Your Limitless Power Of Assumption

Maxwell Akin
3 min readFeb 15, 2021


As human beings, our potential is limitless.

All of this potential is capable of unfolding through the use of our innate creative powers.

One of our greatest creative powers is that of assumption.

You possess the ability to create your own assumptions. You possess the ability to create the laws, rules, and stories that define your life. You possess the ability to create laws, rules, and stories that enhance your life.

The reason you possess the ability to create your own assumptions, and the reason you possessing this ability is so very important, is because your assumptions serve as the foundation of your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Your life is, to a great extent, founded upon the assumptions you hold and what comes from those assumptions.

Making the choice to create the assumptions you hold is a tremendous act that allows you to change your world and your life.

Persist In Your Assumption

The act of creating new assumptions is, for the most part, relatively simple.

Just know who you wish to be and what you wish to be doing and then, using the methods that work for you, feel yourself as that individual in that moment.

But, in many ways, that’s only half-of-it. The other half is persistence.

To succeed in creating the assumptions that work for you, and becoming who you wish to be, you must persist. For if you persist in your assumption, regardless of how the world around you seems to be, your assumption will harden into a fact as tangible as the present facts of your world.

That is not a direct quote from Neville Goddard. But, it’s close enough, and the meaning is almost the exact same.

You see, one of Neville’s key points, above all else, is that our lives are rooted in the assumptions we hold and the ways we think and act from those assumptions.

Someone who assumes that they are a good person who holds valuable qualities will live a very different life from that of someone who assumes that they are a bad person who lacks good qualities.

Be Who You Wish To Be

No matter who you are, you are living in a sea of assumptions. This sea of assumptions consists of assumptions that pertain to who you are and what you are capable of.

None of these assumptions are “true”, in the sense that they are concrete and static. Rather, every assumption you hold about yourself is fluid and subject to change.

To be who you wish to be, and to live the life you wish to live, all that is needed is the creation of new assumptions.

You are who you assume yourself to be.

Since this is the truth of who you are, refuse to let anyone plant assumptions that negate your beauty, power, radiance, and creativity. Make the choice to create your own assumptions and to be who you wish to be and truly are.

For if you make this choice, and allow innumerable choices of value to follow such a choice, you will go farther than you ever thought possible and live a life greater than the ones you could have ever dreamt of.

But, of course, remember that this is a process and persistence is necessary. Sometimes, it isn’t easy, but if you persist, you can’t help but succeed.


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