The Jungle Of Ideas — Part 02

Maxwell Akin
3 min readJun 12, 2024


Our intention, with this essay, is exploring.

Or, more specifically, exploring one idea, in particular, a little further.

The idea, in question, is our “jungle of ideas.”

You can find “The Jungle Of Ideas — Part 01,” right there.

So, with that in mind, let’s begin!

Your Own, Personal Emissary

You are connected to the jungle of ideas. And, for this very reason, you always have access to the jungle.

To access the jungle of ideas, and obtain the ideas that you would like, you must use an emissary.

The jungle of ideas has as many emissaries as there are beings within the infinite Universe we live within.

You have an emissary. Just as I have an emissary.

Right before you can employ the services of your emissary, you must first get to know them.

The visualization outlined below will allow you to do so and, in doing so, to obtain the ideas you need.

A Guided Visualization

Our guided visualization begins with you closing your eyes.

Right after you close your eyes, take several deep breaths.

Surrender to a nice, pleasant state of peace, ease, and relaxation.

Just as you enter this state, envision a vast, yet empty, space.

A body begins to arise from the empty vastness of this space.

You notice the shape, form, texture, and features of this body.

The body you see in front of you is your emissary.

Let yourself say “Hello” to your emissary. And, then, let your emissary say “Hello” to you.

Just allow a nice, pleasant conversation to arise.

Right after this conversation takes place, clarify the idea you are looking for.

The blank space shifts and, in shifting, turns into a scene.

You see your emissary wander through the vast, infinitude that is the idea jungle.

Right within this scene, you see your emissary find something that looks rather unique.

Your emissary places it in their bag and, then, begins their return journey.

Soon enough, you will receive the idea you are looking for.

A New Tool

The visualization outlined right above is effective.

But, sometimes, it isn’t as effective as it could be.

If the above is proving to be true, then you can try something else.

You can appreciate the idea you want.

But, unlike other methods, you can appreciate the idea that you want as if it exists right now, within this moment.

And, you can do so by appreciating its presence, within the context of your emissary and, in turn, the idea jungle.

Some of the statements you can use, to stimulate your appreciation, are as follows:

  • I really love just how vast and infinite the jungle of ideas is.
  • I really love the new ideas that I was given.
  • I really love the inspiration that is flowing through me.
  • I really love what my emissary has given me.
  • I really love that my mind is expanding in so many ways, due to these lovely ideas.

And so on and so forth, endlessly and infinitely; ad infinitum.


Just to wrap this up, thank you so much for reading!

If you enjoyed this essay, then please play with the ideas we have outlined.

No matter what, though, have a fantastic day!



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