Sleep Is The Doorway To Creation

Maxwell Akin
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Our goal, with this essay, is to explore a quote from Neville Goddard.

Or, perhaps, our goal is to riff on the quote; to come up with new ideas pertaining to the quote.

Regardless of that distinction, though, the quote is as follows: Sleep conceals the creative act while the objective world reveals it. In sleep man impresses the subconscious with his conception of himself.

And, with that quote sitting within the center of your mind, let’s begin!

The Moment Right Before Sleep

Right before you go to sleep, there is a moment.

A moment that many refer to as “hypnagogia.”

Or, perhaps, it may be more accurate to refer to this moment as the moment in which hypnagogic sensations can arise and, to those who are well-versed in the imagination, be manipulated.

Regardless of that distinction, there is a moment in which our minds are relaxed.

Very, very relaxed.

You can consider this moment the “doorway to creation.”

Right within this moment, we exist within a state of nearly effortless creation.

You can imagine anything and, in doing so, you can feel it to be a reality with remarkable ease.

Just as an example, on a night in late 2020, right before drifting off to bed, I found myself sitting within the White House, with my dog Beau.

And, within these moments — many of which were recorded after this period — there was the knowing — the conviction, if you will — that my dog, Beau, was the President of the United States.

A wealth of memories and associations came from this knowing.

I remembered some of the executive orders Beau had signed. I remembered my judgments of his Presidential manner. I remembered the fine dinners we had both enjoyed together.

And, for a moment, all of this existed as an unquestioned fact of my very existence.

The “my” part of “very existence” is important: all of this existed purely within my imagination and my experience of both myself, and the world, at that very time.

No one else was experiencing this particular world.

Right within these moments, though, there was a slight waking — a shift in my energy — which, naturally, led to the revelation that my dog was not the President of the United States and that none of these things had ever happened.

And, yet, for those brief moments, something very interesting happened: I knew — I just knew, in the same way that you know that the Sun will set tonight and rise tomorrow — that my dog, Beau, was president.

Just sit with that for a moment or two. And, then, when you’re done, refer back to that quote, by Neville Goddard.

Sleep Is The Doorway To Creation

Right within the moments that lead to sleep, there is a space of infinite possibility.

A space of infinite possibility that you can exist within.

Even more than that, though, you can shape this space of infinite possibility.

You can select the possibilities that you wish to actualize. And, in doing so, you can experience those possibilities.

You can experience those possibilities as if they are the defining facts of your life.

Or, at least, the defining facts of your life, within that moment and the moments that will follow.

And, in experiencing these possibilities as the facts of your life, something very special happens.

Something very special happens and this “something very special” is quite, simply, the fulfillment of your aim.

Or, at least, that was Neville’s contention.

Don’t get me wrong, Neville’s contention may be incorrect. But, there does appear to be a great deal of truth to what he is saying and, in turn, what he refers to when referring to “sleep.”

Just as an example, if you fall asleep tonight, and you feel, within your very being, that you are a person of great wealth, then there is a possibility that this imaginal act will flow into the moments you experience upon waking.

You may become wealthy, through a series of decisions, events, and outcomes, that stem from your imaginal act.

Or, perhaps, you will not — or, alternatively, you will, if you impress these feelings upon yourself across multiple nights, thereby allowing them to take a much deeper, richer hold within the garden of your mind.

Regardless of the truth buried within these ideas, there is a possibility, here, that is worth going into.

A New Possibility

Our experiment is not easy. But, it may be one of the most valuable things we ever do.

Or, perhaps, it won’t be; right now, it’s hard to say.

Regardless of that, though, our experiment consists, first and foremost, of selecting a desire.

Your desire can be anything.

No matter what you choose, though, make sure it’s something meaningful.

Something that you actually care about.

Just as an example, if your deepest yearning, at this moment, is to live a rich, abundant life, then choose that.

No matter what you choose, though, make a sincere effort to consider what you would really, deeply feel, if you were living that particular life and existing within the fulfillment of those aims.

And, in accomplishing the above, consider who you would be and what you would feel, about yourself and within yourself, if such an aim was a tangible fact of your life.

You can then take all of this information — including a specific feeling, or set of feelings — with you.

And, in taking this information with you, you can fall asleep in the feeling of your wish fulfilled.

If Neville’s contention is true, then this creative act will engender the circumstances and events that allow you to satisfy your desire, regardless of what that desire may happen to be.

No, this isn’t always very easy. But, once again, if Neville’s contention is true, then it is one of the most valuable acts that you can engage in.

Our experiment, then, is to test this idea.

To select a desire and, as we are falling asleep, to experience it as a fact of our life.

You can accomplish this through all manner of methods and mechanisms; visualization, gratitude, inner conversations, conjuring specific emotions; and so on and so forth.

No matter what you do, though, remember what it is that you yearn for and work from there.


Right now, this particular idea has taken a hold over me.

A deep, rather remarkable, hold over me.

And, for this reason, this idea is going to serve as my experiment — well, my main experiment; there are several others, occurring right now — for the remainder of August and the entirety of September.

Soon after September comes to an end, you will find an essay, centered on this idea, on my Medium.

You will learn about my results. You will learn what methods were used.

And, of course, you will learn whether or not Neville’s contention was correct, within my life.

Regardless of that, though, thank you so much for reading this essay!

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Best wishes, and have a truly lovely, lovely day!



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