infinity that is infinitely greater than that infinity, encompassing a level — or “scale,” if you will — of vastness that transcends the previous infinity.

And, then, just beyond that one, sitting within the same scale, there is yet another, even greater, infinity.

You can keep going and going, endlessly and infinitely, never reaching an end.

A similar series of notions pertains to hierarchies and scales — ad infinitum — of, say, eternity and vastness and time and space; and so on and so forth, endlessly and infinitely; ad infinitum.

Our concern, though, is not with those hierarchies and scales.

Rather, our concern is with what lies beyond these entities and, in turn, the concept of infinity itself…

Vision 03: The Transcendence Of Infinity

Our visions of infinity are rooted within language.

But, that’s not all.

Our visions of infinity are rooted within sense and feeling.

Language. Sense. Feeling.

Our entire existence within this universe is rooted within language, sense, and feeling.

Right within the concept outlined above, there is a singular entity that serves as a synthesis of these elements.

And, this synthesis, summed up in a single world, is as follows: experience.

Every single vision of infinity is rooted within experience.

Or, more specifically, the forms and modes of experiencing that we, as beings, are capable of.

Given these notions, what lies beyond infinity, and beyond the hierarchies/scales of infinitely greater, and more transcendent, infinities is that which lies beyond our faculties.

Our faculties, if given sufficient time to evolve, and the power/direction that allows for these evolutions to occur in a manner that is sufficient, may be able to interact with infinity.

Or, they may, even, be able to transcend infinity.

Right beyond infinity, there lies an infinite wealth of new concepts, notions, ideas — ad infinitum — that exist beyond the limits of our experiential faculties.

A neverending abundance of concepts, notions, ideas — ad infinitum — that we cannot even conceive of, much less properly perceive, experience, or interact with in any manner.

You can apply this same line of thought to that which transcends such concepts, notions, ideas; ad infinitum.

Just as an example, let’s say that we are able to perceive, and interact with, concepts and ideas that transcend infinity and all that infinity is, and can be; ad infinitum.

If we do this, then we find an infinite wealth of concepts/ideas that transcend infinity.

Just beyond these, though, there exists an infinite number of concepts, ideas, and notions — ad infinitum — that transcend what even these heightened faculties are capable of engaging with.

You can develop new, transcendent faculties, perceiving and interacting with concepts, ideas, and notions — ad infinitum — that go beyond the previous set of concepts, ideas, and notions; ad infinitum.

And, well, the process continues to evolve and grow, infinitely and endlessly; ad infinitum.


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