Your Smile Is Magic

Smiling is magic.

Really, it is.

You will, by reading this quick essay, learn why that is.

Right after we go over that fact, you will learn a practice that combines smiling and positive expectations.

With practice, you can bring wonderful things into your life with remarkable ease.

Smiling Is Magic

Smiling offers many, many benefits.

Some of the most notable benefits include:

• Relieving Stress
• Releasing Endorphins
• Inspiring Others To Smile And Be Happy
• Strengthening Your Immune System
• Reducing Pain
• Making You Feel, And Be, More Attractive
• Increasing Your Confidence
• Enhancing Your Mood
• Making You Want To Laugh
• Increasing Your Vitality/Energy

And so on and so forth.

Each one of these benefits is absolutely lovely, making it easier for you to enjoy the day.

To enjoy the day and, as a result, create the day.

You can, by smiling more, not only feel better and experience greater health, more easily create a rich, abundant life that fulfills your deepest ambitions and yearnings.

Activating The Magic Of Smiling

To activate the magic of smiling — yes, this is a silly, salesy phrase, but it works — just smile.

Right now, just smile.

Smile for, say, thirty-seconds.

Just hold the smile and, if you’re so inclined, produce a fake laugh.

A fake laugh that will almost certainly turn into a real laugh, within a short period of time.

You might not feel much of anything. But, that smile is already producing a wealth of wonderful effects.

Right after you hold your smile for a moment, let it go. And, then, a moment later, produce it once again, while holding it for, perhaps, one-minute.

While holding your smile, allow yourself to appreciate ten things.

Your ten things can be anything.

Right after you appreciate ten things, appreciate ten more things.

Rather than appreciating ten things that are already a comfortable, present facet of your life, allow yourself to appreciate ten things that you are choosing to bring to life.

Just ten things that may not be here right now, but that you are determined to experience, enjoy, and create.

Some examples of what these ten things might be include:

• A Fit, Healthy Body
• A Book That You Are Choosing To Write
• A New Job
• A Film That You Are Choosing To Direct
• A Wonderful Relationship
• A Wonderful Trip To Someplace New
• A Lovely Week
• A Painting That You Are Choosing To Create
• A New Deck For Your Porch
• A Home You Are Choosing To Build

And so on and so forth.

No matter what it is, allow yourself to appreciate these things, as if they already exist.

You can even appreciate specific things about each one.

Some examples of what these specific things might be include:

• The Beautiful Prose In Your Book
• Your Way Of Describing Time As It Relates To Memory
• People’s Loving Responses To Your Book
• The Emotionally Resonant Characters
• Just How Proud You Are Of Having Written This Book
• Your Creative Ideas And The Way They Exist Within The Book
• The Fact That You Were Able To Write This Book
• Just How Enjoyable It Was For You To Write This Book
• The Unique Twists And Turns You Placed Into The Narrative
• Being Able To Hold The Finished Book In Your Hands

And so on and so forth.

Right within these moments, know that what you appreciate, though it may not appear to be real at this time, is becoming real.

Or, more specifically, it is as real and present as anything else, you just can’t see it yet.

No, that isn’t true; you can see it, but not in this realm of experience.

Something like that.

And, with that in mind, allow yourself to appreciate your wish and its existence, while also growing to expect that what you yearn for will come into being, for it already exists.

Just allow these thoughts and feelings to flow through you, while holding a nice smile.

You are combining the power of intention and feeling it real with the benefits of smiling.

Each one of these benefits serves to:

• Give You More Energy
• Make You Happier
• Enhance Your Mood
• Strengthen Your Confidence
• Give You More Energy
• Allow For Inspiration And Passion To Arise
• Make You More Attractive
• Clarify Your Deepest Wishes
• Bring Those Wishes To Life With Greater Ease
• Assist You In Living The Life You Wish To Live

You can tap into many of these benefits through the act of smiling.

And, for even greater benefits, you can smile while appreciating.

Going Through Your Day

You can perform the ritual above.

But, you can also just smile.

Just smile and go through your day.

Smiling allows you to feel better and embrace a more positive mindset which, in turn, makes it easier for you to:

• Appreciate/Enjoy What You Have
• Find New Opportunities
• Be/Feel Attractive
• Be/Feel Confident
• Say “Yes” To New Opportunities.
• Be More Open To New Paths And Possibilities
• Go To Sleep/Wake Up Feeling Good
• Feel Passionate And Energized
• Live A Rich, Abundant, Beautiful Life

And so on and so forth.

Sometimes, all you need is a big smile.

And, of course, if you want to take that a little further, you can also laugh, take some deep breaths and, if you’re so inclined, appreciate.


Smiling is magic and my hope is that you enjoyed reading my clarification of that fact.

No matter your thoughts on this essay, though, thank you so much for reading!

As always, if you wish to reach me, you can do so at “”

Best wishes, and have a lovely day!

Hey! I’m Max! I Hope You Enjoy What You’re Reading, And If You Want To Reach Me For Any Reason At All, You Can Do So At “”.

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Maxwell Akin

Hey! I’m Max! I Hope You Enjoy What You’re Reading, And If You Want To Reach Me For Any Reason At All, You Can Do So At “”.