A Conversation Before Sleep

Maxwell Akin
5 min readJun 10, 2024


Our intention, with this essay, is clarifying.

Clarifying what?

A simple method that you can use to manifest all of the things you desire.

If the method resonates with you, please test it and, in doing so, see what happens.

A Conversation Before Sleep

Our method is a conversation before sleep.

Or, before “bed” — as in, right before you go to bed, as opposed to right before you fall asleep.

To use this method, think of some of the different things you want to experience.

Some of the things you might want to experience are as follows:

  • A wonderful wealth of new ideas.
  • A wealth of inspiration.
  • A fantastic career.
  • A few great creative projects.
  • A bank account rich with money.

And so on and so forth, endlessly and infinitely; ad infinitum.

Right after you select the things that you wish to experience, you can relax your body/mind.

And, then, you can think about the things you want.

Unlike other forms of thinking, though, you think about these things, as if you already have them.

You appreciate them. And, you feel as if they are already real and, as such, a fact of your life.

Just as an example, if you want more inspiration, you can think to yourself: I really love just how inspired I have been, I have so many ideas and I’m really feeling so good about what I’m doing.

Or, if you want to make more money, you can think to yourself: I’m making quite a bit of money right now, and I really love that and it’s so nice that I’ve added so much money to my accounts and I’m making so much money.

And so on and so forth, endlessly and infinitely; ad infinitum.

No matter what you think, make sure you really, really feel that the things you want, and are thinking about, are real.

You can do this by appreciating them. Or, by thinking about how nice it will be, when you have those things.

The end result of these thoughts is a conversation with yourself, regarding the life you are choosing to live.

Conducting this conversation allows you to manifest the things you desire.

Or, you could think of it as stepping into the natural thoughts of the person who is living the life you wish to live.

A wide variety of interpretations fit.

Regardless of the above, though, there is one other step that must be honored.

You must conduct your conversation for as long as you desire. And, then, you must let it go.

Just let it go and, then, go to bed.

You can find a few tips, in the section right after the next one, about how to “let it go.”

Right before we go into those tips, though, here is a quick, brief, and pleasant overview of our method:

  1. Clarify the things that you want.
  2. Relax your mind and body.
  3. Think loving, appreciative thoughts about what you want.
  4. Feel as if you already have the things you want.
  5. Conclude your session by letting your wishes go.

If you can do the above, then you will have an easy, pleasant time manifesting your wishes.

That is my promise to you. And, in turn, my hope for you and, truly, myself.

3 Quick Stories

Many of my deepest, and most burning, desires, have arisen as the result of a conversation.

Our first story, regarding the above, is as follows: across a ten day period in May of 2022, I went on a daily thirty-minute walk and, while on this walk, I thought, appreciated, and felt that I was wealthy.

The results were extraordinary: my boss doubled my income and then several new writing clients reached out to me, nearly-tripling my income.

Our second story is as follows: on a night in June, of 2024, I appreciated being inspired and feeling excited and purposeful and truly, truly alive.

The results were lovely: a wealth of new ideas came to me — this essay was/is one of them — and a sense of purpose is now present; my purpose is to share powerful ideas that help people live a transcendent, and unlimited, life.

Or, at least, that is one of my purposes, among several others.

Our third, and final, story is as follows: in late August, of 2021, I went on several walks at night and, during each walk, I appreciated being wealthy, engaging in my passions, being secure, and living a truly rich, abundant life.

The results were delightful: a new, long-term writing job, several new writing clients, as well as several lovely months, including an extraordinary time at the Oregon Zoo, followed by a lovely picnic at Mount Tabor.

A Few Useful Tips

Our method works very, very well.

But, sometimes, it can be difficult to get into the right space, making it difficult for you to “feel” your wishes.

Or, more specifically, to feel the reality of your wishes, allowing them to manifest.

If you are having a difficult time with this method, then you can find nine tips, right below, that may help you:

  1. Right before you begin your conversation, take seven deep breaths; breathe in for four seconds and, then, hold for four seconds, before breathing out for four seconds.
  2. Pray to God — or, really, your vision of “Source” or “The Universe,” among an infinite wealth of other forces and ideas — before your session; pray for love, peace, abundance — and so on and so forth — or, even, a lovely session and, then, say “Thank you.”
  3. Recall some nice, pleasant memories, prior to your session; memories of reading at a lovely park or visiting an amusement park with your best friend, among so many others.
  4. During your conversation, try to imagine the things that you want; if you want to write a book, see that book printed and published or, if you want more money, imagine your bank account with more money.
  5. Let yourself appreciate the people, things, memories, ideas — ad infinitum, truly- in your life; think about the things you want and appreciate them, but do so with what you already have, too.
  6. Use this conversation to pray for those in your life; your Mother and Father, your friends, your pets; if someone needs assistance, you can pray for them, within this period.
  7. Conclude your session by saying “Thank you” to God or Source — among others, of course — and imagining that your wishes are flowing into a higher energy that is bringing them to you.

Every single one of the above will make it easier for you to manifest your deepest wishes.


Just to conclude our essay, thank you so much for reading!

If you enjoyed this essay, please test this method.

No matter what, thank you for reading and, of course, have a great day!



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