Heaven Is Right Here On Earth

Just about every work of “New Thought” philosophy mentions “Heaven” at least once or twice.

Many of these same works speak of Heaven as being “right here on Earth”.

But, what does that mean, exactly? And, if that’s true, how can you find the Heaven that’s right here on Earth?

You will, by the time you finish reading this quick essay, know the answer to both of those questions.

Heaven Is Right Here On Earth

Spiritual realms, such as “Heaven”, along with many others, exist.

In my view, that is.

But, even though these spiritual realms exist, outside of our own, the gifts and blessings these spiritual realms offer can be found right here and right now.

Or, at least, the notions — peace, bliss, happiness, contentment; and so on and so forth — defining these spiritual realms can be found right here and right now.

To find Heaven, right here on Earth, we must know what Heaven is.

For you, the answer to this question will, in its own way, be distinctive. For others, the answer to this question will also, in its own way, be distinctive.

Everyone’s perception of Heaven, and what Heaven means is a little different from that of others.

If you can look at yourself, though, and consider what makes you feel alive, happy, content, blissful, in awe — and so on and so forth, since these are feelings that are, to you, evocative of “Heaven” — then you can find your own perception of Heaven and, more importantly, your own perception of what makes this world truly worth experiencing.

A Heaven List

The easiest way to discover Heaven on Earth is, in my experience, to create a “Heaven List”.

A Heaven List is a list of things that, when you’re experiencing them, make you feel like Heaven is right here, on Earth.

For me, my list contains things like “lying down, underneath a tree, on a gorgeous day”, “reading a great book”, “laughing with someone I love”, “being in awe at the endless wonders of our universe”, “taking a nice walk at night with good friends”; and so on and so forth.

Every one of these examples is relatable and, in a way, quite easy to experience.

But, despite this being the case, these are valuable experiences that enrich one’s life in a wide assortment of lovely ways.

Everyone’s list is different, so don’t feel bad if what’s on my list isn’t what’s on your list.

The most important thing is to know what it is that comprises your own personal Heaven, right here on Earth.

If you know that, and are willing to write it down, while also adding new things that arise as time passes, then you can always find Heaven right where you are.

Remembering The Truth About Heaven

Right after you make your Heaven List, take the time to put it somewhere you’ll remember to look at it.

Later on, as time passes, you’ll experience something that fits with the theme of the list.

Anytime that happens, take a moment to add onto the list, to record another great experience that tells you that Heaven is right here on Earth.

To really affirm this truth, and to live from this truth, there’s something else that you can, and should do.

Every single day, take something from your list, and do it.

If taking a nice walk is, for you, just like Heaven, then take a nice walk. Maybe not every single day, but as often as you can.

The same can be said for any other activity.

If you make some time to engage with the Heaven that’s right here on Earth, every single day, then your days will turn into an experience within Heaven.

All of this, course, comes together to create a Heavenly life.

Your Heavenly life.


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