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In the world of comic books, there’s something known as a “fiction suit”. A fiction suit is, essentially, a metaphor that comic book writers use when they insert themselves into their own stories. Rather than “writing themselves into the story” they “put on a fiction suit and enter the world of the story”; almost like a form of interdimensional travel.

The two most notable comic book writers that have used this concept are Alan Moore and Grant Morrison. But, while both writers have used this concept to great effect in their work, Morrison had an especially interesting take on both the concept itself, and the nature of fiction.

Are Fiction And Reality Separate?

For most people, the immediate answer to that question is, of course, “Yes”. And, those people aren’t wrong, there is a separation between fiction and reality. But, the thing is, this separation is often far more subtle and elusive than we initially assume.

While Grant Morrison was writing The Invisibles, quite possibly one of the best works of spiritual fiction to have ever been written, he began to see himself as King Mob, the main character of The Invisibles. This likeness isn’t difficult to see, since both Morrison and King Mob look somewhat alike, and would appear to possess some of the same basic qualities.

Eventually, as Morrison continued to write The Invisibles, he began assuming that King Mob was, in fact, himself, and that he was operating within the world of The Invisibles through the aforementioned “fiction suit”.

When King Mob got captured by the villains of the series and began undergoing various acts of torture, things got very weird.

As King Mob was being tortured, Grant Morrison himself became very sick. While this point in the story was taking place, and as the torture became more and more severe, Morrison’s sickness became more and more significant till he was close to dying.

Upon realization of this fact, Morrison chose to end the torture sequence and to give his characters, in that particular point of the story, a victory. When he did this, the sickness he was experiencing began to heal soon after, until it was no more. It was not an immediate process, but the timing was, to Morrison, far from being “just a coincidence”.

So, What, Exactly, Is A Fiction Suit?

The word “fiction” is often used to evoke and reference stories. The word “suit” is used to reference the clothing that you, or someone else, wears. A “fiction suit”, then, is a suit of clothes that are made entirely of fiction.

As modern-day neuroscience has shown, neurons are plastic. Through intentional acts, we are capable of moulding our neurons and, in turn, reshaping our personality and every little facet of ourselves.

While I do believe that we go beyond our neurons, this is a very important piece of information to consider and remember.

No one is forced to be who they are and no one is stuck being the person that they don’t want to be. We possess the ability to transform the fabric of our neurology, allowing ourselves to transform our beliefs, thought-processes, assumptions, associations, and personalities.

Some people are far better at doing this than others. Actors, for example, are individuals who possess the ability to completely transform their internal and external activity to align with whatever role they have selected for themselves.

For a good actor, becoming someone else entirely is as easy as putting on a new suit of clothes.

A good actor, though, requires a certain level of understanding before they can successfully become someone else. They need to know this person’s motivation, their past, what drives them; they need to know the stories that define this particular individual and what he/she does and why he/she does it.

A fiction suit is the suit of metaphorical clothing that you wear. This suit consists of your beliefs, assumptions, associations, thought-processes, and personas — most people have more than one, depending on the situation, although many of them tend to be rather similar.

Your Fiction Suit Is Not Static; It Can Be Transformed

Each and everyone of us wears some kind of fiction suit. Many of us — and, since I don’t know you, I am only talking about myself — assume that the suit of stories we wear is, in fact, the entirety of our being.

You are not the clothes that you wear. You are a being that exists far beyond the suit of stories that you wear. You do not, at any time, need to wear a suit of stories that no longer fits you.

There are many ways in which you can transform your fiction suit. Too many ways, in fact, that you could fill thousands of books. So, because of that, we’re just going to look at one simple, easy, and fun method. By using this method, you will be able to play around with the stories that you clothe yourselves in and the various ways in which that suit of clothes affects the individual facets of your being.

Transforming Your Fiction Suit Through Play

The best way to transform your fiction suit is to play with it. Seriousness is not needed, and may just end up getting in the way.

Before you begin this process, consider a particular intention that you possess. It does not need to be an especially notable or valuable intention, but it needs to be something that would entail a change in self.

For the purposes of this section, let’s say that you want to be a very successful film director that creates beautiful, fun, and inspiring stories. But, for the purposes of this section, let’s also say that you have never actually directed anything in your life, and aren’t quite sure what to do or where to even begin.

With that intention in mind, begin to immerse yourself in material that is aligned with that particular intention. For an ambitious film director, this may be various scenes from movies, the Wikipedia page of a director that you admire, a short story or novel that evokes a sense of creativity and inspiration within you; whatever you want.

You can immerse yourself in the necessary material for as long as you want. For most people, it may only take five-minutes or so. But, if you want to keep exploring, then keep exploring!

By immersing yourself in the material that inspires you and happens to be aligned with your intention, you are priming your mind for the next step in this process.

When you are finished immersing yourself in a sea of inspiration, unique ideas, distinct associations, and great works, you can then take several deep breaths. Take these deep breaths by breathing in for four-seconds, and exhaling for four-seconds. Take at least five-breaths, but more if you want to.

Once you have relaxed your mind and body, take the time to imagine a conversational scenario that the person who has fulfilled this intention — you, in a new suit of clothes — would be experiencing. It can be anything — a conversation with an old friend, for example — but make sure it feels natural.

For the film director that we’re using as an example, we’ll say this scenario is that of an interview. But, this isn’t just any interview, it’s a long-form interview with a well-respected journalist who wants to understand your process, your work, your ideas, and who you, as an individual, truly are.

Take the time to imagine this scenario. If you do not want to, or are having trouble doing so, see this as taking place, then don’t worry about it. Just allow the scenario to present itself in as solid or light a form as possible.

You must respond to the first question — “Who Are You?”

Take a few breaths, if you need to, and respond to this question. But, understand that you are not who you were just a few minutes ago, you are someone else, and you are wearing an entirely new set of stories.

From the first question, allow another to be asked. In keeping with the example, this question may be about how you direct a film or how you get your ideas.

Keep the questions coming, and allow your answers to come forth naturally. Play around with the questions and answers. If you want to, you can even switch roles on the fly, choosing to be a writer or designer — among an endless series of other possibilities — during this process.

When you are finished, take a few deep breaths. You may not have experienced anything out of the ordinary, but I can assure you that by engaging in this action you have reshaped certain facets of yourself and activated entirely new traits and abilities that you had, prior to engaging with this process, no awareness of.

If you continue to engage with the process, I can guarantee you that your entire self-concept will transform, as will your world.


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