Everything Is Connected: A Lateral Thinking Tool

Maxwell Akin
4 min readJun 12, 2024


Our intention, with this essay, is exploring.

Exploring what?

A new practice that you can use to stimulate your infinite creativity.

Or, perhaps, to access your infinite creativity.

Regardless of that particular notion, let’s dive right in!

Everything Is Connected

Just what the title says.

Everything is connected.

The word “everything” really does mean “everything.”

Even the things that don’t seem connected are, in fact, connected.

Just as an example, “methodologies” and, then, “water.”

Both of those things are very, very different from one another. But, they are connected.

Connected in an infinite number of unique ways, manners, and forms; ad infinitum.

Our thesis, then, is that not only is everything connected in an infinite number of ways, but that finding these connections serves as one of the many, many means through which we can stimulate/access our creativity.

Or, more specifically, our infinite creativity.

Right before we dive a little deeper into this thesis, there is one idea that must be clarified.

You Are A Creative Being

If you’re alive right now — and, presumably, you are — then you are creative.

You are a creative being.

Creativity is your birthright, as a result of this fact.

Right within your very depths, and beyond the confines of your senses, is infinite creativity.

Your creativity is infinite; no endings, limits, boundaries; ad infinitum.

Just imagine your creativity as an infinite ocean.

You can swim across this ocean for eternity after eternity, never reaching any boundaries.

The same is true for the creativity that you possess, have, and, arguably, truly are.

All of this is lovely. But, does it relate to this essay, and its central notion?

You can access your infinite creativity using a wide, wide variety of tools, methods, systems; ad infinitum.

Many of these tools serve as “forces,” as it were, of lateral thinking.

You can use these tools to think beyond your assumptions, beliefs, and habits. And, in doing so, you can access the infinite creativity that lies beyond such things, allowing for an endless wealth of novel things to flow into you.

Just as you might assume, “finding connections” is one of the tools that allows you to access your infinite creativity.

Finding Connections

To find the connections you need, to access/stimulate your infinite creativity, you must select two things.

Just two things.

Our selection, for the example you can find in the next section, is as follows: methods and water.

Right after that, you can ask certain questions. Some of the questions you might ask are as follows:

  • What are a few tangible ways these two things are connected?
  • How are these two things connected to the same source?
  • How are these two things connected?
  • In what ways do these two things lead to the same thing?
  • What are a few intangible ways these two things are connected?

And so on and so forth, endlessly and infinitely; ad infinitum.

You ask the questions you wish to ask. And, then, you come up with a few ideas, regarding each question.

Every session requires at least ten ideas, regarding these connections.

Or, at least, that’s what each session requires, for me. But, for you, it can be different; you may come up with five ideas, instead of ten, among an infinite wealth of other possibilities.

If you can use the method outlined above, you will find new connections, which will stimulate your creativity.

The above is my promise.

A Quick Example Of Our Method

Right before we sign off, there is one more thing to share.

A quick example of our method; we are finding the connections that exist between methods and water.

You can find this example right below:

  • Certain methods can be used to find or harness — among other things — water in different ways.
  • Every method arises from water, in the sense that our brain has a vaguely liquid, watery aspect.
  • We came from water, in a certain sense, so methods arise from water, in that way.
  • The concept of a “method” is, on some level, rooted within language, just as the word “water” is.
  • You can make methods that involve water and using water or harnessing it or finding it; ad infinitum.
  • Water can stimulate our creativity and make it easier for us to make methods and systems; ad infinitum.
  • A random invention idea came to me: water, powered by intention, that stimulates that ability.
  • “Water” is a concept, as are “methods;” right within both concepts, there are infinite others, in a way.
  • Methods can lead to health — such as methods for healthy living — and water does the same thing.
  • Water is connected to methods because without water we couldn’t invent or use — ad infinitum — methods.

And so on and so forth, endlessly and infinitely; ad infinitum.

None of the ideas outlined above are very good. But, they are interesting!


Just to wrap this up, thank you for reading!

If you enjoyed this essay, then that is lovely!

Best wishes and have a lovely day!



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