Surrendering To Your Endless Wealth

Maxwell Akin
10 min readSep 20, 2020

No matter what anyone says to you, you are wealthy. You are wealthy because you have, within you, the power to create and experience extraordinary wealth, wealth that goes beyond even your grandest expectations, and you can make use of this power in a manner that is nearly effortless.

Many of us lose sight of this power, and who we truly are, as we grow older. The world is filled with messages, many of which affirm our own inadequacy and powerlessness. Most of these messages are conveyed in a subtle, almost subliminal manner. We often don’t recognize what we have forgotten until we hear an inspiring and resonant message from an outside source — a book, for example.

The power that I am speaking of is, you might say, the power of Thought. But, “Thought” is just one word for it. You can use the word “Imagination”, the term “Subconscious Mind”, the word “God”; ad infinitum. There is no one right word but, rather, an endless number of words that lead to the same universal concept: what you think about, express, and feel within is that which is felt and experienced in the realm of day-to-day living.

Throughout history, there have been many, many people who have known this truth and expressed it. Many people have attempted to define this power — why it exists, what it is, and how to use it. Today, there are many definitions and many belief systems.

By reading this essay, you will not learn why the truths I am about to express are true, nor will you learn too much more about the “How” and the “Why”, beyond what is most valuable. These days, there is no shortage of dogma — “My beliefs are better than yours!” — and, as such, there’s no need to add more to the mix.

The concepts that I am about to describe are simple, powerful, and open-ended. If you do not agree with a particular word, concept, or theme, then transform it or ignore it. But, please, accept the core tenet of this essay — that within you there is a great power you can use to create wealth — and make use of it. Define this power however you would like, though, and don’t believe in it just because I say you should — experiment and play!

The process that I am about to describe is simple, powerful, transformative, and open-ended. It is a process that has worked for me numerous times, and continues to work for me whenever I apply it. But, the specifics of this process are malleable — I have experimented numerous times — and as such, I urge you to experiment with various aspects if you feel the need to do so. There are, however, certain aspects that I have found to be essential, and those aspects will be pointed out.

Engage With Your Inner Conversations To Create Wealth

Within your consciousness, at any given point in time, there are a myriad of conversations taking place. These conversations consist of thoughts, feelings, and sensations — among, perhaps, an endless series of other things that go beyond our conscious awareness. We can refer to these conversations as “Inner Conversations”, and the reason why they are considered “conversations” is because you are talking to consciousness, and the infinite facets that comprise yourself, at all times; engaging in a perpetual back-and-forth, you might say.

The Inner Conversations that you engage with serve as the building blocks of your life. Each one of these Inner Conversations serves as a key facet of the architecture that comprises the ways in which you view yourself, those around you, the different areas of your life, your abilities, the world you live in; ad infinitum.

Your Inner Conversations define the ways in which you think about and engage with the wealth that you create and experience. But, these Inner Conversations go deeper than that, for they actively sculpt and mould yourself, in relation to wealth, while also creating the wealth that you experience.

A man who engages with Inner Conversations that affirm his inability to create wealth, his uncertainty regarding the wealth that he desires, and the uncertain nature of the wealth he is choosing to create, will inevitably bring those things upon him in some form or another.

If that sounds like you — it was me for a long time, and, in many ways, it still is — then that’s okay. There is nothing to be ashamed of or upset with. These days, there are so many messages and so many conflicting ideas out there that it can be very difficult to lead ourselves in a manner that is truly aligned with what we desire, with regards to wealth, and what we are choosing to create and share.

So, take a deep breath, know that it’s okay, and know that you can make the changes you need to make right this moment!

The sheer number of Inner Conversations taking place at any point in time, along with the depth and complexity of those Inner Conversations, is formidable. But, fortunately, there is no great need for us to plumb the depths of ourselves and eliminate the false scaffolding we may have set up for ourselves.

Not yet, anyway, for that may just be a task for another time.

Rather, all we must do is ask ourselves two questions. These two questions will then lead to a process, but before we can engage with that process, we need to ask ourselves these questions and we need to answer them with honesty, sincerity, and acceptance.

“What Do I Want? How Do I Want To Live?”

Take a moment, and ask yourself the first question. Think about the wealth that you are experiencing right now, and the wealth that you wish to be experiencing. If there are any images that come to mind, then hold onto them for a moment and perceive them.

What do you want?

Wealth means many things to many people. For some, wealth means having the time and money to sit on a beach all day, reading books and painting. For others, wealth means owning homes all across the world, visiting the most extraordinary places in the world, and engaging in life’s greatest, and most expensive, luxuries.

Remember, there is no “wrong” answer. You will not be judged by how “spiritual” you are. But, if the answer that comes to mind feels dishonest, then the next steps in the process will be far less fruitful than they can be.

How do you want to live?

The first question is very similar to this question. But, there is one very distinct difference, and that’s the fact that rather than thinking about the material items that we wish to own and make use of, we must now think about the way in which we would like to live.

For myself, images of travel pop up, along with images regarding the unique people that I am meeting, the lovely places I am experiencing, the good foods that I am eating, and the peaceful time that I have to myself, where I am able to write and read in absolute security and abundance.

For you, of course, it will be different, but just as valuable. Remember, though, to be honest, even if it seems a little scary, and to honor the wishes and desires of your soul.

When you know the answers to those questions, and have recorded them — jotting them down on a sheet of paper is just as valid as writing out an elaborate series of descriptions in a multi-page document — you can then begin the next phase of the process.

The next phase of the process is, in some ways, more important than the first phase, since it leads to the transformation of the world and life that you experience. But, without this first phase, the second phase has far less value and may, in fact, fail to bear your desired fruit.

Making Use Of Your Inner Conversations

Take the time to ruminate on what you desire and how you wish to live. There are no rules to this, just think about those two questions and your answers. Inevitably, various images and sensations will come forth, all of which are valuable and useful for what we will soon be doing.

Every moment of time we experience is filled with Inner Conversations. Through these Inner Conversations, we sculpt and mould our lives and experiences. If we take the time to direct our Inner Conversations — the engine of our lives, you might say — towards a desired aim or goal — that which we desire and the way in which we wish to live — we will, inevitably, give birth to that which we seek.

The “Why” of the matter is, as mentioned earlier, unknown to me. But, the “How” is something that I have used and engaged with time and time again.

If we connect with the faculty that drives our experiences, we are able to shape our experiences in the manner that we most desire. If we do so every single day, for just a few-minutes, we are able to birth the life that we desire, and all that it contains, in a manner that allows for consistent and perpetual growth. That is not to say you should use this exact method every single day for the rest of your life, but that doing so for as long as you can — I would recommend at least one-week — will be an invaluable decision.

Step 01: Set Aside 5-Minutes To Engage With Your Inner Conversations

Engaging with your Inner Conversations in a creative and transformative manner takes just five-minutes. If you would like to spend more time, then please do so. If you would like to spend even less time, then you can do so, as well. But, I would recommend five-minutes, especially if you haven’t done this before, or not in a long time.

Step 02: Repeat The Words “I Am Wealthy” — Remember What You Desire And How You Want To Live

Many people say that, for this to be effective, you must relax before engaging in the process. In my experience, while relaxation is very useful, it is not necessary. Some of my best and most successful experiences with this process have been while walking, come to think of it.

Begin to repeat the words “I Am Wealthy”. You can repeat them within your mind, or out loud. Choose what feels right for you.

As you repeat these words, intersperse thoughts regarding what you desire and how you wish to live. More often than not, these will be images and brief sensations — flickers, almost — of what you desire and how you wish to live. You may, for example, see images of a house or a beach or even a powerful computer — if, of course, that is what you desire.

Initially, it may feel a little strange, interspersing these images with the statement. But, after a minute or two, it will become natural, and there will be no need to even “try”.

When the five-minutes has passed, there is no need for you to repeat the statement — “I Am Wealthy” — anymore.

Many people feel that they are wealthy, in that moment, due to having seen and experienced the images of wealth while repeating the affirmation. That is what you are aiming for, for feeling is creative. But, if you haven’t experienced that, there is no need to worry. Just engage with the conversation again, tomorrow, or later in the day.

If, however, nothing is coming forth and you feel blocked, then this may not be the best method for you. That is perfectly fine, though, because there are an endless number of transformative methods and tools that allow you to create the same outcomes!

Step 03: Repeat The Words “Thank You” — Appreciate Your Wealth

Right after you are finished using the statement, I want you to say the words “Thank You”. You can say these words within your mind, or out loud; it all depends on you. But, I would like you to repeat them at least ten-times — or more, if you want.

As the words “Thank You” flicker within your mind, I want you to experience those same images and sensations of wealth. Most likely, this will be natural and effortless. But, if it isn’t, think of those images and then say “Thank You” for them, as they flicker within your mind.

Even if the wealth you seek is not physically present, it is present. The world is responding to you, to what you are doing, and constructing itself in a manner that is aligned with the energies and feelings that you are arousing and expressing.

By appreciating the wealth that you have chosen to create, you are not only solidifying that wealth, allowing it to come into your life with speed and beauty, you are clothing yourself in a state that comprises feelings of love, gratitude, appreciation, inspiration, and peace. This state is one of extraordinary beauty, grace, and power. It goes beyond wealth — our definitions of wealth, to be more precise — and is aligned with something far more beautiful than that which we can even begin to imagine and understand at this point.

Please, appreciate your wealth, and experience the state of appreciation. If only for the fact that a life that is appreciated and loved is a life of fulfillment and value that goes beyond the very nature of value.

Step 04: Surrender To What You Have Created

If you would like to continue performing this process, then continue to perform the process. But, please, do not do so if you feel anxious. Rather, perform this process out of a desire to feel the feelings once more, and to engage with your creative power.

Once you feel that you have done what is necessary, take a step back, and surrender. I do not know how your life will change, or what will happen. But, I know that, for you, it will, and I want you to surrender to what comes, and to keep your eyes open, for these changes and transformations may come through familiar and mundane avenues, or they may come through novel and surprising channels.

In the end, though, by engaging with your power in the way that has been described, you have created extraordinary wealth, you are experiencing extraordinary wealth, and will continue to experience extraordinary wealth, and you are, in turn, shedding the skin of corroded limitations and decaying feelings that no longer serve you.

Remember, no matter what anyone says, you are a being of extraordinary power, creativity, and beauty. Please, no matter what anyone tries to tell you, remember that.


Thank you so much for reading this little essay! I hope that you enjoyed it, that you found it interesting, and that you will perform the practice I have outlined! It will create some wonderful things, I guarantee you!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email me at “”!

Best Wishes & Have A Lovely Day!



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