Becoming Who You Wish To Be With A Fun Gratitude Game

A simple, playful act is more than enough to bring forth your desires.

You will, by reading this essay, learn all about a game that allows you to develop the qualities and traits you wish to possess.

By playing this game regularly, you will be able to develop your desired qualities and traits with ease and joy.

You Create Yourself

Every single person reading this essay — and everyone who isn’t, of course — possesses extraordinary creative power.

You can, with your extraordinary creative power, create, within yourself, the qualities and traits — along with an infinite variety of other things — that you wish to possess.

To bring forth what it is that you desire, you must feel yourself to be the person you wish to be and, in doing so, you will act in ways that align with who you’ve chosen to be.

You can accomplish this task in many, many ways.

By reading the next sections of this essay, you will learn one simple, playful way that allows you to accomplish the aforementioned task.

The simple, playful way you will soon learn all about is rooted in your own extraordinary creative power, as well as your ability to evoke specific feelings, regardless of present circumstances

Right before we dive in, there’s one thing that must be emphasized: everything you’re about to read comes from my own experiences, and the assumptions those experiences have lead to.

So, in essence, some of what I write may resonate with you, and some of it may not. That’s totally okay. Pick and choose what works for you, and, please, walk the path that is best for your needs and your desires.

A Few Rules

Every game is defined by its rules.

For, out of these rules, a series of processes are born.

Each one of these processes serves as the way in which a game is played. The way in which a game is played serves to, of course, facilitate the results a particular game can lead to.

To play this game successfully, you must follow these rules.

But, if there are certain rules that you wish to adjust, rather than eliminate, please feel free to do so, since this is your game and your life.

No matter what, though, you must follow the most important rule, which is to select a particular quality or trait that you wish to possess.

So, if you want to become a better speaker — to name one possibility — you can select that.

Right after you select a quality or trait, you must, if only for a moment, pretend that you already possess that particular quality/trait.

You must then think of ten things that you appreciate about possessing that quality or trait.

To make this easier, you can pretend that you’ve possessed your chosen quality or trait for quite some time, so the effects of this quality/trait are a little easier to notice.

As you think of those ten things, allow yourself to feel a genuine sense of appreciation.

Soon enough, after you go through those ten things, allowing yourself to appreciate each and everyone of them, you will feel as if you are the person you wish to be.

You will, by continuing to play this game, develop those traits and qualities with ease, becoming who you wish to be.

Playing The Game

Let’s say that you would like to become a better speaker.

Right now you are, perhaps, a little shy, cannot articulate yourself as well as you would like, and would like to speak in a more deliberate, confident manner.

So, with that trait/quality in mind — deliberate, confident speaking — you must pretend that you are a great speaker and, to make this game a little easier, have been for a while.

Right after this, you must think of ten things that you appreciate about this trait/quality, as well as who you are and what you can do.

Some of the ten things might be as follows; you appreciate the sense of confidence your speaking gives you, you appreciate the ease in which you can articulate your thoughts, you appreciate the confidence that you’ve developed over the years, you appreciate the ease in which you can share your ideas, you appreciate the fact that you can give presentations at work, you appreciate the loving words you can share with those that you love.

Each one of these is a fact of who you are, and the life that follows who you are, that you can appreciate in this moment.

By taking some time to appreciate who you are becoming, as if you were that person right now, you will become that person with ease.


You can, by playing this game on a regular basis, quickly develop the traits and qualities you wish to possess.

The ways in which these traits and qualities develop will be natural and, in many cases, seemingly effortless.

All it takes, for you to be who you wish to be, is a simple, playful investment.

A simple playful investment that is rooted in the extraordinary creative powers that you possess.


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