You Contain Multitudes — Part 02

The first part of this essay explored several key concepts; alternate lives, the vastness that you contain and are, as well as the ways in which habits and patterns grow to define and confine who we are.

For the second part of this essay, we are going to explore three ways you can access and experience the unending multitudes that you contain.

Each one of these methods is simple, yet profound in its possibilities and results.

Right before we dive into these methods, we’re going to define the key concepts these methods are based upon.

Remember, most of this is based purely on my experience, and my own assumptions. Because of this, you may disagree, or feel less passionate than I, and that’s perfectly fine.

Just use what resonates with you, and focus on what brings you the best results.

Now, let’s dive in!

Multitudes Of Alternate Lives

Everyone is living a life.

But, at the same time, everyone is living a limitless series of alternate lives.

Right now, in our own present state of awareness, those alternate lives, and all that they comprise, are inaccessible.

Through the use of specific methodologies and tools, though, we can access these alternate lives.

By accessing our alternate lives, we can find lives that align with the individual we wish to become, and the life we hunger to live.

You can see this idea as a truth, the truth of our world and our existence, or as a metaphor.

Regardless of whether you are, in fact, living a series of alternate lives, the concept stimulates the imagination and serves as a grand metaphor for the multitudes we contain within.

The multitudes of knowledge, concepts, habits, patterns, and possibilities — along with so much more — that, with the right method, we can access and harness with ease.

For me, personally, I choose to believe that we contain multitudes, and that we are also, in some sense, living alternate lives.

Perhaps, more importantly, I believe that both concepts offer tremendous value, and that this value can enable us to live the life we wish to live, and to become the person we wish to be.

Asking Questions

Our lives are, in large part, defined by the assumptions we hold.

The assumptions we hold serve as the facts of our life.

Since this is the case, the facts of our life are not facts at all, but assumptions.

Assumptions that we possess the power to question and transform.

By asking questions, regarding the assumptions we hold, those assumptions can be transformed and reborn.

The best way to accomplish this is, in my experience, by asking questions that confront the facts of your life — assumptions — that you deem to be the most significant.

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by considering who you are, and the various traits and qualities you possess.

Just as one example, let’s say you wish to be a better speaker — or a better communicator, in general — but do not believe that you’ve ever possessed good communication abilities and that, in turn, you are not a good communicator.

Rather than asking questions such as “How can I become a better communicator?” or “What should I do to be a better speaker?”, you can ask radical questions such as “What makes me a fantastic communicator?” and “Why am I such an excellent speaker?”

By asking questions of that sort, you will receive a variety of answers.

Your mind is primed to respond to any question you give it.

Even though you are, in this context, not a fantastic communicator, you will receive answers that align with exactly what you have asked, and the assumptions that serve as the foundation of those questions.

When you engage with this method, there is something that you must understand: you are not pretending.

You are not pretending. You are not lying. You are not faking it.

You are, in fact, a fantastic communicator.

Or, rather, the being that is a fantastic communicator, the life that contains the truth of this assumption, lies within you.

You contain multitudes. The fantastic communicator that you are, that’s one of the infinite multitudes you contain.

Every assumption you contain — every fact of your life — is, in the end, a habit that has been nurtured.

If you continue to ask questions that affirm your abilities as a fantastic communicator — or anything else that you long for and hunger to become — and allow yourself to feel that you are a fantastic communicator, while engaging with the answers that arise, you will become a fantastic communicator.

You will become a fantastic communicator, because you are surrendering to the extraordinary creative that you are, and all that it comprises.

No matter who you wish to become, or what you desire, if you dare to ask questions that assume you are, and possess, that which you hunger for, then that which you seek can be yours.

I am not entirely sure why this. But, a part of me believes that it is because we are creative beings, that we contain multitudes, and that there are other aspects of ourselves — perhaps, these same aspects are those living alternate lives — that we can interface with, provided we know how.

Regardless of how it works, it works, and if you use this method, you will experience significant results.

Listening To Your Dreams

A number of years ago, I read a book that was all about dreams.

In this book, the author mentioned this idea that, when we dream, we are, in actuality, experiencing one of our “parallel lives”.

The idea certainly isn’t new. You can find it in myth and religion. But, regardless of that, the idea is fascinating, and pertains to the main ideas of this essay.

Let’s assume that you are, in fact, experiencing one of your alternate lives, when you dream.

Just imagine what these lives can teach you. Just imagine what these lives can give you.

Just imagine the beauty, wisdom, abundance, and creativity contained within these lives, and your experience of them.

Take a moment to imagine all of those treasures.

Know, then, that there is a way for you to interface directly with your alternate lives, and that which you are seeking to obtain from them.

The way, in question, seems to involve two key ideas; a dream journal, and dream incubation.

Right before we dive into those ideas, though, it’s important to mention that dreams are worth far more than what they can “give” you.

Rather, the act of dreaming is, in and of itself, a gift.

A gift of creativity. A gift of imagination. A gift of memory. A gift of connection. A gift of nature.

But, with that being said, this doesn’t mean that dreams don’t have a lot to offer.

They do, and it’s worth receiving, and appreciating, those endless gifts and treasures.

Going back to the method this section is all about, there are two key ideas to remember; recording your dreams, using whatever medium you prefer, and setting an intention for your dreams.

The value of recording your dreams cannot be overstated.

Every dream is a gift.

A gift that more often than not, is unable to be wrapped open until it has been recorded. For, from that recording, you can engage with a dream as it is; a holistic reflection of who you are, the life you are living, and the myriad of wonders contained within your very being.

Personally, I prefer to record my dreams in a journal, soon after I wake up. I wake up, remember the dream, write it down quickly, and that’s that.

No matter the dream, I make sure to record how I felt while in the dream, and how I feel now.

I don’t record all of my dreams. But, I record most of them. That way, as time passes, I can go back and look at those dreams, and see if I can’t find any patterns or trends within them.

Sometimes, it isn’t just patterns and trends that can be found, but bits and pieces of wisdom that can either be used in the present moment, or have been used for quite some time, just unconsciously.

Of course, there’s more to this than just recording your dreams.

Rather, a key component of this practice is incubating your dreams.

To incubate your dreams, you can take a sheet of paper, and write out something like “I intend to meet a parallel version of myself”.

Something specific, yet vague.

The “dream source”, as it were, seems to be able to fill in the details with far greater ease than most.

If you focus on that intention, for just a moment or two, before falling asleep, then you will be lead to a dream that fulfills your exact intention.

As a result of this, recording your intention on a sheet of paper is, perhaps, unnecessary. But, despite this being the case, there’s a tangible quality to recording your intention, and it makes things easier for me and, perhaps, you as well.

You can let the intention unfold.

You can let the gifts and treasures, contained within the seed of your intention, to emerge.

You can enjoy the act of dreaming.

You can appreciate the gifts and treasures you are given.

You can use the gifts and treasures, in a way that is aligned with your aims and ambitions.

In my experience, these gifts and treasures take the form of new perspectives, valuable ideas, habits to create, faulty assumptions that can be transformed, feelings to follow, and a new source of inspiration or bliss that leads to something special.

The easiest way to experience these gifts and treasures is to record them.

To record them, to appreciate the multifaceted spaces of Self and Imagination they emanated from, and to record the ideas that emerge from considering them within the context of your life and your aims and ambitions.

Making A List

The final method is, perhaps, the most obvious and the most conventional.

Regardless of those descriptors, however, this method offers tremendous value.

Before you can make use of this method, you must be familiar with who you wish to become, as well as your aims and ambitions.

Let’s say that you wish to become — just to return to an earlier example — a magnificent communicator.

You wish to become a magnificent communicator, because you want to inspire other people, tell riveting stories, create wonderful friendships, and be able to speak to anyone with ease and confidence.

Right now, you are living another live. And, in this alternate life, you are a magnificent communicator who is experiencing all of the gifts that such a role offers.

You may not be able to perceive this alternate life, or what gave way to the circumstances of life, but this life exists, and with it, your presence in this life.

For you to access that aspect of yourself, and to become who you wish to become, this method entails that you create a list.

A list of the qualities and abilities you are choosing to possess.

Put this list together. And then, take a moment to think about how, in your alternate life, you came to possess these qualities and abilities.

Once you receive the inkling of an idea, write it down.

Keep on doing this, until you’ve made a list that contains the ways in which you became the person you wish to become — and are — and the ways in which you can become this person.

I am not entirely sure why this works. But, I would wager that the conciseness of your aim, combined with the speed of your writing, allows you to access the multitudes you contain and, perhaps, one of the alternate lives you are living.

Regardless of how this method works, it works very well, and can serve as a source of significant transformations and changes that are aligned with your deepest aims and ambitions.


Thank you for reading this essay. I appreciate it so very much, and my sincerest hope is that the ideas and methods in this essay inspire you, while also offering plenty of value.

If you would like to write to me, for any particular reason, you can do so at “”.

Best wishes, and have a wonderful day!


Hey! I’m Max! I Hope You Enjoy What You’re Reading, And If You Want To Reach Me For Any Reason At All, You Can Do So At “”.

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Maxwell Akin

Hey! I’m Max! I Hope You Enjoy What You’re Reading, And If You Want To Reach Me For Any Reason At All, You Can Do So At “”.