This, Too, Shall Pass

Maxwell Akin
4 min readMar 30, 2022


For the past couple of weeks, a couple of themes have been on my mind.

Each one of these themes pertains to time, the inevitable passing of this moment, as well as the expectation that, regardless of the obstacles/circumstances we face, things will get better.

My intention is to explore these key themes within this essay.

Or, rather, my intention was to explore those key themes within this essay.

None of them are explored very well — just as a warning — but, my hope is that some of what is written will give you a set of attitudes or paths that may be valuable to you.

This, Too, Shall Pass

Regardless of what appears to be, know that this, too, shall pass.

For all moments must pass.

For all situations must transform.

For all things must evolve.

Even if you are in a situation that is deeply unpleasant — and has been for quite some time — know that there will come a time — possibly sooner than you think — when this situation is no more.

For those who are living a life of joy and beauty, know that the contents of this life — the moment you are experiencing right now — will change.

Does this mean they will become worse?

No, not at all. They will probably become better, possibly in ways you never could’ve foreseen.

No matter what, though, things will change, as they must.

Regardless of the moment you are experiencing, or the life you are living, know that all of this, too, shall pass.

This, too, shall pass, and in passing, bring about the changes you truly long for and desire.

Or, at least, if that is what you long for, and wish to create.

But, we’ll talk a little bit more about that later in this essay.

Appreciate This Moment

Every moment is special.

Special, for each moment is ephemeral.

And, within this ephemerality, there is beauty, for there is beauty in that which must pass.

Just as there is beauty in that which must remain, must grow, must evolve, must persist.

Given the ephemeral qualities of each moment, it seems fitting that each moment should be appreciated for the beauty, among so many other qualities, it offers, and truly is.

Even the most unfortunate and unpleasant moments can be appreciated.

This isn’t to say that you should appreciate your circumstances — assuming, that is, they are less-than-ideal — or that you should be comfortable with what you have.

Rather, as a way of living in the world, appreciating this moment allows you — or, at least, myself, since this essay is being written from my own perspective — to remember the ephemerality inherent within each moment, as well as the beauty inherent within that ephemerality.

Even more than that, though, such a way of living allows you to expect great things, with more ease, while also, perhaps, giving you the courage necessary to create those great things.

Regardless of the specifics, though, this moment will pass and, as such, there is value in remembering that, in appreciating this moment, in expecting great things to follow this moment.

Things Will Get Better

Even if the circumstances you are faced with appear to be daunting and formidable, while also being quite painful and damaging, know that these circumstances will fade away.

The “When” of this is unknown. But, it may be sooner than you think.

Right after these circumstances fade away, things will change.

Things will change for the better.

Or, at least, that’s a useful attitude that is, in my experience, worth adopting.

For, adopting such an attitude allows you to expect great things, while also engaging in actions that bring forth the great things you long for.

To go along with that, this attitude may also give you the courage, and freedom, to begin taking actions, within the unfortunate circumstances you are faced with, right now.

All of these actions may serve to end your confinement within the circumstances you are trapped within, while also bringing forth what you desire.

Regardless of those details, though, allow yourself to think, imagine, and know, that things will get better and that, perhaps, they are already getting better.

Or, even better, things have already gotten better, even if these changes aren’t visible just yet.

Just let yourself consider a few situations in your mind and, then, move towards one of those notions, allowing yourself to experience this as a fact of your life.

No matter the situation, let yourself reside in the knowledge that things are getting better and that they are, in fact, already better, even if the fruits of this are still somewhat invisible.

I promise you that, if you do this, things will change.

I cannot say how things will change, just that they will change.


My apologies for the rambling, somewhat incoherent, vague essay.

Each one of these ideas has been on my mind for a while.

None of them are explored particularly well in this essay.

Even so, though, the basic attitudes outlined in this essay — appreciating the moment, while expecting things to get better — are, in my mind, of great value.

Regardless of that, thank you for reading this essay!

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Best wishes, and have a great day!



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