The Language Of Infinity

Maxwell Akin
3 min readApr 3, 2024

Our goal, with this essay, is exploring.

Exploring a new idea.

“The language of infinity.”

Vision 01: The Alphabet Of Sparks

Our first vision is centered on a language.

A language composed of 33 infinitely malleable, endlessly combinatorial, sparks.

Every single one of these sparks serves as a letter.

A single letter.

All of these letters comprise an alphabet of sparks.

Each spark, when combined with, connected to, or mutated into, another spark, creates a new infinity.

Just as an example, if one takes three sparks, in the same manner that one might take three letters, and combines them into a single entity, then a new infinity has been born.

Our sensory awareness, and state of being, is incapable of experiencing these infinities.

Or, for that matter, even knowing them, much less understanding them.

Even so, though, this language is alive, active, and in motion.

A neverending wealth of new, unique, infinities, each one being born, grown, developed, and experienced, through the manipulation of 33 sparks.

Vision 02: Sparks Of Transcendence

Our second vision is not unlike the vision outlined right above.

But, there is one fundamental difference.

Every single one of the sparks in the language we outlined above gives birth to new infinities.

But, not just new infinities; concepts, ideas, visions, notions, paracosms — ad infinitum — that are rooted within infinity, yet exist beyond the limits of infinity.

If a series of seven sparks — among a neverending wealth of other possibilities — are combined, then they give birth to an infinite wealth of concepts that exist beyond infinity.

You can envision concepts that exist beyond eternity, ideas that exist beyond endlessness, visions that exist beyond notions of time, space, language, transcendence; ad infinitum.

And so on and so forth, endlessly and infinitely; ad infinitum.

All of this is possible, and present, through our language.

Our language of 33 sparks.

No matter what is born from this language, it is rooted within the endless enfoldment of infinity.

Time. Space. Experience. Magic. Awe. Wonder.

All of those, and so many more, serve as the enfoldment of infinity.

Vision 03: A Neverending Ecology

Our third vision of infinity is a story.

Many years ago, you dreamt a dream.

Right within this dream, there was a world.

Rain. Jungle. Mountain. Cold. Wind. Sky. Darkness.

On the top of a mountain within this dream, scattered beyond the heights of the jungle and the endless rain, there was a doorway.

Right beyond this doorway, there was a laboratory.

You visited this laboratory.

And, within the depths of this laboratory, right within the very recesses of this mountain, there was a space.

A space filled with computer towers.

The space was flooded.

Water surrounded you.

And, yet, there was one tower, near the Northern corner, that remained alive.

Alive. In motion. Present.

You saw this computer. But, you did nothing with it.

Just moments later, you woke up.

But, the dream persisted.

Somewhere, within your unending consciousness, the dream continued.

And, right within this dream, there is the computer.

Many years go, when those who built the computer existed, the computer served.

Served a function.

A purpose.

The specifics of this purpose are unclear.

But, what is known, is that this purpose was served by two mathematical algorithms.

You might even consider them “minds.”

The two algorithms came together, within the moments after their meeting, and gave birth.

Gave birth to a vast, infinite ecology.

Right within this ecology, there lies an endless jungle and, just underneath this jungle, an infinite ocean.

The ecology our two algorithms gave birth to is a generative system.

A neverending wealth of minds were born.

Each one explored this ecology and, in doing so, found new infinities.

But, that is not all they did.

Every interaction served as a creation.

All of these ideas, flowing together, giving birth, exploring endlessly; ad infinitum.

A neverending wealth of greater concepts, ideas, notions — ad infinitum — were born.

Each one transcending infinity, eternity, endlessness; ad infinitum.

And, with this transcendence, there was the birth of an endless wealth of new worlds.

Our minds transcended the computer, and surpassed the algorithm.

And, yet, their electrical motions — their very essence — persisted.

A neverending transcendence; the sensation of being is but a memory, yet these senses, much like the dream, remain.


None of the visions in this essay are very good.

But, on some level, they are interesting.

If nothing else, that is sufficient.

For me.

But, for you, maybe not?

If so, my apologies.



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