Praying For The Peace You Need To Manifest With Ease

Maxwell Akin
3 min readJun 8, 2024


Our intention, with this essay, is recording.

Recording what?

A series of ideas that came to me a few days ago.

Each one of these ideas was/is centered on prayer.

You can use prayer to facilitate the fulfillment of your wishes. And, by reading this quick essay, you will learn how.

A Prayer To Source

Prayer is surrender.

Or, at least, it can be a form of surrender.

Surrender to what?

A force, idea, notion, presence — you get the idea — that you are connected to.

Something a little bit bigger than yourself. Something with a lot of love to give you.

You get the idea.

Our concern is not with the significance of prayer or, for that matter, its inherent meaning.

Rather, our concern is with prayer, as a means of facilitating peace.

A very specific form of peace.

The peace that you need to bring your wishes to fruition with remarkable ease.

The Power Of Peace

Every single one of my greatest manifestations was rooted in peace.

A very specific form of peace that one can define as “certainty.”

The certainty that all is well, good things are on their way, my wish is a reality; and so on and so forth.

If we can inhabit this peace, we can imagine, feel, and experience our wish.

Just as an example, if we feel peaceful, we can appreciate the wonderful wealth we are choosing to experience and, in doing so, allow this wonderful wealth to arise, in a natural manner, with joyous ease.

Or, at least, something to that effect.

To manifest that which we truly yearn for, we can pray for the peace we need.

By praying for the peace we need, we can experience peace.

Right within our experience of peace, we can do what we need to do, to imagine the fulfillment of our wish.

A Prayer For Peace

To access the peace you wish to experience, you can say a very simple prayer.

A very simple prayer that works very well for me and, as a result, should work very well for you.

Or, at least, that is my hope.

Our very simple prayer is as follows: to the kind, loving Source that watches over us all, loves us, supports us, and helps us, I ask for the peace that I need to bring my wishes into being, while also asking for your help in bringing those wishes of mine to fruition, all with remarkable joy, ease, and love.

Don’t get me wrong, that is certainly a mouthful. And, this doesn’t need to be your prayer. But, it is my prayer.

You can pray in any way that you would like to.

Just pray to something bigger than yourself and, then, let your prayer go forth.

Peace is always available to you.


None of what comprises the essay above is particularly good.

Rather, it’s little more than notes, thoughts, and ideas.

Even so, though, these notes, thoughts, and ideas work.

If you would like to enjoy peaceful, delightful manifestations, you can pray for peace.

And, if you do so, you will manifest with much greater ease.

All of this is my promise to you.



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