Just about every work of “New Thought” philosophy mentions “Heaven” at least once or twice.

Many of these same works speak of Heaven as being “right here on Earth”.

But, what does that mean, exactly? And, if that’s true, how can you find the Heaven that’s right here on Earth?

The essay you are about to read consists of three ways you can access “infinite wisdom”.

Each one of the methods you will soon learn is simple, easy, and, most importantly, effective.

If you use these methods, please share your results in the comments.

If you use other methods, that…

For the most part, everything published on this Medium blog is intended to be clear, concise, informative, and well-written.

But, the following essay isn’t really any of those things.

Rather, it’s a series of unedited thoughts that, I hope, will to some extent, inspire and inform.

So, if you don’t…

Even in its simplest forms, action contains power.

Action contains power, while serving as a vessel through which power can flow.

If we take actions that are aligned with our desires, good things happen.

The “Why” of this matter is not known to me.

But, the essay you are about…

Storytelling is one of my passions.

But, alas, I’m not a very good storyteller.

A few of the stories that I’ve written are fairly decent.

Most of them are not.

Even so, though, this passion remains. And, within this passion, there lies yet another passion: a passion for creativity, and…

The value and importance of persistence is known to everyone.

Even so, though, that doesn’t mean the nature of persistence is not worth exploring

To further explore persistence, as a powerful action, there’s a story about Neville Goddard and his mentor, Abdullah, that it would be lovely to share with…

In 2017, I read Neville Goddard’s “Your Faith Is Your Fortune”.

Even though the name “Neville Goddard” was somewhat familiar to me, nearly every idea in “Your Faith Is Your Fortune” was completely new.

New, and exciting.

My favorite idea, in the book, was that of “Going To The End”.

Every single day, you are given innumerable opportunities.

Let one of these opportunities be used, in the service of your daily investment.

Your daily investment into the vision you wish to bring forth.

For if you make this daily investment, you will bring your vision into reality, while also bringing…

The practice of automatic writing is exceptionally valuable.

You can, through the act of writing in an automatic manner, access the infinite treasure trove of ideas within you.

Each one of these ideas can be used as a source of guidance, wisdom, possibility, storytelling; and so on and so forth…

Throughout the past couple of years, there’ve been a lot of questions on my mind.

Each one of these questions has possessed some type of answer.

Sometimes, the answer is vague and unclear. Sometimes, the answer shifts with circumstance.

No matter, though, every question possesses its own unique answer.


Maxwell Akin

Hey! I’m Max! I Hope You Enjoy What You’re Reading, And If You Want To Reach Me For Any Reason At All, You Can Do So At “maxwellcakin@gmail.com”.

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