Visions Of Eternity

Maxwell Akin
4 min readJun 11, 2024


Our intention, with this essay, is clarifying.

Clarifying what?

Visions of eternity.

Or, more specifically, two unique visions of eternity that stretch, expand, and transcend what we think of as eternity.

Vision 01: Your Own, Personal Eternity

Our first vision of eternity is bound to infinite time.

And, yet, our vision of eternity goes beyond that boundary.

Just imagine a dimension rooted within time, yet greater than what we think of as time.

“The fifth dimension.”

Or, maybe the sixth? Seventh, even?

It’s hard to say.

The new dimension we speak of is “eternity.”

Right within eternity, there are an infinite number of choices, decisions, probabilities, moments, and experiences.

And so on and so forth, endlessly and infinitely; ad infinitum.

Every single one of these choices and decisions — ad infinitum, of course — exists within a context.

You are that context. And, so is everyone else.

If you were to see, or enter, eternity, you would find an infinite number of other lives.

Other lives that you are living. Other lives that are as real as “your life.” Other lives that you can access.

Just as an example, in one life, you chose to pursue a degree in business, rather than computer science.

Or, in yet another life, you got married young, and remain married. But, in this life, you never met the person you are married to and, perhaps, that person doesn’t even exist, within the world you inhabit.

And so on and so forth, endlessly and infinitely; ad infinitum.

You can go through the other lives you are living for endless eternities. But, you will never, ever, reach, or find, any endings, limits, boundaries, conclusions; ad infinitum.

Even if you use, as it were, eternal bodies of time to explore eternity, there are no true limits.

Our concern is not, solely, with this fact.

Rather, our concern is with one, somewhat peculiar, notion that eternity, by its very nature, gives birth to.

You can find an infinite wealth of other lives that you are living, right within the unfoldment of eternity.

But, you can also find an infinite wealth of other selves, that are just as much “you” as you are, within eternity.

Some of these selves are a little different, yet rather similar; in one life, you might be really into painting, as opposed to writing; among an infinite wealth of other, adjacent, possibilities.

Other lives, though, might be radically different.

Just as an example, within one life, you might be a being of pure light.

Or, a being sculpted from living ideas, grown from dimensions greater than that which our consciousness can perceive.

Right within one life, you might be a super-genius. And, within another, you may be the opposite.

And so on and so forth, endlessly and infinitely; ad infinitum.

Right within eternity, you are always you. But, “you” is infinitely varied and endlessly diverse.

Vision 02: The Eternal Life

Our second vision of infinity is rooted within an idea known as “eternal recurrence.”

You are living a life. And, this life is your life.

The life that you are living is one life and it is the only life that you will live.

Or, at least, the only life you will live, within this body, consciousness, and moment.

The above is one perspective.

But, what if this perspective is very, very wrong?

Our life is not, in fact, one life; it is an infinite number of lives, each one bound to the same context.

You will pass away. And, in the moments that follow your passing, you will wake up again, within the same body, to repeat the life that you have just lived.

The above will occur infinitely and endlessly, with no ending to your own, personal recurrences.

Just as an example, if you were born at Providence Hospital and named “Max,” as I was, then that is what will happen again and again, infinitely and endlessly; ad infinitum.

Right within these recurrences, though, you will do things differently.

No, not always that much differently. But, a little differently.

If you are a writer, then you may still work as a writer. You may write about different topics, though. Or, write in a style quite different from the one you normally write in.

And so on and so forth, endlessly and infinitely; ad infinitum.

You live infinite lives.

Many are similar. But, others, as per the very nature of infinity, are radically different.

All of this serves a purpose.

You are a being of infinite creative potential. Just as we all are.

God wants you to exercise, use, and harness your infinite creative potential.

To fill the coffers, as it were, of the higher worlds that we emanate from.

And, for this very reason, God has granted you an infintie life, across infinite recurrences, thereby giving you an infinite wealth of time to truly be all you can be.

Or, at least, that is one perspective.


Just to wrap this up, thank you so much for reading!

If you enjoyed these “visions of eternity,” then that is lovely!

No matter what, though, please have a great day!



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