Divine Inspiration Is Your Birthright

Maxwell Akin
4 min readJun 15, 2024


Our intention, with this essay, is exploring.

Exploring what?

Divine inspiration.

So, with that in mind, let’s begin.

The Definition Of Inspiration

The definition of inspiration is as follows: the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

On its own, that definition is fine. But, we are concerned with a deeper, and far more broad, vision of inspiration.

A deeper, and far more broad, vision of inspiration that is better encapsulated within this particular definition of inspiration: the drawing in of breath.

But, when we are inspired, we do not draw in breath, as such; we draw in awe, novelty, wonder, enthusiasm, passion and, in turn, all that such things engender, make, serve, and allow for.

Right before we go any further, we must clarify what “divine inspiration” means.

“Divine” is a descriptor.

Every bit of inspiration is inherently divine; a little piece of transcendence.

Some forms of inspiration can be considered more “divine” than others. But, inspiration is always divine.

That is our contention. And, that is, on some level, the focal point of this essay.

Inspiration Is Divine

Every bit of inspiration is divine.

A little piece of divinity.

You might think of it in that way. And, if you do, it’s a nice way of thinking.

There is one thing to know, though: every bit of inspiration is a little different.

Some bits of inspiration are rich with wonder, awe, and love; they help you remember why being alive is a very, very special thing, while also guiding you to greater sources of expression, magic, and creativity.

Other bits of inspiration are simple, yet profound; a new idea that speaks to you or gives you a nice shot of awe.

And, then, there are some bits of inspiration that can be considered transcendent, in the deepest, richest, and most profound manner possible.

Just as an example, a bit of inspiration unfolds within you, guiding you to all manner of spiritual revelations that fundamentally transform the way you experience the world and, by extension, yourself.

A good example of the above, within my own life, is the work of Neville Goddard; Goddard’s work opened the doorways to a new way of living that has enriched my life in ways beyond measure.

Right beyond these distinctions, though, there is something else.

The “something else,” in question, is as follows: there are infinite gradations, variations, and levels of inspiration.

Some are higher. Some are lower.

And some transcend these distinctions entirely.

You can keep going within this concept and, in doing so, you will never reach any endings.

Or, for that matter, any limits, boundaries, conclusions; ad infinitum.

Inspiration is infinite, in infinite ways, manners, forms; ad infinitum.

You Have The Right To Infinite Inspiration

Inspiration is infinite.

And, right within you — the “you” that you are, and the “you” that are you connected to; ad infinitum — there exists an infinite ocean of unending inspiration.

The “ocean” is a metaphor. But, every metaphor contains a little bit of truth.

You can wade into this metaphorical ocean whenever you choose to. By doing so, you will be inspired.

Even more than that, though, you will be inspired in the manner that you wish to be inspired.

If you would like to be inspired in a manner that engenders grand, unending revelations, then that is what will arise.

Or, if you would like a new idea that grabs your attention, then that, too, is what will arise.

You have the right to inspiration whenever you want. And, you have the right to inspiration, of any sort.

A nice way of putting this is that you, as the wonderful being you are, are entitled.

Entitled to what?

Infinite inspiration; beyond any limits, boundaries, or conclusions; ad infinitum.

The Gift Of An Inspired Life

A truly magical life is a life that is rich with inspiration.

The spice of life.

That’s what inspiration is.

On some level, at the very least.

The things that make us see life as it truly is, are found within inspiration.

And, these things are as follows: awe, enthusiasm, novelty, passion, creativity; and so on and so forth.

If we find ourselves in a world without those things, we find ourselves in a world where we cannot see.

See what?

The infinite beauty, wonder, and possibility within all things, yet beyond any encapsulating notion.

You must, must, must be inspired. And, in the end, inspiration is your birthright.

A Collection Of Tools

To access, and enjoy, your infinite inspiration, there are certain tools you can use.

You can find a collection of different essays, centered on these tools, right below:

You can employ the tools outlined within those essays to access your infinite inspiration with remarkable ease.


Just to wrap this up, thank you so much for reading!

Out of all the essays on this blog, this one may be one of the most disjointed.

But, the ideas, while somewhat vague, are powerful.

My hope is that you employ these ideas and, in doing so, that you step into the infinite inspiration within you.

Regardless of that, though, please have a great day!



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