My 4 Themes For 2023

Maxwell Akin
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Every year is a new journey.

A new journey that is defined by our choices.

Our choice of goals and aims.

Right beyond goals and aims, though, there are themes.

Goals and aims are lovely. But, they are fixed and finite, confined to specific ends.

Specific ends that, if we choose to divert from them or fail to meet them, can bring us a deep sense of unnecessary shame and dissatisfaction.

Rather than focusing solely on goals and aims, we can focus on themes.

We can live within themes. And, in living within themes, we can embrace a wealth of new, exciting possibilities that resonate with us in ways we might never have expected.

Just as with 2022, my choice is that of living within themes.

And, with that, here are my four themes for 2023.

Theme 01: Adventure

Our universe is infinitely rich with adventure.

Some of these adventures are known to me.

But, on account of the infinite adventures that exist within this moment, most of them are not.

To live within the theme of “Adventure” is to embrace this fact.

The act of embracing this fact is an act of saying “Yes” to adventure.

Saying “Yes” to new adventures and new possibilities and new experiences.

And, in turn, actively looking for new, beautiful adventures.

Consciously searching, and finding, adventures that excite and inspire.

And, then, taking those adventures and stepping into them.

Stepping into the adventures that come forth, allowing them to turn into memories and stories.

Rich, delightful memories, overflowing with novelty and vividity, serving as stories worth sharing.

Many of the adventures that 2023 will soon bring may fail to create such memories and stories.

And, in the end, that’s fine.

For every adventure is, on its own, an opportunity to live.

To really live.

To really be a part of this universe.

To really be here, right now, within this beautiful moment.

And, in the end, that is more than enough.

Theme 02: Creativity

Every single one of my favorite activities is rooted in some form of creativity.

Just about everything that we are, and everything that we can be, is rooted in some form of creativity.

The same is true of all that we do and all that we can do.

On some level, that is.

My intention is to live within this truth.

To live within the infinite creativity that we are and can always be.

And, in living within this infinite creativity, to create.

To create new essays and stories.

To create new methods and techniques.

To create new sounds and samples.

To create new drawings and paintings.

To create new films and images.

And so on and so forth.

None of these forms are particularly novel or unique. But, they are fun and rewarding.

To live within the infinite creativity that we are is to embrace the creative acts that excite and inspire, while also engaging with these creative acts in ways that are both new and transformative.

Rather than sticking to tried and true forms and habits, living within our infinite creativity means going beyond such things and seeing what happens when we do so.

All of this, and so much more, composes my second theme for 2023.

Theme 03: Exploration

Our universe is infinitely rich with exploratory opportunities.

And, in that sense, this theme is nearly identical to “Adventure.”

But, there are a few differences.

On its own, adventure refers to a series of activities and experiences.

Sure, the act of adventuring can serve as a way of being in the world. But, that is not what it means to me, nor does “Adventure,” as a theme, evoke that same sensibility.

The theme of “Exploration,” though, reminds me of being an explorer.

Just being in this world and, in being in this world, experiencing life as an explorer.

Constantly searching, and finding, opportunities for exploration.

And, then, pursuing these opportunities, allowing them to exist as they are, while also engaging with the infinite possibilities they bring forth.

Some of the ways that we, as creative beings, can explore, are as follows:

  • Reading Books
  • Conducting Experiments
  • Asking New Questions
  • Meeting New People
  • Diving Into New Subjects
  • Learning New Skills
  • Visiting New Places
  • Going Outside Of Our Habits
  • Embracing New Perspectives
  • Pursuing Novel Possibilities

And so on and so forth, infinitely and endlessly; ad infinitum.

To live within the theme of “Exploration” is to embrace these ways of exploring.

To embrace these ways of exploring and to engage with the infinite opportunities they offer.

To engage with the infinite opportunities they offer and to enjoy the wealth of gifts they grant us.

And, in engaging with all that the theme of “Exploration” allows for, we grow and evolve past what we are, to what we wish to be, while living a life that embraces the infinite beauty and richness of our universe and ourselves.

Theme 04: Success

Success is defined as “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.”

Given what was mentioned earlier, regarding goals, aims, and themes, this is somewhat contradictory.

But, at the same time, it isn’t.

Our aims and purposes are our own.

Rather than confining ourselves to the paths and potentials that appear valid, we can select the aims and purposes that excite and inspire us.

To accomplish this, we must consider what success means to us.

And, in considering what success means to us, we must choose to follow success.

To follow our own definition of success, in a way that allows this form of success to arise.

All throughout the year of 2023, my daily actions will, in their own way, be centered within this theme.

Right beyond these daily actions, there will be opportunities for new forms of success and new ways of being successful.

Rather than saying “No” to them, in favor of a limited and confined version, there will be a “Yes.”

A “Yes” that is rooted in a commitment to adventure and exploration.

For, if nothing else, it is worth enjoying the experience and seeing what happens.

All of this, and far more, comprises the theme of “Success” and my experience within it.


Right now, the year is very young; it is January 1st, as of this moment.

My themes may shift and evolve, as the year continues.

Shifting and changing and growing are all valuable parts of life and living.

No matter what, though, these themes are important to me and, as such, they will remain on my mind and within view.



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