Going To The End And Manifesting Your Wealthy Life

Maxwell Akin
5 min readNov 23, 2023

Our goal, with this essay, is to clarify a tool.

A tool you can use to live the wealthy life you wish to live.

You can use this tool at any time.

Or, for that matter, within any location.

And, if you do so consistently, good things will happen.

You will begin to live your wealthy life.

Right before we clarify this tool, though, we must go over three key points.

And, so, with that in mind, let’s begin!

Your Wealthy Life

You can live the wealthy life you wish to live.

And, your wealthy life can be anything.

Just as an example, your wealthy life may involve traveling and visiting different countries, while having the money and time to do that, as well as the other things you love.

Or, your wealthy life may involve a wealth of other things that resonate with you.

No matter the life that you wish to live, you can live it.

Right before you can do that, though, you must clarify what your wealthy life truly looks like.

Going To The End

Many of us — and, really, by “many of us,” I am referring to myself — assume that, if we want something, we must imagine that we have the money to enjoy that particular thing.

Or, at least, that is a habit that we can and, perhaps, often do, engage in.

Even though this habit may seem useful and appropriate, that is not often the case.

Rather, money is often a means to an end.

Even though means are important, they are not the end.

Our goal within the play of manifesting is, as per Neville Goddard’s work, to go to the end.

Just as an example, if you want a new computer, you can imagine having the money to purchase that computer.

But, if you would like to speed up the process, and to really make use of your innate abilities, you can go to the end result which, in this context, would be you already owning the computer and using it for what you wish to do.

The same basic principle applies to the wealthy lifestyle you wish to live.

Rather than focusing on the money you need to live this wealthy lifestyle — or, for that matter, the job you need or the source of your income, among other elements — you can focus on the lifestyle.

And, in focusing on the lifestyle, you can allow yourself to feel as if you are living this lifestyle and that you are, in turn, doing, and enjoying, all of the things you would like to do.

Just as an example, if you would like to live a wealthy lifestyle where you travel and write, then you can imagine that you are traveling and writing and, in doing so, you can appreciate the richness of this lifestyle and your life.

If you focus on that, and really allow yourself to feel that, then you will manifest everything you need to live that lifestyle, as well as the lifestyle itself.

A Quick Story

Right before we clarify the ways in which you can use our tool to live your wealthy life, we must share a story.

A story that comes from my own life and, in turn, my own experiments.

You see, this tool has been used by me, time after time, to manifest the lifestyle that is currently being lived.

Or, more specifically, currently being lived by me.

A lifestyle that involves the following:

  • Going to bed/waking up when I want to go to bed/wake up.
  • Working when I want to work.
  • Living in Asia.
  • Diving into my passions and interests whenever I want to.
  • Buying what I want to buy.
  • Eating all of the lovely foods that I wish to eat.
  • Enjoying fun, easy work that I really love.

And, well, you get the idea.

A variety of tools have been employed, in order for me to live this life.

Out of all these tools, though, my favorite is gratitude.

Or, more specifically, a gratitude game that involves appreciating certain aspects of this life.

You see, within the early part of May, in 2022, I would spend about twenty-minutes, throughout the day, walking and, while walking, appreciating the wealth and richness of my life.

A wide variety of things were appreciated:

  • Being able to go to the movies whenever I wanted.
  • Enjoying a wide variety of delicious foods.
  • A fat bank account with a tremendous amount of savings.
  • Having all of the time and energy I need to do what I love to do.
  • A sense of success and security.

And so on and so forth.

Right within the two-week period that was spent doing this, a massive raise came to me, out of the blue, from my employer, as well as a wide variety of new clients.

Since then, my employment situation has shifted and evolved. But, the wealthy lifestyle remains.

Come to think of it, the wealthy lifestyle has only grown stronger and stronger, as time has passed.

Given the story outlined above, my assertion is as follows: you can employ the same tool to live the wealthy lifestyle that you truly yearn to live.

Diving Into Your Wealthy Life

Right before you can employ this tool, you must clarify what your wealthy life looks like.

And, in turn, what it feels like.

Just as an example, if you wish to go to expensive restaurants on a regular basis, then write that down.

Or, if you want to travel regularly, to new countries, then write that down, too.

Some of what you want may seem remarkably bold or unlikely. But, even so, write it down.

Give yourself the time, and freedom, to record at least eleven components/elements of your wealthy life.

Some of them you may not be super comfortable with at this time — travel is a passion of mine, but it isn’t always something that I want to do, as I value being at home — but, even so, make sure to write it down.

Outside of the above, when you write something down, try to clarify what you would feel, if you were enjoying that particular aspect of your lifestyle, at this particular time.

Just as an example, if you would like to travel, then imagine how you might feel if you were traveling and seeing new, beautiful places on a regular basis.

All of this information will be used to help you feel as if you are currently living that wealthy life.

Making It Happen

Soon after you clarify what your wealthy life looks, and feels, like, you must appreciate it.

Or, more specifically, you must appreciate the components/elements that comprise your wealthy life, as if you were currently living this wealthy life and enjoying its vast riches.

And, to accomplish this, you can give yourself a few minutes, every single day, to appreciate ten things about your wealthy life.

Just as an example, you might appreciate seeing movies whenever you want to, visiting different places around the world, eating at buffets; and so on and so forth.

Give yourself a few minutes to do this, every single day.

Or, if you really want to move full speed ahead, make it a game, of sorts, and do it as often as you can.

Just allow yourself to appreciate this wealthy lifestyle as often as you would like to, all while enjoying these feelings.

If you do this often enough, you will have saturated your mind with these feelings.

And, in saturating your mind, you will bring forth the wealthy life that you wish to live.


Just to wrap this up, thank you so much for reading this essay!

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Best wishes and have a lovely day!



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