9 Transformative Appreciation Games — Part 03

  • The Creative Inspiration That Led Me To Write This Essay
  • Comfortable Clothing
  • Warm Weather
  • A Blue Sky
  • The Beauty Of This Blue Sky, And The Incoming Clouds
  • The Computer Used To Write This Essay
  • My Ability To Write
  • The Ways In Which My Writing Abilities Have Grown
  • A Working Toilet
  • A Clean Bathroom
  • More Money
  • A Good Book To Read
  • The Feeling Of Awe
  • Inspiration
  • A New Set Of Beautiful Creative Possibilities
  • A Romantic Partner
  • Good Friends
  • A Trip To The Beach
  • To Visit And/Or Live In Mexico
  • A New, Deeply Resonant, Life Path
  • The Tasty Foods You Are Eating
  • Living In A Nice Home
  • Just How Much Better Your Spanish Is, Compared To When You Arrived
  • All Of The New Friends You’ve Made
  • Those Pleasant, Nightly Breezes
  • The Colors And Smells All Around You
  • Easy Access To Some Wonderful Parks And Other Natural Spaces
  • A Newfound Sense Of Peace And Calm
  • All Of The Nice Photos And Videos You’ve Taken
  • A Lower Cost Of Living, Allowing You To Save Money And/Or Invest
  • Career
  • Love
  • Creativity
  • Family
  • Money
  • Success
  • Travel
  • Health
  • Passion
  • Education
  • Waking Up And Feeling Good
  • Being Able To Go On Nice, Long Walks
  • A Fat Bank Account
  • Knowing That You Can Buy All Of The Healthy Foods You Want
  • Going To Bed And Being Excited For Tomorrow
  • Enjoying Your Work
  • Being Able To Do Far More Push-Ups Than You Were Able To Earlier
  • Being More Confident
  • Believing In Yourself
  • The Choices You Made In The Recent Past And The Success They’ve Created



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Maxwell Akin

Maxwell Akin

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