Cultivating Your Infinite Freedom

Maxwell Akin
6 min readNov 25, 2022

Our subject today is freedom.

You are a creative being and, as such, you are free.

You are free to live the life you wish to live, in the ways that you wish to live it.

You are free to be who you wish to be.

But, there’s one small problem.

Our creative power can be misused in ways that affirm the value/power of money, over our inherent creativity.

Just as an example, we may wish to travel the world. But, we don’t possess the money or means to do so and, so, we forget about the wish.

Our freedom is boundless and our power goes beyond money.

You can take that wish and focus on traveling the world, without regarding the means from which this particular wish fulfills itself.

Doing so will allow you to travel the world and do all that you wish to do.

And, with that, let’s begin this essay.

You Are Free

You are a creative being.

As a creative being, you are free.

You are free to live the life you wish to live.

You are free to be who you wish to be.

You are free to actualize an infinite wealth of unique possibilities.

Possibilities, paths, potentials; ad infinitum.

Everything is available to you and all things are possible to you.

But, what about money?

Money is a key. But, it is not that which lies beyond the door that such a key unlocks.

Our key phrase is “a key.”

You see, money is but one key to that which you seek.

And, in the end, it may not be the most important key.

Rather, the most important key is your own creative abilities.

Your creative abilities allow you to actualize all that you desire.

This, of course, includes money. It also includes everything else that you could ever desire.

For this reason, if there is a particular wish that you have in mind, focus on that wish.

Rather than focusing on the money you need to, say, go to Jakarta for several weeks, focus on going to Jakarta for several weeks and having the best time of your life.

By doing so, you accomplish two things: you manifest that trip to Jakarta, in a way that is natural and effective, while also cultivating your freedom.

Or, perhaps, your understanding of your freedom, as your freedom is innate and certain, without the need for cultivation or expansion or anything of that sort.

But, of course, such notions allow a new question to arise: what can you do, to cultivate your freedom/manifest your desires?

Cultivating Your Freedom

Right now, think of something you want.

Something important. Something exciting.

Your wish can be anything. Anything at all.

But, again, make sure it means something to you.

Right after you select that wish, take a moment to imagine it.

Imagine your wish as if it has already happened.

Returning to our earlier example, if you want to visit Jakarta for several weeks, imagine that you already have, in fact, visited for several weeks.

To imagine this wish, and any others, you can:

And so on and so forth.

Really, though, you can imagine your wish in any way that you like.

Give yourself a few minutes to imagine your wish, to really experience it as a fact.

And, then, when you’re finished doing so, consider this: your wish is a fact.

You may not experience it as a tangible fact right now, but it is a fact and this truth will become present in good time.

But, what about money? What about a flight? What about a hotel?

And so on and so forth.

Your wish is a present fact.

You are where you wish to be. You are doing what you wish to be doing.

The facts of this experience may be unclear, but they will become unclear.

Remember that and remember that you are the one who can bring such things to life.

Even more than that, though, remember something else: you are free.

You are free to enjoy what you wish to enjoy.

All you must do is go to the end and experience your wish as a fact.

Your creative power allows you to do such a thing.

Your creative power gives such actions the power to create in ways that are truly profound.

Choose something you desire and bring it to life.

You can focus on what you believe allows the wish to come into being.

But, if you want a greater level of speed and effortlessness, it’s much easier to focus on the wish itself, allowing that to come to fruition, than focusing on the means from which a wish can arise.

You Are Secure

You are a creative being and, as such, you are free.

But, that’s not all you are.

You are secure.

Freedom is security. Security is freedom.

Your creative abilities allow you to solve any problems that arise.

Your creative abilities allow you to heal your body/mind/soul.

Your creative abilities allow you to live in nice places.

And so on and so forth.

Too often we assert that external objects are the source of our security.

That is not true.

Our security — and our freedom — lies within.

Within ourselves.

Within the creative power that we are.

Your job is to figure out what you desire and to experience that as a fact.

If you can do that, you can do anything.

Your security comes from your ability to create.

To create all that you desire.

Your desire can be anything.

Health. Wealth. Love. Passion. Adventure. Inspiration.

And so on and so forth.

No matter what, you possess the ability to create, and enjoy, your wish.

A New Experiment

To really recognize the freedom that you can create, and to enjoy this freedom, there is an experiment you may enjoy conducting.

A simple, fun experiment that may work wonders.

The experiment is simple: for one-week, set aside fifteen-minutes to meditate.

To meditate on what?

On your wishes.

Your grand, elaborate, vast wishes.

And, of course, the simple ones, too.

But, that’s not all you’re doing.

You are taking these wishes and making a conscious effort to go to the end.

Returning to our old example, if you want to go to Jakarta for several weeks, then you will imagine having gone to Jakarta for several weeks.

Do not think about the money or anything that pertains to the means.

Rather, focus entirely on the richness of the experience, the beauty of those moments, the sense of awe and wonder and inspiration you felt while in the city; and so on and so forth.

Apply this same line of thinking to every other wish.

You may wish to direct films.

Concentrate on being a director, with little thought as to where the money comes from, how you developed these skills, the ways you acquired actors; and so on and so forth.

Set aside fifteen-minutes, every day, for one-week, to work with this process.

Yet another example might involve food.

Food costs money. But, again, our creative power can go beyond money and other supposed limitations.

If you want to eat a rich, tasty lasagna, focus on that, rather than the money it costs to buy a lasagna or how much the ingredients cost.

You will find that, in conducting such an experiment, your world begins to change.

No, maybe not very much. Not at first, that is.

Soon enough, though, your conception of the world, and the ways in which you conceive of yourself, will shift.

Rather than experiencing your wishes as far-off points bound by money and other means, you will experience your wishes as mere selections.

Selections on a vast, infinite menu that you can choose and enjoy with little effort.

No, that’s not a good metaphor. But, it’s close enough.

You are a creative being, my friend.

You are free. You are secure.

Remember that and, most important of all, live from that.

Don’t get me wrong, living from this isn’t always very easy — it still isn’t for me, although it’s getting easier and easier, day by day — but it is powerful.

So very powerful.

And, of course, it’s also freeing and exciting, making it easier to really live the life you wish to live and be who you wish to live.

Please, just give this experiment a shot — or, even, just this way of thinking — and see what happens!


Our lives are rich with possibilities, gifts, and blessings; along with so many other lovely things.

Our goal, then, is to live in a way that allows us to enjoy such things.

To enjoy the infinite gifts of the world.

To enjoy the infinite riches of who we are.

Or, at least, something along those lines.

My hope is that the concepts and practices outlined above aid you in living such a life.

No matter what, though, thank you so much for reading this essay!

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Best wishes, and have a lovely day!



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