A Journey Into Yifaka Mountain — Part 02

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You can find part two of “A Journey Into Yifaka Mountain” right below.

If you enjoyed the first part, then you’ll like this one. But, if you didn’t, you might not.

Regardless of that, though, let’s dive right in!

A Slow Journey

The passage in front of Amara is vague and hazy.

But, as she continues to move through it, the walls expand, revealing more and more of a vast space.

Eventually, the space opens up entirely, into a well-lit corridor with metal floors/walls, coupled with slanted ceilings.

To the left and right of Amara, there are doors.

Each door is made of glass and metal and, as Amara walks in the direction of a door on the left that happens to be closest to her, she learns that these doors rise on their own, activated by one’s presence.

Right after Amara steps into the room this door leads into, she sees a large wooden desk with a computer terminal.

Surrounding the wooden desk is a small, rather cramped, space with corroded metal file cabinets with no files, a bookshelf with no books, as well as a wooden chair.

Sitting on the wooden chair, Amara opens the terminal and, with a few moments of random clicking, finds a map.

Or, rather, what appears to be a map.

The map contains two elements: a vast list of different floors, levels, depths — ad infinitum — and sub-floors, sub-levels, and sub-depths; ad infinitum, as well as a spatial map.

Amara cannot find an ending to this list; it appears to be infinite.

Right within the spatial map, there are bit-map designs of each floor, level, and depth; ad infinitum.

Each floor, level, and depth — ad infinitum — is situated on top of one another. But, then…they aren’t.

It’s as if there are floors situated diagonally from one another. And, other floors, situated outside of Euclidean geometry, in ways that go beyond any perceived linear spatiality.

A moment is spent contemplating this apparent truth.

Soon enough, though, this moment passes.

Amara walks out of the door and continues to walk through the network of hallways.

Eventually, Amara reaches a small opening, rooted within a corroded metal wall.

The opening was once a ventilation shaft.

And, in the end, it appears to currently be a ventilation shaft. But, a corroded one, at risk of falling apart.

No matter, though, for Amara crawls into the shaft and begins to crawl through its network.

Right within Amara’s very being, there is the knowing that she is close to that which she is searching for.

The network of passages within the shaft lead to a small opening.

Right beyond this opening, there is a vast body of water, surrounded by the walls of a cave.

Amara crawls through the opening and falls into the water.

Passages Within Passages

Darkness is the absence of light and it is this notion that could summarize Amara’s experience within the cave.

No light. But, darkness.

The void from which all things are born.

A sense of guidance permeates Amara’s interactions within the cave.

Even as the swimming takes her toll, and the confusion within the darkness unsettles, Amara holds her resolve.

And, it is this resolve that Amara learns was not misplaced.

Eventually, Amara reaches an opening within a cave wall.

Right within this opening, buried within the water, there is a circular passage, grown from the rocky stone and the perpetual, yet gentle, flow of the water.

Swimming within this opening, light begins to flood Amara’s vision.

The light is spare. And, yet, it serves as a beacon.

Amara follows the beacon.

Soon enough, Amara finds herself facing a glass wall, as she wades within the depths of this water.

Right beyond this glass wall, there is a small office.

Or, rather, what appears to be a small office.

A faint blue light emanates from a computer terminal standing on a desk.

Just beyond this desk, there are spherical machines on dusty card tables.

To the very far right, within the corner, there is a spherical body of water, connected to a see-through cube.

Right underneath the desk containing the computer terminal, there is an open curtain with a small mattress.

The moment exists as it is.

And, then, the moment fades and Amara swims upwards, gliding across the glass window that separates her from the office, before reaching an unsealed opening.

Right on the surface of this body, the flow of water moves across Amara, as she steps out and, then, falls onto a long carpet sitting within the office.

A Secret Laboratory

The office is far more spacious than it appears.

And, what lies outside of the office is far more appealing than Amara assumed.

A doorway into a small library lies on the left. And, a doorway into a bathroom lies on the right.

Amara steps into the bathroom and, then, showers.

Right after doing so, Amara walks towards the spherical body of water.

Amara places her hand on the sphere and, to her surprise, a display arises.

The display flows across the screen, in a manner that is transparent, rich with images/symbols.

A moment passes and, within this moment, Amara recognizes what this device is: a food synthesizer.

Given the length of her trek, Amara chooses to experiment with the device.

Just seconds later, a salad, rich with bread and bacon and smoked chicken, appears within the see-through cube.

And, then, no less than a second later, a big cup of iced lemon tea, in a glass mug rich with ice, appears.

A few minutes are spent enjoying this meal.

Eventually, when the meal is over, and once Amara has wandered through the office for a moment, she sits down.

Right in front of her, is the computer terminal, still emanating blue light.

Programs Within Programs

A moment is spent navigating within the terminal.

On the surface, there is little of note; old journal entries and blueprints for mundane tools.

And, then, a treasure trove is discovered.

A vast wealth of unique programs, each one centered on transcendent intentions.

Going into her waterproof bag, Amara takes out her data-sphere, in order to transfer these programs.

Right before doing so, though, Amara reads through one particular program.

The essence of this program is simple: a conceptual structure that grows, generates, evolves — ad infinitum — an infinite wealth of mental programs, beliefs, assumptions, reality-tunnels; ad infinitum.

And, then, the program allows one to install that particular mental program or belief; ad infinitum.

Just as an example, if one wishes to be confident, then they can install a mental program that allows them to be confident, in a vast wealth of ways, with remarkable ease.

On its own, this is interesting.

Or, at least, it is, to Amara.

And, yet, the example given is just one possibility, out of an infinite wealth of possibilities, paths, potentials; and so on and so forth, endlessly and infinitely; ad infinitum.

Right within a series of notes, each one serving as an exploration of this program, Amara finds a story.

A story of an experiment that was conducted quite some time ago.

Amara dives into the story and learns the true power of this particular program.


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