You Can Never Reach Infinity — Part 03

Maxwell Akin
4 min readDec 18, 2023

You can find three more visions of infinity right below.

You can find “Part 01” right here. And, then, “Part 02” right here.

So, with that out of the way, let’s begin!

Vision 07: A Neverending Library

Our seventh vision is nothing less than that of a neverending library.

A neverending library with an infinite number of floors, levels, depths, zones, spaces; and so on and so forth, endlessly and infinitely; ad infinitum.

Right within each floor, depth, zone, space — ad infinitum — there are an infinite number of infinite rooms, spaces, zones, sections; and so on and so forth, endlessly and infinitely; ad infinitum.

Each one contains a neverending wealth of books.

A neverending wealth of books belonging to an infinite wealth of genres, categories, distinctions, styles; and so on and so forth, endlessly and infinitely; ad infinitum.

Just as an example, you can go through a super quantity of, say, “Survival” books, every single second, for 158 trillion years.

And, even if you do this, you would never, ever reach the end, for there is no ending to the infinite wealth of novel, unique, and different — ad infinitum — survival books within this section.

You can apply this same concept to any one of the infinite facets, elements, or components — ad infinitum — that comprise this infinite library of ours.

If you go through, say, a super quantity of floors, every second, then you would still never reach an ending to the infinite floors that comprise this library.

And so on and so forth, endlessly and infinitely; ad infinitum.

Vision 08: A Graphics-Based Interface

Our eighth vision is rather obscure.

Do you own a graphics card?

Or, more specifically, does your PC have a graphics card, of one sort or another.

If it does, then you may be familiar with some of the different benchmarking tools that you can, and arguably should, use to test the speed of your graphics card.

Some of my personal favorites are as follows:

  • 3DMark
  • Unigine Heaven
  • Elemental

Every single benchmark exists as an exploration of a rich, lush world that suggests something vast, beautiful, and, arguably, transcendent, yet exists purely within the confines of a brief, graphics-based render.

Let’s take this concept and apply it to our “super quantity” notion.

And, in doing so, let’s produce the following idea: a super quantity that contains, and generates, infinite structures, networks, bodies — ad infinitum — each of which contains an infinite number of singularities.

Every single one of these singularities exists as a vast virtual reality/graphics render — a visual world, if you will, that exists in a manner not unlike a video game — that is composed of infinite informational points.

Each one of these points serves as a nexus that contains, and generates, an infinite amount of information, data, and ideas; and so on and so forth, endlessly and infinitely; ad infinitum.

And, even if you, somehow, used this idea to explore, say, an infinite library, you would never reach the end of any of it, for there is no ending or, for that matter, any sort of boundary.

The same notion applies to, say, the act of going through the infinite ideas or the infinite data — ad infinitum — within one informational point that lies within the infinite abundance of informational points that comprise a single render out of an infinite number of renders within an infinite wealth of structures, networks, and bodies; ad infinitum.

Vision 09: A Neverending Shopping Mall

Our ninth vision is exactly what the title states: a neverending shopping mall.

You can find, within this shopping mall, an infinite number of floors, levels, depths; and so on and so forth, endlessly and infinitely; ad infinitum.

And, within each floor, level, and depth — ad infinitum — you can find an infinite number of stores, shops, restaurants — ad infinitum — and spaces, rooms, zones; ad infinitum.

Our concern is not with any of that.

Rather, our concern is with a single software store that exists within one floor and within one section that lies within a larger section that lies within a larger series of rooms; ad infinitum.

You can find, within this software store, an infinite number of infinite zones, sections, spaces; ad infinitum.

Right within one particular section that lies within a zone — ad infinitum — a program.

A program with no known name.

The program serves to generate an infinite number of elements, bits, components; ad infinitum.

Each of which belongs to a different set, medium, form, or list — ad infinitum — and allows for a unique act of combination, connection, play, ideation; ad infinitum.

You see, this program is, in essence, a creativity program.

A program that facilitates new ideas, exciting possibilities, novelty, combinations, playful experiences; ad infinitum.

Even if you went through a super quantity every second, for one set of random elements that belong to a particular genre or category or theme — ad infinitum — you would never reach the end of this set.

And, of course, the reason for this is as follows: there is no ending.

You can apply this same line of thought to anything else within this shopping mall or, in turn, what it contains.

Or, for that matter, the software program we just described.


To those who are still reading — and, truly, those who have not — thank you so much!

Our third, and final, set of visions serves as an exploration of three rather odd notions.

You are unlikely to find these notions anywhere else.

Outside of that, though, thank you for reading this essay!

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Best wishes and have a great day!



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