You Contain Multitudes — Part 01

Just as the name suggests, this is the first part of a two-part essay.

The majority of this essay is concerned with several key concepts. Some of these concepts include alternate lives, the power of habits and patterns, as well as who you really are.

You will, by reading this essay, learn all about those three concepts. My hope is that you will find these concepts fascinating, while also allowing them to awaken a new series of useful perspectives.

Engaging with these perspectives, in a manner that allows for you to fulfill your aims and ambitions, will be the focal poing of this essay’s second part.

Throughout the second part of this essay, you will learn all about three techniques. Three techniques that, in my experience, serve as an easy and effective way of tapping into the multitudes you contain.

Tapping into those multitudes — and, you’ll learn all about these “multitudes” in this part of the essay — allows you to access some of the limitless treasures and gifts you contain.

You can harness those treasures and gifts to fulfill your aims and ambitions, while also, more importantly, becoming who you wish to be.

Who Are You?

You are a creative being.

You are a being of unending creative power.

You are far more powerful than you can ever know.

You are a creative being, and you are the source of your innate creative abilities.

All of this is just a fancy way of saying something along the lines of “you are powerful, and you are vast”.

So powerful, and so vast, that truly understanding who you are, and what you can do, is a task of great difficulty.

Be that as it may, however, it certainly doesn’t hurt to try and attempt some form of understanding.

For that, we can look to Walt Whitman. Or, more specifically, a quote from his magnificent poem, “Song Of Myself”.

“I Contain Multitudes”.

You Contain Multitudes.

You contain a vastness far greater than even the stars in the heavens.

You contain a vastness of creative power.

You contain a vastness of knowledge and understanding.

You contain a vastness of love and abundance.

You contain a vastness of possibility.

And so on and so forth, endlessly and infinitely.

From this vastness, you can find all that you need to be who you wish to be.

Who you wish to be, to be successful, prosperous, and happy.

You can become who you wish to become.

You can take on the traits, habits, and patterns of the person you are choosing to grow into.

You can live the life that you wish to live.

You contain, within yourself, all that is needed to fulfill your aims and ambitions.

A Sea Of Alternate Lives

Right now, in physics, there’s a theory known as the “Many-Worlds Interpretation”.

My knowledge of physics, and this theory, is somewhat limited. Because of this, the following description may contain a number of slight errors. If so, I apologize.

The essence of the Many-Worlds Interpretation is that our universe is just one universe, in a vast and infinite sea of other universes.

Contained within the Many-Worlds Interpretation, there is an idea that says something along the lines of “anytime you make a choice, you create a universe”.

One choice leads to one sequence of events. You experience this sequence of events, and make choices within the sequence.

But, in making one choice, you forfeit a vast assortment of other choices.

Yet, if we believe this theory, none of those choices are ever forfeit. Rather, in a plethora of alternate universes, you are making those other choices, and engaging with the sequence of events that unfolds from those choices.

No one knows if the Many-Worlds Interpretation is accurate or not. No one can prove it is, and no one can prove it isn’t, due to the limitations of our tools and methodologies.

But, despite this being the case, there’s something to be said for this concept, as both a metaphor of what exists, and a practical tool for engaging with what is right in front of us.

You see, if this theory holds true, then you are living an infinite number of other lives, in an infinite number of other universes.

Each one of these versions is different from yourself.

Some of these differences are small and subtle. Some of them are not.

But, no matter the nature of these differences, they exist, and with them comes knowledge, and with knowledge comes a channel through which your own creative power can flow.

You can harness your creative abilities to access these other versions of yourself — perhaps, just in your Imagination, but that is always valid — and, in doing so, you can learn and take on the habits and patterns that these other versions possess.

By doing this, you can give yourself the qualities and traits that you need to live the life you hunger for, and to fulfill your aims and ambitions.

Alternate Lives As A Metaphor

Even if alternate lives do not exist, they remain a great metaphor.

A great metaphor for the possibilities that exist within every moment; the value of a single, seemingly meaningless, choice; and the limitless possibilities that we, as human beings, possess, when it comes to who we are right now, and who we can become.

Even if alternate lives do, in fact, exist, they continue to remain a great metaphor.

Since the truth of alternate lives is not known to us, in this present moment, engaging with the tools and methods that you will soon learn — in the second part — may require a leap of faith.

A leap of faith that, for some, will be a challenge.

Since this is the case, it is important to define why, and how, it is that you contain multitudes, and what this has to do with your creative abilities and alternate lives.

You Contain Multitudes

Do you ever have those moments where you seem to become someone else?

Someone you know is you, but a version of yourself that you’ve never quite seen or felt before?

Every now and then, I have those moments.

More often than not, these moments occur in social situations. Social situations where, almost out of nowhere, a stream of charisma seems to flow into me.

A stream of charisma that gives everything a sense of ease and joy that, for the most part, is rarely ever present in my interactions.

For you, these moments may be very different.

You may experience these brief moments at work, while on a walk, while creating something, while being with your closest friends; and so on and so forth.

Anytime you experience those moments, you are becoming someone else.

Kind of.

In truth, you aren’t so much becoming someone else, as you are stepping away from the patterns and habits that you’ve been conditioned to believe constitute who you are and what you are capable of.

You see, you aren’t your habits, and you aren’t your patterns.

You are a vast and infinite creative being.

You may have a habit of being quiet, and not saying much, but that doesn’t mean you are, by nature, a quiet person.

Rather, you are a person who has chosen to be quiet, and that is a quality you have nurtured.

But, you are more than the habits, patterns, traits, and qualities you nurture.

You are a vast and infinite creative being.

A vast and infinite creative being that contains the ability to become who he/she wishes to be, with far more ease than can be imagined.

Right now, there exists, within you, multitudes beyond imagining.

Multitudes of traits, qualities, gifts, treasures — and so on and so forth — that exist within your very being.

Anything you need, to be who you wish to be, exists within you.

You may not be able to see these treasures very easily. But, that isn’t because they don’t exist.

Rather, it’s because habits and patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting become, perhaps by necessity, the ways in which we define and confine our lives and our sense of self.

You can imagine a vast forest that contains a highly-visible, small, well-worn path.

To those walking through this path, the path that’s most visible is the only path.

But, in this forest, there are actually a multitude of other paths. You just can’t see them, because they’re covered with debris, and no one’s taken the time to remove that debris and walk through them.

The creative power that you are may be paved with well-worn tracts of ground. But, those well-worn tracts of ground are not who you are, they are simply the habits and patterns you’ve walked through the most.


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