A Journey Of A Thousand Miles

Maxwell Akin
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A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step

The Lao Tzu quote above has always been one of my favorites. It may, or may not, have actually been said by Lao Tzu, but the quote contains an extraordinary amount of wisdom and signifies a principle that, as the days pass, I find to be more and more true.

Every journey — no matter the form or intent of the journey — begins with a single step. It is this single step that leads to the next step, and then the step after that, and then the one after that — and so on and so forth.

No matter the journey that we intend to go on, and no matter the destination that we seek, we must take that first step. By taking that first step, no matter what it may be, we open ourselves up to the life that we are meant to live, the journey we are meant to experience, and the fulfillment of every genuine desire that we hold in the infinite depths of our spirit.

Taking That First Step Has Extraordinary Power

When I write an essay for this blog, there’s a process that I, more often than not, go through. It isn’t a particularly elaborate practice, nor is it one that I’ve put a lot of energy into creating or defining. But, it’s a process, and it’s been good to me.

To begin the process, there’s an idea that I think of. It’s usually just one little idea or a menagerie of various ideas — for example, thinking about a Lao Tzu quote and how that pertains to New Thought Metaphysics and, well, life in general — but it’s there, and I’m intrigued.

Time passes, usually, and the idea takes on a more elaborate and definite structure. It isn’t quite as vague or as open-ended, and there’s a structure there that I can use to say something compelling and meaningful. But, while I can sense the presence of that structure, and while I know that there is plenty that can be done with the material that I have, it’s still very undefined and I’m still uncertain of what I can do with it.

Nevertheless, though, I sit down and I begin writing. I take that first step, I start writing whatever comes to mind that pertains to the topic I’ve chosen and the structure that I’m working with, and I find that something happens.

In no time at all, I’m putting material onto the page that I’m proud of, that’s fun to write, and that is in alignment with the themes and ideas that I had been nurturing. Rather than being a challenging and tedious process, the writing process is actually quite fun and surprisingly effortless.

It all begins, though, with that first word. There’s just one word — one single step — at first, and then that word leads to another word. Soon enough, there’s one-sentence. And then, there’s a paragraph. Until, of course, there’s an entire essay.

None of it happens, without that first word. None of it can take place without that single-step in the right direction.

Knowing What Step To Take

Taking the first step, and beginning a journey of a thousand miles, is a concept that can be applied to any endeavor. It doesn’t matter what it is that you intend to create, do, experience, explore or become; you will need to take that first step, in order to begin and experience the journey that you are choosing to go on.

Knowing what that first step needs to be, though, can be a little challenging. There is often an End Result that we have in mind, a destination that we would like to reach, but getting to that destination from where we are right now can appear to be very daunting.

Regardless of what it is that you are seeking, or the journey that you wish to embark on, there is one action that, I believe, will always serve as a powerful and transformative first-step. It is an action that is, often, less tangible than many others, yet by taking this action, the contents of your Self transform, and so does the world around you.

To begin the journey of a thousand miles, to live the life that you are meant to live, and to be who you are meant to be, you must first make the decision to go on this journey.

In making this decision, you commit to the path that you are about to walk, you commit to experiencing what comes next, and you commit to living the life that you have chosen to live.

When I write an essay for Medium, I make a conscious decision to write that essay, to allow the creative process to be as joyous as it can possibly be, to surrender to the words that are waiting to get out, and to publish what I have written when I have finished.

By making the conscious decision to not only fulfill a particular aim, but to experience what comes from the journey that leads to a particular aim, you take that first step and begin your own journey of a thousand miles.

To remember the decision that you have made, and to cement it within yourself, I find that writing out the themes or intentions that you are choosing to experience and fulfill is extremely valuable. In a way, it functions as a kind of contract.

Living The Life That You Are Meant To Live

Within you, there is infinite creativity and endless power.

Within you, there are potentials and possibilities greater than all of the grains of sand within the beaches of this universe.

Within you, there is something beyond what you say to yourself and what you assume yourself to be.

Within you, there is radiance; a radiance that is beyond measure or description.

No matter the life that you feel you are meant to live, and no matter who you wish to become, know that it is within your power.

All you must do, then, is take that first step. If there is no discernible first step, then simply make the decision to live that which you desire and to experience the journey that you are choosing to live.


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