Walking The Labyrinth

Maxwell Akin
4 min readDec 4, 2023

On the 16th of August, within the year of 2023, “A Walk In The Labyrinth” was published.

You can find, within this essay, a gratitude game.

A gratitude game you can use for inspiration, new ideas, exciting possibilities; and so on and so forth.

Our goal, with this essay, is to further explore “A Walk In The Labyrinth.”

Rather than clinging to the framework outlined in that initial essay, though, we are transcending it.

You can use our new “Walking The Labyrinth” gratitude game for anything you wish to bring into your life.

Walking The Labyrinth

The essence of “A Walk In The Labyrinth” is very simple:

  • You find a big park or another, equally vast, space you can walk within for a period of time.
  • You clarify an intention you wish to satisfy within that space, such as obtaining new ideas.
  • You say “Thank you” before entering the space, for those new ideas; among other possibilities.
  • You really experience a sense of genuine gratitude for these ideas, knowing they will arise.
  • You walk through your chosen “labyrinth,” recording any new ideas as they come to you.

Every single one of the above serves as the essential process that is “A Walk In The Labyrinth.”

You can conduct “Walking The Labyrinth” in a very similar manner. And, this similar manner is as follows:

  • Select a “labyrinth” that serves as a vast space you can walk around in for a period of time.
  • Clarify the intentions you wish to experience as a reality, so that you can bring them forth.
  • Say “Thank you,” right before walking your chosen “labyrinth” for the fulfillment of your desires.
  • Appreciate your desires as you walk this labyrinth, really feeling as if they are a reality.

Outside of the above, you can also say “Thank you” for the easy, and genuinely effective, appreciation session you have conducted and the lovely results that it led to.

Regardless of that, though, our intention is to further clarify the ways you can play “Walking The Labyrinth.”

3 Ways To Walk The Labyrinth

01: Your Experience

Our first “way of play,” as it were, is inspired by “Your Desired Experience.”

Right before you go to your chosen labyrinth, as it were, select at least three desires.

Just as an example, your three desires may be as follows:

  • A new gaming laptop.
  • A wealth of new, and inspiring, ideas.
  • A monthly income of $3,000.

Right before you step into your chosen labyrinth, you say “Thank you” for the lovely session you have enjoyed.

And, then, you take every desire, and appreciate as many things as possible about it.

Just as an example, you can appreciate your experience with the laptop, the games that it can play, its speed; and so on and so forth.

You can, and should, apply this same line of thought to your other desires.

No matter what you appreciate, you should experience a genuine sense of gratitude regarding your desire.

If you can truly appreciate your desire, as a fact of your life, then it will come to pass.

02: The Events That Led To The Fulfillment Of Your Wish

Our second “way of play” is not unlike the one above.

But, this time, you appreciate the events that led to the fulfillment of your desire.

Just as an example, you can appreciate going online and purchasing the laptop and setting it up.

Or, you can appreciate finding a job and getting the job and how this led to your desired income.

On its own, this contradicts the “Going To The End” framework that serves as the basis for many of our essays.

Even though this is true, going through the events that led to the fulfillment of your wish can be effective.


A number of occasions, within the past, have clarified this for me.

Going over the events that led to the fulfillment of your wish, and appreciating them, may lead to something.

No, it may not lead to those exact events occurring. But, it may very well lead to the fulfillment of your wish.

If nothing else, this is a fun one to try out, as it may be effective for you.

03: Who You Have Become

Our third “way of play” is just like the first two.

But, this time, you appreciate who you have become.

You appreciate being the person whom you wish to be.

And, you appreciate what this means for you, and for your experience of the world.

Just as an example, if you are a person who now comes up with ideas easily, and effortlessly, then you appreciate the ease in which new ideas arise within you and the endless flow of inspiration you enjoy.

You can play this game for anything that you wish to embody or be.


Just to wrap this up, you can play “Walking The Labyrinth” for any particular desire.

All you must do is know what it is that you desire.

Right after you clarify such a thing, you can select a way of play.

And, then, you can play this game.

If you do so, and if you truly summon the feelings of gratitude, then you will bring forth that which you desire.



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