Your Daily Investment

Every single day, you are given innumerable opportunities.

Let one of these opportunities be used, in the service of your daily investment.

Your daily investment into the vision you wish to bring forth.

For if you make this daily investment, you will bring your vision into reality, while also bringing forth gifts and treasures greater than those you could ever imagine.

You Are A Vast And Infinite Creative Power

You are a creative being.

A creative being who possesses limitless creative power.

Of course, you are far more than just a creative being.

You are the infinite creative power that animates your life, your experience, and yourself.

Right now, in this moment, you possess a neverending supply of creative resources.

You can harness these resources and, in doing so, bring any vision to life.

No one can take away who you truly are.

No one can extinguish the perpetual flame that you truly are.

No one can diminish the unending beauty, creativity, and energy that you truly are.

The Value Of Your Daily Investment

Every single day, you are given many opportunities.

So many opportunities, in fact, that we often fail to recognize them.

For every moment is, in and of itself, a new opportunity.

A new opportunity to play.

A new opportunity to explore.

A new opportunity to learn.

A new opportunity to experience.

A new opportunity to be.

A new opportunity to create.

A new opportunity to invest.

You can take one set of moments, within your day, and make a special investment.

A special investment for your vision.

You can harness your neverending creative abilities and, in doing so, make one investment, every single day.

A single investment that will bring your vision, no matter what that vision happens to be, into reality.

You can take just one set of moments — perhaps, five-minutes — and make that investment.

The fruits of this investment are greater than you can ever imagine.

A New Ritual

Right before we dive in and describe the nature of “your daily investment”, let’s define what an investment actually is.

The definition of “investment” is, according to Google, “the action or process of investing money for profit or material result”.

For the most part, that definition works.

But, you are not investing money.

You are investing your own creative abilities into your vision.

To make this investment, you have two choices.

You can take some time, every single day, to create your vision.

To ask questions. To play with assumptions. To engage with your feelings.

By doing those things, you can come to understand the life you wish to live and who you wish to be.

You can invest in your vision, through the actions outlined earlier.

You can perform those actions and grow to understand your vision.

Past a certain point, though, you will need to go beyond formulating and understanding your vision.

You will need to invest in your vision, through a series of actions that allow your vision to come forth.

You can conjure and enter a scene that implies the fulfillment of your vision.

You can converse with yourself — or another — in your mind, as if your vision is the life you are living right now.

You can write in your journal and, in doing so, write as if your vision is a present fact.

The possibilities are neverending.

A limitless array of methods are available to you.

Each method, in order to be functional, seems to require one thing: a feeling that your vision is a fact.

If you can engage with those methods — or any other method, for that matter — in a way that evokes the feeling of your vision being a reality, you can bring your vision into reality.

You can make this investment every single day.

Making this investment every single day will bring your vision into reality.

Past a certain point, your vision will be a reality.

The need for your daily investment, though, will remain.

For your vision will evolve.

You will be lead to greater and greater desires.

Each one of these great desires will serve as the facets of a new vision.

A new vision you will bring forth, into your world, for growth is a constant.

Your daily investment will serve to facilitate the growth and fulfillment of your vision.


Remember, a single five-minute investment, every single day, can bring forth that which you truly long for.

Even a simple investment, one made with little effort or intention, can produce absolutely magical results.

Let no one ever convince you that you are anything less than a creative being of neverending creative power.

Let no one ever convince you that the simplest of investments can bring forth extraordinary gifts.

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