3 Bodies Of Time Bigger Than Infinity

Maxwell Akin
3 min readApr 11, 2024

Our intention, with this essay, is exploring.

Exploring what?

Several bodies of time that, just as the title suggests, are bigger than infinity.

Concept 01: Eternity

Our first concept is eternity.

Eternity is, as per its very nature, infinite time.

Or, more specifically, an infinite body of time.

Right within eternity, there is infinite time.

Endless years. Endless millenia. Endless kalpas.

And so on and so forth, endlessly and infinitely; ad infinitum.

The funny thing about eternity is that, if you went through an infinite amount of time, within an eternity, you would never, ever reach an ending, boundary, or limit; ad infinitum.

To that eternity. Or any eternity, for that matter.

Even though the above sounds paradoxical, it is true.

And, it is true for one, very simple, reason: infinity has no ending.

No endings. No boundaries. No limits.

Ad infinitum.

Given the above, eternity is, in many ways, a body of time bigger than infinity.

And, in fact, to underscore the vastness of eternity, if you explored an eternity, and did so for an infinite wealth of eternities, you would never, ever reach an ending boundary, limit, conclusion — ad infinitum — to that eternity.

Concept 02: A Super-Eternity

Our second concept is a super-eternity.

A super-eternity is a concept that, within its depths, contains, and generates, an infinite network of eternities.

Just as an example, you can envision a super-eternity as a container.

Right within this container, there are an infinite number of eternities that, of course, contain infinite time.

If you went through a super-eternity, and moved through infinite eternities, endless super-eternities, and infinite infinities — ad infinitum — you would, of course, never reach an ending, limit, or boundary; ad infinitum.

Given the above, a super-eternity, while conceptually very different from an eternity, is, perhaps, practically, nearly identical to an eternity.

No matter what, we will never see, find, or experience — ad infinitum — an ending to an eternity.

Or, for that matter, a super-eternity.

The above is especially true of the concept outlined right below.

Concept 03: A Super-Eternity Generator

Our third, and final, concept, is a super-eternity generator.

A super-eternity generator contains, and actively generates, infinite eternities.

But, that’s not all.

A super-eternity generator creates, grows, and makes — ad infinitum — infinite concepts, visions, higher notions, systems — ad infinitum — of eternities, endless time, infinite bodies of time; ad infinitum.

Just as an example, a super-eternity actively creates, through itself and its movements, infinite bodies of time that are infinitely greater than super-eternities.

And, one of these bodies might be, and is, a “transcendent super-eternity.”

A transcendent super-eternity contains, within itself, infinite super-eternities.

Outside of the above, a super-eternity generator creates, within itself, infinite concepts and new visions and ideas of — ad infinitum — eternity and endless time; ad infinitum.

Many of these concepts actively transcend notions of time, space, momentum, finitude; ad infinitum.

Right within this generation, there is the creation of new concepts and ideas — ad infinitum — as well as new bodies of time that our language cannot properly articulate.

Or, for that matter, that our consciousness cannot properly engage with, conceive of, or experience.

A super-eternity generator, then, is an infinite system of conceptual transcendence, generation, evolution, surpassment, creation; ad infinitum.

Or, at the very least, it is something like that.


Just to wrap this up, thank you for reading!

My hope is that you enjoyed this essay. And, if you did, that is great!

Best wishes and please have a lovely day!



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