Ask A Question; Receive An Answer

Throughout the past couple of years, there’ve been a lot of questions on my mind.

Each one of these questions has possessed some type of answer.

Sometimes, the answer is vague and unclear. Sometimes, the answer shifts with circumstance.

No matter, though, every question possesses its own unique answer.

To find these answers more easily, in a way that requires less time and energy, there is a method that you can use.

I’ve been using this method for a couple of years.

Even though it isn’t always ideal, more often than not, this method works.

You will, in this essay, learn about this method, and how you can use it.

Sometimes, this method isn’t ideal.

Sometimes, though, it’s just what you need.

Your Questions Have Answers

Every question you can ever ask has an answer.

Sometimes, the answer to your question is dependent on multiple factors. Factors, such as your mood, the time, specific circumstances; among others.

Regardless of that, though, every question you can ever ask has an answer.

You may not know the answer. You may not perceive the existence of an answer. You may not be aware of what the answer would even entail.

No matter what, though, your questions have answers.

To find the answers you are searching for, you must ask your question in a way that brings those answers to you.

You can do this in many, many ways.

You can go online and find a plethora of methods that outline the ways in which you ask questions and receive answers.

Some of these methods involve your “Subconscious Mind” or the power of “Synchronicity”.

Some of these methods involve “deconstructing your question” and “deliberate concentration”.

Each one of these methods offers immense value.

None of these methods will be explored in this particular essay.

Rather, the method you are about to learn is a simple method that involves specificity, gratitude, and expectation.

You can use this method to receive your answer to any question you possess.

A Caveat

Right before we dive in, there’s one caveat you should be aware of.

For elaborate questions with dense answers, this method may not be ideal.

But, at the same time, it might be.

Truth be told, I’m not too familiar with questions of that sort, and I’m definitely not too familiar with using this method as a way of receiving answers to those types of questions.

But, for questions that are relatively simple, yet deeply important, this method has proven to be quite useful.

As always, though, please don’t take my word for it.

Take a moment or two to play with this method and, in doing so, see what happens.

The Method

To use this method successfully, you must ask a question.

But, not just any question.

A specific question.

A specific question that involves themes and concepts you are familiar with.

You can ask “What Is My Purpose In Life?” and, in doing so, receive an answer.

A question, of this sort, contains familiarity.

You understand what “purpose” means, while also being familiar with the ways in which knowing your purpose would shift who you are and what you do.

You can ask “How Can I Design A Vast Artificial Intelligence?”

You may understand what this question means, on some level, but if you are unfamiliar with the ways in which this answer would transform your approach, then it may not be as specific as it appears.

For this reason, asking questions that pertain to your own life and your own conduct seems to be the best use of this method.

For questions that involve technical knowledge and creativity, this method can be somewhat hit-or-miss.

Regardless of that, though, once you know your question, you can engage with the next part of this method.

Take your question — “What Is My Purpose In Life?”, for example — and repeat that question in your mind.

Do so once. Or more, if you want.

Right after doing so, repeat the words “Thank You”.

Let yourself feel appreciative and grateful.

Appreciative and grateful for the fact that you’ve received an answer to your question.

Even more than that, though, you’ve received an answer to a question that holds value.

You are using this answer to enrich your life.

Knowing your purpose, for example, is allowing you to reshape your actions so that you can live a life that is aligned with your purpose.

Even simpler questions contain choices that can enrich your experience of both the world and yourself.

Let yourself feel appreciative and grateful for the answers you’ve received.

Even if you feel that you are “faking it”, just enjoy the process.

Right after that, you can let go of your question.

Know that, by appreciating the answer you will soon receive, you will receive your answer.

Remember this and, in remembering this, expect the answer to come to you soon enough.

You may receive this answer in a way that is expected and familiar.

You may receive this answer in a way that is random and surprising.

No matter, though, you will receive your answer.

Of course, your answer may not be to your liking. Or, the answer you receive may not be aligned with the question you asked.

If that happens, take a moment to reword your question, and perform the method once more.

No matter what, you will receive an answer to your question.

Why Does This Work?

The method works.

For me, at least, since the validity of these concepts can, essentially, only be proven in one’s own personal life.

As for why this method works, that’s a mystery.

My own view of the world is that we all, as human beings, possess limitless creative power.

Through the act of feeling our desire — our desire for an answer — as a present fact, we can harness this creative power and bring forth that which we seek.

The majority of my writing, in this Medium blog, is centered around that notion.

But, of course, this is just one view.

Your view may be very different.

Truth be told, I have no idea if my view is truthful.

But, what I do know is that the methods I share work for me.

Perhaps, these methods are aligned with my own view of the world. Perhaps, they are not.

Regardless of your own views, my hope is that this method works for you and, if not, that you find methods that enrich your life and your understanding of who and what you are.


Remember, no matter your question, there’s an answer.

Just know your question, feel appreciative for the answer that you will receive, while expecting that answer to come forth.

Best wishes, and have a lovely day!

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