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Maxwell Akin
3 min readNov 22, 2022

Many of my favorite Self-Help/New Thought books contain the same message.

Or, rather, many of them contain the same set of messages, including one very particular message.

A very particular message that centers on our purpose in life.

Our purpose in life is to enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.

To enjoy a rich, abundant life.

To enjoy our passions. To enjoy our interests. To enjoy our fascinations.

To enjoy the infinite gifts of our world and, in turn, ourselves.

Or, at least, that’s what people say.

I’m not sure if this is a worthwhile way of considering life. But, at the same time, it’s easy to see the value this conception offers.

Our subject today is living life as a grand, beautiful adventure.

But, that’s a big subject, so our real subject is a little different.

Our real subject is asking questions that allow you to find what you really, really enjoy.

Right after you find what you really enjoy, you can, and should, dive into it!

Your Life Can Be Very, Very Fun

The easiest way to have fun is to figure out what you really, really enjoy.

And, then, to do it.

To just dive in and enjoy all of the fun things that you, well, enjoy!

Sometimes, though, it’s tricky to figure out what you enjoy or what would be fun to dive into.

For situations of that sort, it’s worth asking some questions.

Each one of the questions below will allow you to clarify what you really, really love.

And, even more than that, these questions serve to clarify future pursuits, adventures, journeys, and possibilities.

Regardless of that, though, here are the questions:

  • What Are You Interested In?
    • What Are You Excited By/For?
    • What Are You Fascinated By?
    • What Are You Enthusiastic About?
    • What Do You Appreciate?
    • What Do You Admire?
    • What Do You Like?
    • What Do You Love?
    • What Do You Find Beautiful?
    • What Do You Find Brilliant?
    • What Do You Find Euphoric?

Your list may include:

• People
• Places
• Desires
• Artists
• Colors
• Books
• Movies
• Cultures
• Faiths
• Teachers
• Scenarios
• Situations
• Fantasies
• Memories
• Dreams
• Concepts
• Careers

And so on and so forth, endlessly and infinitely; ad infinitum.

To make this process especially effective, it helps to write quickly.

To write quickly, without censorship.

By doing so, it’s easier for you to find what you really, really like.

And, then, you can begin enjoying those things!

Enjoying Your Life

To enjoy your life, you can take the time to follow what you truly enjoy.

And, to do this, it helps to set aside some time to do what you enjoy, every single day.

Even 30-minutes is more than enough.

But, sometimes, you want to try something new.

Something new, that aligns with your current passions and interests.

To try something new, combine one item on your list with another item.

Just as an example, a place that I’m really fascinated with is “Indonesia.”

And, a topic that I am really interested in is “Libraries.”

You combine the two and what do you get?

• The Different Libraries In Indonesia
• Setting Up A Library In Indonesia
• Questions Regarding The Types Of Books In An Indonesian Library
• The Written Languages Of Indonesia
• Books Written In Indonesia

And so on and so forth.

A simple combination opens up an infinite wealth of new possibilities.

No matter the possibilities that arise, though, you must set aside some time to follow them.

To follow what excites and compels you.

You will not regret doing so.

But, you will, in doing so, live a richer, far more abundant life.

A life that is worth remembering. A life that is worth living.


Our purpose in life may, very well, be to enjoy ourselves.

To enjoy the infinite gifts of ourselves and our world.

And, if that is the case, the best way to do that is to find what we enjoy and to, well, enjoy it!

My hope is that this essay has made it easier for you to do just that.

No matter what, though, thank you so much for reading this essay!

As always, if you wish to reach me, you can do so at “maxwellcakin@gmail.com.”

Best wishes, and have a lovely day!



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