Even in its simplest forms, action contains power.

Action contains power, while serving as a vessel through which power can flow.

If we take actions that are aligned with our desires, good things happen.

The “Why” of this matter is not known to me.

But, the essay you are about to read serves as an attempt to answer that “Why”, while also providing some ideas that may, or may not, give you some tangible results.

A Recent Experience With Action

For around 1.5-months, until the middle of August, my earnings were almost nonexistent.

Every now and then, this happens. It’s never a problem, since I have plenty of money in the bank, and enjoy taking some time off.

But, after a few-weeks of that, things become a little unnerving.

For me, personally, there’s a sense of security and comfort that arises when you know money is coming in. This same sensibility is felt when you know that you have plenty of work to do — content to write, in my case — and, as a result, plenty of money to earn.

So, when this happened, which was in the early part of August, I made a choice.

A choice that involved harnessing my creative abilities to bring forth money and work.

But, for a little bit, nothing seemed to be happening.

Every night, I was going on a walk, conversing from the premise of my fulfilled wish, while experiencing those feelings.

Even though that work was taking place, things seemed slow. On my part, there was a certain reluctance to take action which, as a result, made things feel stagnant and immobile.

The concept of “taking action” is complex, since there seems to be situations where action is, in one form or another, necessary, as well as other situations where action is unnecessary.

For this particular situation, though, action seemed, if nothing else a good choice.

So, every night, for a period of three nights, new clients were scouted on Craiglist, and pitches were sent.

Just for the writers out there, Craigslist isn’t a bad place to find work. Finding great opportunities isn’t always easy, but they’re out there, if you look.

On the fourth day, in the morning, there was a message in my inbox.

A message in my Reddit inbox from a man who liked my portfolio.

Before reading this message, I had completely forgotten posting my portfolio on the “Hire A Writer” Subreddit.

To make a long story a little shorter, the guy loved my portfolio, wanted to hire me right then and there for a very nice sum, and we’re still working together.

A question arose during this process. A question involving the mechanics of action as well as the ways in which action brings forth our desires, often through channels that we may not expect.

Why Did This Happen?

The essence of the story above is simple: after having been fearful and lazy for a little too long, taking action brought forth speedy and efficient results, but through a channel that was completely unexpected.

So, why did this happen and, more importantly, what does it mean?

Right now, the exact answer to both of those questions is unknown to me. I have a hunch, though, that may be worth sharing.

My hunch is that taking action brought certain feelings to the forefront of my experience.

Some of these feelings include that of movement and progress, as well as certainty.

Each one of these feelings was conducive to the feeling of my wish fulfilled.

Even though the wish was not, in those earlier moments, fulfilled, the fulfillment of the wish felt certain, since action was being taken on a daily basis.

For some aspects of my life — romance, for example, among others — that type of deliberate, concentrated action feels unnecessary.

Perhaps, that is due to my beliefs.

But, for other aspects of my life — money and career, primarily — deliberate, concentrated action feels, if not completely necessary, then valuable and worthwhile.

Even beyond that, action serves as a way of expressing our innate creative abilities.

For, if we know what we desire, and take daily actions to bring that into our world, we are bringing our vision to life.

The Magic Of Action

Right below this section, you will find a section titled “A Simple Method”.

You will learn a simple method, based on the experiences outlined above, that allows you to take action towards your vision, while receiving quick results.

The method may, in the end, do very little for you.

If so, my apologies.

But, if the method works well for you, please let me know, and please remember who you truly are: a creative being of extraordinary creative power.

A Simple Method

To properly engage with this method, there are two things you must be aware of.

You must know what it is that you truly desire.

If you would like a successful career, as was the case for me, then be aware of that.

If you would like to be debt-free, then be aware of that.

If you would like a romantic relationship, then be aware of that.

Right after you know what you desire, you can formulate a “plan of action”.

A plan of action that, for simplicity’s sake, consists of one or two simple actions.

One or two simple actions that can be performed daily.

Each one of these actions must evoke a feeling of movement or progress.

For me, finding clients who need writers, and pitching those same clients, evoked such feelings.

Your wish may be very different and, if so, your plan of action should fit the nature of your wish.

Right after you know what you desire, and what actions to take, you must remember your vision, while taking those actions every single day.

For the best results, it helps to take simple actions, while remembering your vision, that open up channels of fulfillment.

The act of posting your portfolio and pitching clients, for example, open up channels of fulfillment, allowing the fruits of my wish — new clients, writing assignments, money, and connections — to arrive with relative ease.

If you can do this, every single day, while remembering your wish and knowing that, due to your efforts, you will succeed, then you will succeed.


The concepts and methods explored in this essay may, or may not, resonate with you.

No matter what, though, please know that you possess extraordinary creative power.

Through the act of harnessing this power, you can, with surprising ease, bring your vision to life.

As always, thank you so much for reading, and please feel free to write to me for any reason!

Best wishes, and have a great day!

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