Your Own, Personal Sea Of Sensation

Our subject today is imagination.

But, it isn’t just imagination.

Rather, our subject today is a unique combination of imagination and storytelling, combined with a method that may, or may not, be of great use to you.

Right before we dive into this essay, it’s worth clarifying that this particular method/concept has brought me:

• A Wealth Of Inspiration
• Simple, Easy Methods For Conjuring Inspiration
• Awe & Enthusiasm
• A Greater Connection To God
• Many, Many Story Ideas
• All Manner Of New Adventures
• New Opportunities For Wealth
• Greater Levels Of Energy & Productivity

And so on and so forth.

Really, though, it’s brought me so much more and continues to do so. But, for now, this list is good enough.

My hope is that reading this essay, and using the method, brings you a similar wealth of gifts.

No matter what happens, thank you so much for reading!

A Sea Of Sensation

Somewhere out there, there is a sea.

You cannot find this sea here, in this world of ours.

You cannot find this sea out there, on any of the worlds that surround ours.

But, you can find this world somewhere close to your heart, within your infinite depths.

Within your infinite depths, there is a sea.

No, that is not true.

Your infinite depths are as infinite as this universe. But, they are not merely your infinite depths.

Rather, your infinite depths are not depths at all; they are, instead, the foundation from which you, and the world you live within, emerges and exists.

All that exists within you — all that is considered and perceived as “within” — is the firmament upon which you, my friend, and all that you experience, grows and exists and lives and simply is.

And, right within this firmament, of sorts, is a sea.

A sea of sensation.

A vast, and infinite, sea of sensation.

Your Sea Of Sensation

Our world is made of sensations.

Sensations as rich and varied — as delightful and provocative — as:

• Sight
• Sound
• Taste
• Touch
• Smell

Each one of these serves as the maker and shaper of our world.

Our world and our experience of the world.

Our very self and our experience of ourselves.

Every sensation of ours serves as the maker and shaper of all that is and all that can be.

And yet, all that can be, and all that is, is not all that can be or all that is.

Our senses, and the infinite sensations they can unveil and create, were sculpted.

Sculpted within a vast, potentially infinite, network of narratives and structures that exist beyond the limitations of the senses that make and shape our world and ourselves.

Our capabilities, as human beings, prevent us from perceiving these narratives and structures.

But, our capabilities, as human beings, allow us to conceive of such things.

And, in allowing us to conceive of such things, we can conceive of the beings that created these narratives and structures and, in turn, the senses and sensations they gave birth to.

But, this discussion, and all that it allows for, belongs to another place.

Another world, you might say. And, another time.

Returning to our primary topic, the sea of sensation — or “Sea Of Sensation,” for those concerned with such formalities — is a sea composed of sensations.

Sensations as rich and varied as all that we can sense.

And, within the Sea Of Sensation, there exists an infinite wealth of sensations belonging to each sense.

Just imagine, my friends, an infinite abundance of:

• Sights
• Sounds
• Smells
• Tastes
• Textures

And so on and so forth, for many senses contain a wealth of unique senses and sensory definitions, each one giving birth to an infinite wealth of possibilities.

Every single one of these senses serves to create new possibilities.

A combination of sights and sounds and tastes and textures and smells gives rise to a rich scene.

And, that is just one example, for the infinite sensations within the Sea Of Sensation give rise to an infinite wealth of possibilities.

Possibilities that can, and will, be categorized and defined.

Possibilities Within The Sea Of Sensation

Within the Sea Of Sensation, you can find many things.

Many things and many gifts and many possibilities.

The number of such things is infinite and, as such, without end and beyond measure.

And, within such a notion, there is yet another notion: the number of “types” and “categories” and “themes” for such things is as infinite as the infinities clarified above.

You can find, and enjoy, within the Sea Of Sensation, an infinite wealth of:

• Stories/Narratives
• Past Lives
• Parallel Lives
• Future Lives
• Histories
• Futures
• Other Worlds
• Other Universes
• Alternative Worlds
• Forgotten Probabilities
• Memories
• Dreams
• Selves
• Beings
• Perspectives

And so on and so forth, infinitely and endlessly; ad infinitum.

Each one of these can be found within the Sea Of Sensation.

Every single one of these grand possibilities is rooted within the language of the senses.

The language of our senses.

The language of presence.

And, this language, as it is known, emanates from the grand network of narratives that gave birth to us, to our infinite depths, to the world we live within, and to our experience of ourselves.

All of this is present, right now, within this moment.

All of this will remain present right now and for all eternity.

And, within this moment, the Sea Of Sensation, and its infinite wealth of wonders, is accessible.

Accessible to whom?

To you, my friend.

To you and to all whom you know and to all whom you believe in.

But, prior to clarifying the specifics of such a gift, let us clarify one element.

One element of this compelling, yet rather uncertain, narrative.

No, this element may not be as important as the rituals and tools that allow you, my dearest one, to access your infinite depths and, in turn, personal Sea Of Sensation.

But, this element is important, nonetheless.

A Forgotten Pilgrimage

Many ages ago, a diverse group of men and women came together.

Came together for the purpose of giving birth to a world of greater abundance and liberty.

“Solving the problems of the world” was but one facet of this group’s mission.

Rather, the true purpose was, in the end, creating a world where everyone had easy access to an infinite wealth of possibilities.

To give birth to such a world, the members of the group sat together, within a temple.

A temple located on an island in the Sola-Luc-Aei, within the remnants of an old library.

Every member of the group closed their eyes and, then, stepped into the Sea Of Sensation.

Within the moments that followed, the group traversed all manner of infinite histories and infinite futures, other worlds and parallel lives, forgotten narratives and decaying mythologies.

All in the service of giving birth to a new world.

And, in the end, that is what they did.

The infinite wealth of concepts, ideas, notions, kalpanegaḷu, and paracosm — and so on and so forth, endlessly and infinitely; ad infinitum — given to them, through the Sea Of Sensation, allowed for an abundance of new systems, tools, and abilities to be created.

Systems of abundance, prosperity, and freedom.

Tools of energy, creativity, and liberty.

Abilities of transformation, generativity, and possibility.

But, these were not shared with our world.

All that the group sought was found within the Sea Of Sensation.

And yet, they chose to dive further and further, into the energy systems of our earth, developing spaces and lands invisible to our eyes, visible only to those who know and can know.

Your journeys may allow for new, far more generous, possibilities to arise.

Your Ritual

To access your Sea Of Sensation, you must set an intention.

Your intention can be anything.

Your intention can even be “To surrender to what comes forth.”

Or, if you have something more specific in mind, you can use that.

No matter what you choose, make a commitment.

A commitment to your intention.

A commitment to surrendering to what is and what is flowing through you.

A commitment to the journey you will soon begin.

And, then, close your eyes.

Close your eyes and breathe in deeply.

A single five-second inhale, followed by a five-second exhale, is sufficient.

But, for the richest, most pleasant journey, perform ten such breaths.

Perform ten five-second inhales and, then, ten five-second exhales.

And then, surrender.

Surrender to your Sea Of Sensation.

Conjure a sensation or two, if you must, so as to allow the Sea Of Sensation to flow.

But, if not, then simply focus on the intention you set and allow what must arise to arise.

To flow into you and through you.

Your role, within this journey, is not to record what you experience.

Rather, your role is, quite simply, to experience.

To exist here, in this moment, within the Sea Of Sensation.

And, then, when the time is right, your journey will conclude.

Your journey will conclude, for now, as the journey never ends.

Your journey is infinite and limitless, beyond measure and without end.

Soon after you return to this world of ours, beyond your Sea Of Sensation, please record your journey.

Record what you saw. Record what you touched. Record what you tasted. Record what you smelt. Record what you heard.

Record what you felt.

And, with that, you can move forward, within this world.

Or, you can return, clarifying what it is you experienced and what it is you yearn for.

Your choice is your choice.

3 Tips For A Successful Journey

To conduct a truly successful journey into your Sea Of Sensation, there are three tips you can, and should, remember and use.

The first tip is, quite simply, to let go of wanting to control or confine what you experience.

Just let it flow and, when you attempt to direct your journey, suggest a direction.

Suggest a direction, rather than forcing a direction.

The second tip is to remember that this is real.

All of this is real, for everything is real.

You may not believe that it is, and it may not appear to be.

There is nothing wrong with this. But, if you can, remember that all of this is real and allow this knowledge to guide you towards paths and possibilities of enchantment and abundance.

The third, and final, tip, is that an anchor is of great use.

Your anchor can be anything; an image, an object, a color, a sound, a piece of music, a memory; and so on and so forth, perhaps without end and beyond measure.

To use an anchor, hold the anchor in your mind and allow the Sea Of Sensation to transform your anchor into what it must turn into.

Or, alternatively, allow the Sea Of Sensation to take you deeper into your anchor, allowing a wealth of new journeys to arise, within the anchor of your choosing.

You can also allow the Sea Of Sensation to transform that which surrounds the anchor, but not the anchor itself.

Each one of these possibilities is both valuable and transformative.


To those who have read this essay — and those who haven’t — thank you so much!

My hope is that this essay has served as a source of enchantment and inspiration.

Even more than that, my hope is that this essay inspires you to explore yourself and to engage with the infinite possibilities that you are made of.

No matter what, though, thank you so much for reading and, as always, if you wish to reach me, you can do so at “”

Best wishes, and have a lovely day!

Hey! I’m Max! I Hope You Enjoy What You’re Reading, And If You Want To Reach Me For Any Reason At All, You Can Do So At “”.

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Maxwell Akin

Hey! I’m Max! I Hope You Enjoy What You’re Reading, And If You Want To Reach Me For Any Reason At All, You Can Do So At “”.