Worrying And Being The Conductor Of Our Thoughts

In my own life, there’ve been a number of situations that have inspired a tremendous sense of worry, which has lead to a great deal of time spent on the sole action of worrying.

Each and every one of those situations lead to a series of thoughts and activities that consisted of worry and more worry, with the hope that, through this worrying, I would overcome the situation I was facing.

That never happened.

There is, in my experience, no such thing as worrying ourselves through a problematic situation. But, there is such a thing as worrying ourselves to such an extent that we begin to accept worrying as not only a valid solution to whatever we are facing, but as the only solution to what we are dealing with.

Too many of us — and, truthfully I am speaking only of myself — fall into a pattern that consists of finding ourselves in a difficult and uncomfortable situation, and then devoting our time and energy into thoughts and feelings of worry, fear, and powerlessness. In doing this, we fail to overcome our situation, to move through the difficulties that we are experiencing, and we nurture a very particular narrative that, I believe, is truly useless.

This narrative is a narrative of powerlessness and worthlessness. In worrying — in the act of investing our time and energy into worry — we nurture a narrative that says things like “I am powerless”, “There is nothing I can do”, and “I am worthless”.

We are not powerless; we are powerful beyond measure. We are not lacking in choices; we always have an endless variety of choices. We are not worthless; we are each worth more than all of the money in this world combined.

Worrying is, in many ways, quite easy. There would appear to be so many things to worry about, so many things that we would be wise to worry about, but in worrying, we deny our infinite gifts and abilities.

Most of the people living on this earth — perhaps, all people — worry in some form or another, at some point in time. There is no shame in worrying, and there is no shame in allowing your thoughts to fall into worry.

It’s okay to worry now and then, but we mustn’t allow ourselves to fall back on worrying whenever we encounter situations of difficulty or uncertainty, and we certainly mustn’t fall prey to a narrative that insists we lack our endless creative gifts and abilities.

Instead of allowing ourselves to be taken on the train of worry whenever a particular situation arises, as if by pure instinct, we must embrace the fact that we are the conductor of our thoughts. We can ride the train of worrisome thoughts, when faced with a situation, or we can embrace our gifts and abilities and direct our train of thought towards gratitude, creativity, positive solutions, and an embrace of just how beautiful we all are.

In my own life, I am making the decision to nurture a far more beautiful narrative than the one I previously relied on for much of my life. It hasn’t been the easiest thing to do, but I have become far more conscious, with regards to the ways that I conduct my own thoughts and the responses that I fall back on when confronted with particular situations.

Day-by-day, I am nurturing a far lovelier narrative of peace, prosperity, love, and creativity, and I find that the world reshapes itself as I do so.

To those who are reading this essay, I want to say “Thank you”, because it’s lovely to know that my words are reaching someone. More importantly, though, I want you to know that you are a truly lovely and spectacular being, worth more than all of the money in this world, and that you are powerful beyond measure and beyond belief.

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Peace Be With You & Best Wishes!

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