You Are An Explorer

Maxwell Akin
6 min readDec 20, 2022

Our world is infinitely rich with wonderful things to enjoy.

To enjoy these things, we must find them.

And, to find them, we must explore.

We must explore the world. We must explore our world.

You will learn how to do so in the essay below.

You will also, of course, learn a variety of other, equally fun, things!

You Are An Explorer

Our role, as creative beings, is complex.

No, “complex” isn’t the right word.

Rather, our role, as creative beings, is multifaceted.

We are multifaceted beings.

We play many roles.

Our role, then, as creative beings, is to take on many roles.

But, not just any roles.

Our role, as creative beings, is to take on the roles that serve us.

The roles that serve us and our vision.

We must choose the roles that serve us and our vision.

And, we must refuse to even entertain choosing roles that fail to suit either task.

No matter your vision, though, or who you wish to be, there is one role that will serve you.

The role, in question, is that of an explorer.

Just like all other roles, this role is more than a role; it is a grand narrative.

You are an explorer.

You are one who explores.

You are one who travels and learns.

You are one who experiments and plays.

And so on and so forth.

You are an explorer.

You choose to live within this vast world.

You choose to embrace the infinite gifts of the world.

You choose to experience the infinite gifts of this world.

You choose to go beyond limitations and assumptions.

You choose to seek.

To seek new possibilities and new opportunities.

To seek the unending gifts and blessings of our world.

And, in seeking, you choose to live.

To live a great, beautiful, extraordinary life that is worth living, remembering, and sharing.

You choose to live the best life you can live.

And, if you can take this role with you, wherever you go, you will succeed.

You will succeed in bringing your deepest, most resonant, visions to life.

But, not only that, you will succeed in living the best life you can live.

All of this, of course, begs a question: what can you do to be an explorer?

Or, perhaps, who are you, as an explorer?

Ways Of Being An Explorer #1: Asking Questions

Right now, within this moment, there are an infinite number of questions you ask.

Such a thought is quite inspiring.

And, if you really want to inspire yourself, imagine that every question is more than a question.

Rather, every question, out of an infinite abundance, contains an infinite number of sets, series, lists, arrays; ad infinitum.

And, within each one of these infinite forms, there are an infinite number of new questions.

Just going through one set will take you an infinite number of centuries, millenia, eternities; and so on and so forth, endlessly and infinitely.

And, every question, within the forms mentioned earlier, contains an infinite number of questions which, in turn, contain an infinite number of sets, series, lists, arrays; ad infinitum.

You can imagine that, if you want. But, if it doesn’t resonate with you, you don’t need to.

No matter what, though, know that there is an infinite abundance of great questions you can ask.

Great questions you can ask now, within this very moment.

Every single one of these questions, when asked, can give birth to an infinite wealth of new possibilities.

New possibilities, opportunities, gifts, blessings; and so on and so forth, without end and beyond measure.

Some of these questions include:

  • How Can I Grow Into The Abundant, Inspiring Person I Am Meant To Be?
  • What Marvelous Things Can I Create Today?
  • What Can I Do Today That Makes Me Dance With Joy?
  • What Can I Do Today That Makes Someone Else Dance With Joy?
  • What If I Can Make All Of The Things I Dream Of Making?
  • What Are Some Big Things I Want To Do And What Can I Do To Get Started On Them?
  • What Are Some Fun, Exciting, And Rewarding Opportunities I Can Notice And Enjoy?
  • What Are Some Beautiful Things I Can Make For Other People/The World?
  • How Can I Become The Person I Truly Wish To Be?
  • What Can We Do To Make This World A Kinder, More Loving And Abundant Place?

And so on and so forth.

Choose a question that speaks to you.

A question that is vast and open-ended; rich with possibilities and potentials.

Sit with your question.

Allow the question to unfold.

And, in allowing your question to unfold, give yourself the freedom to explore.

To explore what unfolds from the question.

To further explore by asking new questions.

To live the best life you can live by always asking questions.

Good, beautiful questions that excite and inspire you.

Ways Of Being An Explorer #2: Trying New Things

Every act of exploration is rooted in the pursuit of novelty.

On some level, that is.

And, with that, you are, as an explorer, always trying new things.

Some of these new things may be simple, such as new foods or taking a new route to work.

But, some of these new things are far more…elaborate, perhaps.

Or, enchanting; that’s a good word for it.

Some of these new things might involve:

  • Joining A New Group/Gathering And Meeting New People
  • Starting A Business
  • Beginning A New Career
  • Taking On A New Artistic Pursuit
  • Learning A New Skill
  • Visiting — And, Perhaps, Living In — A New City Or Country
  • Trying Out A New Look/Style
  • Starting A New Habit
  • Beginning A New Meditation Practice
  • Diving Into A New Spiritual/Religious System

And so on and so forth.

None of the examples listed above are particularly good. But, they highlight one key fact: there are lots and lots of new things that we can try.

And, furthermore, the act of doing so is almost always a positive act.

A positive act that allows for:

  • New Memories
  • New Experiences
  • New Friends
  • New Romantic Relationships
  • New Skills
  • New Income Streams
  • New Perspectives
  • New Ideas
  • New Hobbies
  • New Interests

And so on and so forth.

So, with that, one of the best ways you can be an explorer is to simply try new things.

Just try new things.

And, again, the new thing you try can be anything.

But, if it’s something that really excites you and, also, scares you, that might be a good sign.

Something like going to a meetup or gathering centered on a particular interest of yours or living in a new country; these are good examples of something exciting, yet scary.

Even a brief experience — getting in and getting out — is worthwhile.

Ways Of Being An Explorer #3: Conducting Frequent Experiments

Just like questions, there are, within this moment, an infinite number of experiments you can conduct.

And, of course, each one of these experiments contains an infinite number of sets, series, lists, arrays — ad infinitum — which contain an infinite number of new experiments.

And so on and so forth.

No, this isn’t, strictly speaking, “true,” but it’s a conception that excites me.

Regardless of that, though, one of the best ways you can be an explorer is by conducting frequent experiments.

Conducting frequent experiments that allow you to:

  • Try New Things
  • Learn New Things
  • Figure Out What Works For You
  • Take Action On What You’ve Learned
  • Find What Excites You

And so on and so forth.

The list above is rather unfortunate, but clarifies a key point: the best experiments are rooted within novelty.

The search for novelty but, also, taking action on novelty.

Or, more specifically, taking action on novel information.

Some of this information might include methods you read about or different practices you hear about.

By experimenting with those things, you can see if they work for you.

And, you can also learn a little bit more about how they work, what they do, and whether or not they excite and assist you.

You can take a method/concept from, say, Neville Goddard’s work. And, then, you can experiment with it for a period of time.

By doing so, you can see if it works.

And, if it does, great!

But, if it doesn’t, that’s okay, too.

Now you know it doesn’t work, and you’re closer to something that does.

And, even without that in mind, you tried something new, expanded your mind, and created new memories.

Just on its own, that’s great.

Great, as it allows you to live, and enjoy, a truly wonderful life.

A life that is worth living and certainly worth remembering.


Our goal, as creative beings, is to live.

To really live.

By choosing to learn and play and experiment and explore, we can live.

We can really live.

And, with that, thank you so much for reading!

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Best wishes, and have a lovely day!



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