Play As A Divine Purpose

You are a being of infinite creative power. You possess the ability to create, experience, become, do, learn, and discover — among many other descriptors — anything. You are a being of infinite creative power, and you are a creative power.

All of these truths give way to a multitude of questions. Many of these questions, when engaged with in a manner that is both sincere and concentrated, erode our past assumptions about who we are and what we are capable of, as well as the habits and paths that we engage in and walk down with consistency.

Out of the many, many questions that can — and should — be asked, few are more important than “What is my purpose in life?”

Your Purpose

A question of this magnitude possesses a limitless number of responses. None of these responses is invalid, unless — and, this is just my opinion, but based on my own assumptions about your ethical codes, I’m sure you would agree — it involves hurting others, whether physically or emotionally.

No one can answer this question for you. You are the only one that can define your own purpose and, in turn, that which gives you meaning.

But, with that being said, this is not an easy question to answer. Some would say it is, in fact, almost impossible to answer. There are simply too many possibilities, too many open spaces, and too much uncertainty.

Some would even say that this is the wrong question to ask. Rather, questions such as “What is the greatest value that I can give others?” or “What makes me feel truly alive?” may, for some, be far more constructive and valuable.

No matter the question you ask, it is likely that you will receive a response. Perhaps, this response may not be very good, or quite what you are looking for, but something will come from the act of asking a question with sincerity and choosing to explore such a question with deliberate focus.

No matter the responses you receive — multiple responses, over time, is likely, and it is likely these responses will shift as you grow — there is a concept that you may enjoy learning about and remembering.


Everything in this universe — the planets, the stars, life itself; and, so much more — came from “Lila”.

You can find “Lila” in many books throughout the various schools of Indian philosophy. Even though the schools of philosophy tend to differ on their overall interpretation, the basic concept remains quite similar: Lila is the act of divine play, and it was Lila that gave birth to our universe.

Everything that is, and everything that ever will be, is but an act of divine play on the part of beings far greater than we can truly comprehend.

Even if you do not believe that — personally, I am not so sure, but the concept is certainly enchanting — it is worth considering what that means.

Play is the foundation of the universe. Play is the foundation of your life. Play is the foundation of yourself. Play is the foundation of your infinite creative abilities.

You are, just as the beings that gave birth to our universe and this life of ours, a being who is free to, explore, learn, discover, create, and play.

The beings that created our universe were just playing. There was no pretense. There was no pomposity. There was no grandiose aim.

Rather, it was all but an act of play, and this act of play gave way to a creation of unfathomable beauty.

Perhaps, your purpose in life is similar. Perhaps, your purpose in life is to play. Perhaps, your purpose in life is to forfeit the aims and goals that, while desirable on some level, fail to evoke feelings and moods of the highest order. Perhaps, your purpose is to play, to engage with what evokes the most extraordinary moods and emotions within you, and to give that, in the capacity is that is most appropriate and value, to those around you.

To play with your extraordinary creative abilities. To play with the many, many sources of bliss and inspiration that exist all around you. To play with the themes, concepts, and aspirations that drive you forward and evoke states of the highest order.

To play with who you are, and to do so in the knowing that you are far more than you can ever know, and that the greatest give you can give others is that which results from the most joyous and sincere forms of play you are capable of.


None of the ideas that have been just described are “the truth”. I don’t know the truth. But, the concept of Lila is fascinating and, if explored, transformative.

My only request is not that you believe in what’s been written, but that you set aside a little time this week to play more than you usually do. The act of play does not matter, only that it inspires you, on some level, and evokes a sense of joy and, perhaps, bliss itself.

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