States Of Desire

One of the most useful concepts, in this grand art of sculpting the life we truly wish to live, is that of creation being finished.

Since creation is finished, all that you could ever possibly desire exists.

Since creation is finished, all that can be imagined and conceived of exists.

Since creation is finished, your work is not to “create” that which you desire, but to move into the appropriate “state” or “space” — depending on which metaphor you prefer — that contains what it is you truly desire.

Take a moment to meditate on the ease and simplicity of this.

You no longer need to struggle, strive, and work to create what you seek.

Rather, what you seek already exists.

Your job is, then, not to create what you seek, but to move into the state that contains your desire as a present fact.

From this movement, you are left with one more action; that of surrendering to your desire, as a present fact, within your chosen state.

Furthermore, the possibilities this allows for are unfathomably vast.

All that you can imagine and conceive, exists.

All that you long for and crave, exists.

All that you will long for and crave, exists.

All that you seek to become or experience, exists.

Right now, all of those treasures and gifts, they exist.

They exist and, since they exist, you are free to bring them into your experience of the world.

The Nature Of States And Creation

The bulk of this essay is rooted in concepts that you can find in two Neville Goddard essays.

“Creation Is Finished”, the tenth chapter of “The Power Of Awareness”, and “Infinite States”.

Both of these essays can be summed up with the section above.

That being said, in my experience, there’s a little more to them than it may appear.

You see, both of these ideas can be considered metaphors.

Perhaps, they are correct. Perhaps, they are not.

Regardless of whether or not they align with any set of static facts, they offer tremendous value.

The value these concepts offer comes from the ways in which they change your thinking.

You see, when you imagine that there are infinite states, many which contain that which you desire, and your job is to move into the state that contains your desire — your thinking changes.

Your thinking changes, because you are no longer focused purely on creating or generating.

Rather, you are focused on movement.

All of this changes the way you see yourself, your world, your desires, and your efforts.

You are accepting the notion that your desires can be a reality, for, within this concept, they are already a reality.

Once your focus changes to that of movement, you accept the reality of your desires, and focus purely on the feelings that emanate from your chosen state, and all that it contains, rather than on the creating or generating.

All of this takes some of the pressure off, and makes the act of feeling it real — in my experience, this is the key to manifestation — the focal point of your awareness and energy.

Just as a side-note, this isn’t to say that the acts of creation and generation are “wrong or “bad”. Rather, they are simply one set of ways to see this work and, depending on who you are, they may be more or less useful.

Your life is your own, so you are free to choose the metaphors and assumptions that serve you.

Regardless of that, though, if you are looking for a new set of metaphors and assumptions to aid you in living the life you wish to live, seeing creation as finished, and your desires contained within states, may be useful.

Moving Into The State Of Your Wish Fulfilled

For you to move into the state of your wish fulfilled, you must know what you desire, and then you must feel that desire as if it were a present fact within your life.

Just as a side-note, when I say “must”, I’m only referring to my own experiences and what has worked for me, so please work with what feels right to you and what creates results for you.

You can feel your desire, as a reality, in a number of ways.

My personal favorite method is to, in my Imagination, assume that what I desire is a fact, and to experience a sense of appreciation and gratitude.

You can do this with anything. You just need to know what you desire, assume that your desire is a fact — and has been for a little while — and appreciate your desire.

Everytime I use this method, I simply move into the feelings of gratitude towards my desire, and in doing so, the desire comes to life.

Of course, there are many other methods available.

Experimenting with, and exploring, other methods is the key to finding what works for you.

But, at its core, all of these methods involve moving into the feelings that emanate from your wish fulfilled.

Upon moving into those feelings, you enter the state of your wish fulfilled.

Just take a moment or two to surrender to those feelings, to the reality of your wish.

If you can do this, then you can bring forth all that you desire.


Thank you for reading this essay! I hope you enjoyed reading it and, more importantly, I hope you found the ideas and themes valuable!

If you want to reach me, for any reason at all, you can do so at “”.

Best wishes, and have a great day!


Hey! I’m Max! I Hope You Enjoy What You’re Reading, And If You Want To Reach Me For Any Reason At All, You Can Do So At “”.

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Maxwell Akin

Hey! I’m Max! I Hope You Enjoy What You’re Reading, And If You Want To Reach Me For Any Reason At All, You Can Do So At “”.