A Multiplied Body Of Time

Maxwell Akin
1 min readApr 16, 2024

You can find a unique body of time right below.

Something a little different. But, also, quite fun.

With that in mind, let’s dive right into things!

A Big Figure

Our new body of time is 186 billion years.

You can call this body “Mira.”

Mira is a body of time comprising 186 billion years.

If you were to count up to 186 billion, it would take you around 5,952 years.

Given that, Mira is, it must be said, quite big.

Mira is funny, though; she isn’t just 186 billion years…she’s something else.

A New Body Of Time

Every single nanosecond, Mira multiplies herself.

By herself, that is; she multiplies herself, by herself.

Just as an example, within the first nanosecond, Mira multiplies 186 billion years by 186 billion years.

And, in doing so, she gets 34 sextillion years.

Give or take.

Right after that, within the second nanosecond, Mira multiplies 34 sextillion years by 34 sextillion years.

This leads to 1 quattuordecillion years.

And, well, the process continues, on and on, infinitely and endlessly; ad infinitum.


Just to wrap this up, thank you so much for reading!

Best wishes and, of course, please have a lovely, lovely day!



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