Recognizing Your Abundance & Attracting More Abundance

My favorite subject to write about — on this blog, at least — is abundance.

The pursuit of abundance. The creation of abundance. The experience of abundance.

You will, by reading about this essay, learn about all three of those things.

More importantly, though, you will learn how to experience abundance right now and, in turn, bring more abundance into your life.

So, with all of that in mind, let’s dive right in!

So, What Is An Abundance List?

The simplest definition is as follows: an abundance list is a list that contains a number of reasons why you are, at this moment, abundant.

Each one of these reasons is, generally speaking, rooted in the presence of something that you are currently enjoying and, as you write this list, recognizing and appreciating.

You may own a nice home, for example, or have good friends. By writing those two things down, you are affirming your own abundance, as well as the infinite forms that abundance can take, and the value of those forms.

All of this will allow you to recognize the abundance with your life. Recognizing your abundance will, then, allow you to feel abundant.

The act of feeling abundant — knowing you are abundant — serves to bring forth more of what constitutes abundance, which, naturally, brings more of that lovely feeling.

So, an abundance list is, in the end, a simple tool that allows you to appreciate what you have, and bring more abundance into your life — all through the power of recognition and feeling.

Why Is An Abundance List Useful?

The act of writing an abundance list serves two purposes.

You will, while writing an abundance list, recognize the abundance in your life. This is good in and of itself but, perhaps more importantly, it fosters a feeling of appreciation.

The feeling of appreciation is, in my experience, quite powerful, bringing forth more of what you appreciate into your life which, in this case, is abundance.

Just by writing out the ways in which you are, at this moment, abundant, you can bring more abundance into your life.

How Can You Make One?

The process of making an abundance list is simple.

Just set aside a little bit of time — five-minutes, perhaps, or more — to make the list.

Right after you set aside that time, begin thinking of, and writing out, the ways in which you are abundant.

Remember, though, that abundance is not confined to money or expensive items and materials goods.

Rather, abundance and wealth are immensely broad, covering a never ending assortment of themes and circumstances.

Some of these themes and circumstances may be great friendships, a creative hobby you enjoy, a sense of passion that permeates your life, a loving relationship, a sense of security, fun projects you are working on, pets that you love; and so on and so forth.

Just let the ideas come to you and, then, write them down.

You can write what comes to you on a computer, as I often do, or with a pen and paper.

For some, writing on a computer is easier, and more pleasant. For some, writing with pen and paper is easier, and more pleasant.

Choose what works for you.

As you write, allow yourself to appreciate the abundance that is in your life.

Even more than that, though, allow yourself to feel, if only for the briefest of moments, truly abundant.

Let yourself know, in those moments, that you are truly abundant.

The act of experiencing this knowing will, in my experience, bring forth more of that lovely feeling, along with the circumstances and events that facilitate that feeling of true abundance.

A number of people, far smarter than me, have theorized why this is.

I am not in any position to suggest why there appears to be a creative/attractive power, in evoking the feelings of abundance.

Regardless of why it works, though, it does work and, as such, is a useful tool in bringing forth more of what evokes the feeling of abundance and, in turn, the feeling of abundance itself.

Right after the allotted time runs out, and you’ve put together a nice list, you can stop.

Let the feeling remain, if it is still present. Let yourself enjoy the feeling.

The longer you enjoy the feeling, remembering just how abundant you are, the more powerful this exercise will be.


Every single one of the abundance lists I’ve written has, in its own way, been very useful.

Each one has brought more abundance into my life — new people, creative projects, new clients, money coming from unique sources; and so on and so forth — while also allowing me to recognize the abundance present within my life, and the infinite abundance present within our world.

My hope is that, by setting aside some time to create an abundance list, you experience those same effects.

Even more than that, though, my hope is that creating an abundance list brings an abundance of exciting, and unexpected, possibilities into your life, all of which bring you joy and love.

As always, thank you so much for reading! If you would like to reach me, for any particular reason, you can reach me at “”.

Best wishes, and have a great day!