Automatic Writing & Neverending Creativity

The practice of automatic writing is exceptionally valuable.

You can, through the act of writing in an automatic manner, access the infinite treasure trove of ideas within you.

Each one of these ideas can be used as a source of guidance, wisdom, possibility, storytelling; and so on and so forth, endlessly and infinitely.

Accessing this infinite treasure trove of ideas is easy.

Just follow the method, let the words come to you, look over your writing.

That’s all there is to it.

And yet, within this simple method, there exists limitless potential.

What Is Automatic Writing?

Automatic writing is, according to Google, “writing said to be produced by a spiritual, occult, or subconscious agency rather than by the conscious intention of the writer.”

For the most part, that definition suits our purposes.

But, we’re not focused on the spiritual or occult implications.

Rather, we’re focused on the act of writing without conscious intention.

To some, that means letting the unconscious/subconscious take over.

To others, that means letting our innate creative abilities come forth, without mediation from our own presence and awareness.

Rather than relying on the conscious mind to select the words, you allow the words to come forth onto the page.

You may possess a particular theme or intention. But, you are not consciously choosing how you approach that theme or intention.

Even though the fruits of this act can be rather mixed, automatic writing is always a source of novel ideas, unique perspectives, and enchanting possibilities.

Accessing A Limitless Supply Of Creative Ideas

You can use automatic writing for a rich assortment of purposes.

Many have used automatic writing as a way of connecting with the spiritual realms.

Many have used automatic writing as a way of accessing the unconscious mind.

Many have used automatic writing as a way of uncovering subconscious beliefs/blockages.

Many have used automatic writing as a source of unique ideas.

The latter reason is our focus.

For whatever reason, it appears that we, as human beings, possess a limitless supply of creativity.

A limitless supply of creativity that is, presumably, further enhanced by the neverending abundance of novelty and potential that our world offers.

No one can perceive every last drop of abundance within a single moment or space.

Not consciously, that is.

But, perhaps, on an unconscious level, or a level that cannot be articulated, all of this abundance is absorbed.

Through the application of our conscious awareness, we can access some of the neverending creative supply that exists.

Through the application of our unconscious awareness, using specific methods, we can access the entirety of our neverending creative supply.

Or, something like that.

The answer is unknown.

But, what is known, is that as human beings, we are creative.

Our creativity can be accessed through the use of specific methods.

Automatic writing is one such method.

A method that, in my own life, has been the source of new perspectives, new paths, and plenty of ideas.

Beyond those practical applications, though, automatic writing has also been the source of joy.

So, if you’re creative — you’re a human being, presumably, so you are — and want to play, then automatic writing is a lovely method to play with.

The Method

To write in an automatic manner, you must first choose your medium.

Some people insist on pen and paper.

Some people insist that writing on a computer is just as good.

I’m not too sure if either one is better or worse.

Both seem to work well, although the experience is a little different.

For those who can type on a keyboard faster than they write with a pen, you should write with a computer.

For those who feel more comfortable with a pen and some paper, you should write with a pen and some paper.

Right after you choose your medium, you can think of a theme.

Some people choose to keep their automatic writing session open-ended.

You can do that. But, if there’s something you want to explore — a particular concept, for example — then choosing a theme is recommended.

Once you know what you’ll be writing about, you can set aside some time for automatic writing.

A period of time no longer than thirty-minutes seems to be ideal.

A shorter period of time works just as well.

Right after you’ve fulfilled each one of those prerequisites, you can begin writing.

Just start with a word.

Let that word turn into yet another word.

Continue doing so, until the session is finished.

Let the words come forth with little effort.

No need to think over each word.

Just relax, and let the words come forth.

By the time you’re finished, you’ll probably have written a fair amount.

Much of it may not be very good. But, there will, most likely, be a few gems in there.

Take these gems, and record them.

You can return to those gems and, if you choose to do so, polish them off.

The majority of my writings on wealth have come from these automatic writing sessions.

So have most of my stories.

Each one of those ideas, along with others, began as a series of words within a murky, mostly nonsensical, piece of automatic writing.


No matter what anyone says, you are creative.

Far more creative than you may ever know.

Through automatic writing, and other such methods, you can access the infinite creativity that you possess.

Just set aside a little time and play.

As always, thank you so much for reading this essay!

Best wishes, and have a wonderful day!

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