Seeing Yourself As Who You Wish To Be

Maxwell Akin
3 min readJan 13, 2024

Our goal, with this essay, is to share.

To share a fun exercise taken from a book titled “The Art Of Memetics.”

On some level, this exercise differs from the exercises we often explore on this blog.

But, even though the above is somewhat true, this exercise is valuable.

You can use this exercise to move yourself closer to what you desire.

So, with that in mind, let’s begin!

Seeing Yourself As Who You Wish To Be

Sometimes, our inability to see ourselves — not necessarily feel ourselves, but see ourselves — as who we wish to be prevents us from being who we wish to be.

Just as an example, if you really want to travel and enjoy a certain measure of spontaneity and, perhaps, “magic,” in your travels, then that is a very nice thing you should pursue.

On the other hand, if you just cannot see yourself doing that, for one reason or another — it contradicts your self-image, for example — then stepping into the fulfillment of that wish can be tricky.

You can, of course, imagine yourself as that person, feel it real, and use all manner of other tools.

If you engage with any of those, you may find that doing so is quite effective.

Or, you may find that these acts are effective, but only to an extent.

Rather than relying on these practices, you can try something else.

You can try a quick, fun exercise that allows you to see yourself as the one you truly wish to be.

A Quick, Fun Exercise

Select something you wish to experience.

You can select anything.

But, for the best possible results, you should select something that pushes up against what you assume is possible.

Or, more specifically, what you assume is possible for you.

Right after you select your chosen experience, you must write a story.

A story that is written in the third-person.

Just as an example, my story would read something like “Max opens the fridge door,” as opposed to “I open the fridge door.”

Your story is written in the third-person and, more than anything else, it serves as a story of you experiencing the thing that you selected earlier.

Returning to our earlier example, your story might involve you traveling to a few places and making decisions that you wouldn’t normally make and enjoying yourself.

None of what comprises your story needs to be especially good. But, it does need to describe, on some level, you doing the thing that you wish to do.

Right after you write your story, you can read it.

If you read your story a few times, you will have a conceptual model.

A conceptual model of you engaging with the thing that you wish to enjoy.

The presence of this conceptual model will allow you to believe that such an experience is possible for you.

If you can believe that something is possible for you — and, if you can see and feel the presence of that experience, even if it only exists within a story — then you are much closer to bringing it forth.


My hope is that you enjoyed this essay.

Even more than that, my hope is that the exercise outlined within this essay assists you.

No matter what, though, thank you so much for reading!

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