Statements and affirmations — along with other methods — are a source of debate and contention in various “New Thought” circles.

Even though their validity has been questioned, certain statements and affirmations have, in my own personal life, been very useful to me.

My intention, with this essay, is to…

I’m not a great storyteller.

My writing skills are fine. But, my storytelling skills are lacking.

It’s my lack of technique that’s the problem.

You see, there are a lot of ideas that I enjoy playing with.

The act of turning those ideas into a good story, though, isn’t always…

Every year serves as a new space filled with infinite paths and possibilities.

You can, within this space, select the possibilities you wish to actualize.

For many of us, selecting these possibilities involves setting goals.

Goals are lovely.

My intention, though, for 2022, is to focus far less on goals…

No matter who you are, you possess a passion.

Or, perhaps, a passion possesses you. Maybe it works both ways.

Regardless of that little detail, though, you possess a passion.

A passion that gives you a sense of joy and fulfillment, while also giving life a greater level of meaning…

Satisfaction is a very, very powerful feeling.

So powerful, in fact, that it can be the key to living the life you wish to live.

You will, by reading this essay, learn why that is.

You will then learn how you can harness the power of satisfaction to bring your…

Maxwell Akin

Hey! I’m Max! I Hope You Enjoy What You’re Reading, And If You Want To Reach Me For Any Reason At All, You Can Do So At “”.

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