Playful Gratitude

The essay you are about to read is rooted in three assumptions.

You are a creative being who possesses the ability to create your life.

To harness your creative abilities, so that you can create the life you wish to live, you can use the power of feeling.

The power of feeling can be conjured through playful activities, such as simple games designed to evoke feelings of appreciation.

Each one of these assumptions is rooted in my own experiences — everything you’re about to read in this essay has been tested and explored in my own life — as well as the writings of many other thinkers whose work has been valuable in my own journey.

You will, by reading this essay, learn a little more about those assumptions.

But, more importantly, you will learn all about a simple, playful act — a game, if you will — that, when performed, can bring forth your wishes and intentions.

A Simple Gratitude Game

A game is, according to Google, defined as the following: a form of play or sport, especially a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck.

So, with that in mind, the “game” you will soon learn about may not really be a game.

Rather, this game is a form of play that lacks any competitive elements and is not dependent on one’s strength or luck.

Just like any other game, though, this one is defined by its rules, and the processes these rules allow for.

Even though these rules are quite loose, they are important.

To play this gratitude game, you must know what it is that you desire.

So, if you would like to be in a wonderful relationship, or want a great job — among an infinite number of other, equally valuable, possibilities — you must be aware of this desire.

Right after you know what it is that you desire, you must, while playing the game, assume that your wish is a reality.

For some of us, this is quite difficult. But, it’s a very important part of the game and the results this game creates are dependent on you assuming this wish is a reality.

You must, then, with that assumption in mind, find ten things that you appreciate, regarding the fulfillment of this wish.

So, if you are choosing to be in a lovely relationship, you can appreciate the comfort you feel when you’re with your partner; the intense sense of lovely and passion that you feel towards them, and that they feel towards you; the lovely memories you’ve created with them; and so on and so forth, until you reach ten things that you are deeply appreciative of.

Each one of these rules, and the processes that they support, are very important.

You can, by following these rules, select your wish, and bring it to life, through the use of your own creative power, and the power of your assumptions and feelings.

Select Your Fulfilled Wish

Right before you begin the game, you must select a single wish.

Your wish can be anything. Anything at all.

So, if you would like to be in a loving relationship with a great person, or want to own a beautiful home on the beach — among an infinite number of other possibilities — you can select that as your wish.

To make this game fun and enjoyable, you should choose a wish that suggests possibilities.

A loving relationship with a great person suggests a multitude of possibilities.

Some of these possibilities include the memories you share with this person, a sense of comfort, a sense of passion, a sense of love, giving your love to this person, receiving love from this person; and so on and so forth.

Each one of these possibilities is important, since they expand the essence of your wish, allowing you to more easily enter, with your imagination, the state of this wish being fulfilled.

Experience The Gifts Of Your Fulfilled Wish

Take a moment to assume that your wish is a present fact.

Just assume that it’s true, allowing the nice feelings to wash over you.

For myself, this often feels a little silly. But, when I take a step back, and try to “pretend”, it makes things a lot easier, since I’m just being playful and seeing what happens.

A similar attitude may, for you, be quite useful.

Right after you step into your chosen assumption, take a moment to appreciate your wish.

Appreciate your wish and, then, find ten things you appreciate about the wish.

Just ten things that relate to your wish that you are very appreciative of and very happy with.

So, if you own a lovely home on a beautiful beach, you can appreciate the beauty of this beach, the fact that you own this home, just how easy it is to take vacations, the fact that it’s a great place to go when you need to be alone; and so on and so forth, until you come up with ten things.

Everytime you think of something, let yourself enjoy the feeling of your fulfilled wish, while also knowing that your feelings are creative forces that are, in that moment, bringing your wish to life.

You will, by persisting in those moments, and appreciating your wish fulfilled regularly, bring all that you desire to life.

Move Forward

After you go through the ten things you love about your fulfilled wish, you can end the game.

Or, you can keep playing, coming up with more things you love about your wish.

You can end the game when you want to. But, when you end this game, make an effort to come away with a lovely feeling, as well as a knowing, of sorts, that your wish is fulfilled.

Right now, you may not see evidence of this. By persisting in the feelings this game conjures, though, the evidence will appear and in doing so, your wish will come to life.

Just remember that and, most of all, remember the extraordinary creative power you possess.

You can, through simple acts of play, bring your wishes to life, with ease.


A simple act of play is enough to bring your greatest wishes and visions to life.

Just take some time to play this game and, in doing so, watch as great things begin to arise.

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