Manifesting With Memory: Desire & Experience

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Our intention, with this essay, is exploring.

Exploring what?

A new idea that came to me: desire and memory are intertwined.

Right within this idea, there is another: you can harness memory to manifest your desires.

So, with that in mind, let’s begin!

Desire & Experience

Right within every desire, there is an experience.

Or more specifically, a set of experiences.

Just as an example, right now, you may want more money.

If you go into this desire, you can find a wealth of different experiences, some of which are as follows:

  • Buying the things you enjoy.
  • Enjoying moments of pure, rich, and tangible security.
  • Seeing your bank account with more money.

And so on and so forth.

The notion outlined above applies to every desire.

Every desire that you can ever yearn for and, in yearning for, bring to fruition.

Every desire is an experience.

You can engage with this experience, using your wonderful imagination, to manifest your wishes.

Right before we clarify how to do this, though, there is one other idea that must be clarified.

Experiences Are Memories

Every memory was once an experience.

Some of these memories may be far more intangible than others — being, and feeling, in love, for example, which is predicated on specific moments, yet rooted within inner states — but, in the end, these are all experiences.

And, within the notion outlined above, there is another: every experience is a memory.

A memory that already exists within you.

Or, a future memory, just waiting to be experienced and, then, turned into the gift that is a memory.

Our central question, then, is as follows: if every desire is an experience, and every experience is a memory or future memory, what happens if we imagine our desire as an experience that we have already enjoyed?

The question outlined above is adjacent to Neville Goddard’s work. And, it is his work that informs our method.

Manifesting With Memory

Our method requires several things from you. And, just as you might assume, the first thing is selecting a desire.

Your desire can be anything.

If you want more money, then that is your desire.

Or, if you want to write a book, then that is your desire.

And so on and so forth, endlessly and infinitely; ad infinitum.

Right after you select your desire, find an experience that lies within this desire.

Just as an example, if you want more money, then one experience would be holding that money in your hand, feeling the power and freedom it engenders, while feeling wealthy.

Or, if you want to write a book, one experience would be holding the finished book in your hand, while enjoying a feeling of pride that arises from the fact that you have written something truly special.

Just after you select an experience that lies within your wish, give yourself the freedom to relax.

You can do the above by taking some deep breaths, praying, listening to ASMR; and so on and so forth.

Select the relaxation ritual that works for you.

Within the moments that comprise your relaxation, think about the experience that lies inside of your desire.

Just think nice, loving thoughts about how you “really loved holding that money in my hand” and are “so glad that I was able to enjoy that money” and that, even though you are “making more money now, you really appreciate just how lovely, delightful, and blessed that moment was” for it was such “a nice moment” in your life.

Or, if you want to write a book, you can think nice, loving thoughts about how you “remember writing the book” and remember “how easily the worlds flowed out of me” and how wonderful it was to “hold the book in my hand, knowing that I had created it and made this special, special thing.”

If you can do the above for a few minutes, you will begin to feel as if your wish was, and is, something that you have experienced and, as your experience with this “memory” suggests, are still experiencing.

Right after those few minutes pass, you can let your wish go, allowing it to manifest for you.

Just to conclude this section, here is a numbered list going over how you can employ this method:

  1. Select your desire.
  2. Find one experience that lies within/relates to that desire.
  3. Relax yourself.
  4. Think nice, loving thoughts about your memory of your chosen desire/experience.
  5. Really feel as if your wish has been, and is, real to you.
  6. Let it go and conclude your session.

All of the above will make it much easier for you to manifest your wishes.

A Few Useful Thoughts

The goal of this section is to clarify a few useful thoughts, regarding the application of our memory method.

Our first thought is as follows: imagining one’s wish as a past experience can be worrying, because it seems to assert that our wish was a fact but, since it’s a memory, it is no longer a fact of our life.

On its own, the above is true. But, there are two notions that may be of use to you: you are, in imagining your wish as a fact, going to the end and experiencing your wish as the lovely memory it will be, when it happens.

Every fulfilled desire will turn into a memory. By going to the end of this process, you make it easier for yourself to feel, and experience, your wish as a reality, thereby making it much easier for that wish to manifest.

If you want a new, long-term job, though, then this can be a little tricky, for the following reason: remembering the job that you had seems to suggest that you had it, and it was great, but you don’t have it anymore.

The above is true. And, to solve this problem, you can do one of two things: assert, within the lovely thoughts that arise from your imagined memory, that you are still there and making more money, but appreciate the memory.

Or, you can remember getting the job and the first few years, while appreciating how you are still there, or have moved on, and just how good your career has been for so long, while appreciating how good your future looks to be.

You can apply the basic framework outlined above to many, many wishes. And, of course, you can think, and appreciate, in the ways that work best for you.

Our final thought is that one of the best ways to employ this method — and, one of the best ways to ensure your success — is to use sensory details.

You can remember holding the big, big pile of money in your hand, just enjoying that lovely sense of freedom, power, and possibility, while dreaming of the possibilities that you would inevitably bring forth.

Or, feeling the sunlight, as it flowed through you, while standing by the sea, on a lovely Summer day, within one of the most beautiful days you have ever experienced.

And so on and so forth, endlessly and infinitely; ad infinitum.

Every single one of these thoughts will make it easier for you to remember from the future, thereby creating the future that you truly yearn to experience.


You can live the life of your dreams.

My hope is that this method helps you do so.

No matter what, though, thank you for reading!

Best wishes and have a lovely day!



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